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Legal view

Legal view

First: Important legal points to consider:


There are a number of important legal points that a person wishing to buy a property in Turkey should know and observe. The following is an account of the most important points that concern the investors in the Turkish real estate market:


– The buyer or investor must be a citizen of one of the countries entitled to own property in Turkey.

– Foreigners can purchase and invest in various types of real estate (house, shop, land, field), taking into account the legal requirements of each type.

– Foreigner can own and invest real estate in Turkey, with a total of 30 hectares maximum.

– Foreigners can buy property within a certain area or town, up to 10% of the total land in that area or town.

– The foreigner can buy land and empty fields, but they must submit the construction project which will be held on the ground to the competent ministry in Turkey within two years from the date of purchase of the property.

– Foreigners are not allowed to own property in military and security zones.

– Transfer of ownership of real estate is done only through formal procedures in the directorates of real estate registration in Turkey.

– For the agencies issued abroad they were only through the Turkish embassies and consulates.

– The buyer or foreign investor must check with the Directorate of the Land Registry to ensure that there are no restrictions on the property.

– If the foreigner’s application to buy a property in Turkey is rejected, this refusal can be appealed through the Regional Office of the Directorate of Land Registry.

– If there is disagreement between the two sides (seller and buyer) regarding the sale of the property, he must appear before the Turkish courts.








Second: Important terms:


– Tax number vergı numarsı:


The tax code or the so-called Turkish vergı numarsı, which is a special number you are required in legal and official transactions or to open a bank account in Turkey.


How to get the tax number in Turkey?

Copy of passport (valid)

2- The address of your stay in Turkey

3- Go to the Tax Directorate and request this number from the concerned employee



– Turkish National Number TC Numarasi:


Any citizen of Turkey has a special number used and requested in legal transactions, administrative and financial transactions, as well as foreigners who have residence in Turkey have this number.


– Taboo:


It is the title deed, the official legal proof of ownership of the property (in Turkish only), is requested by the Land Registry Office and is obtained by the buyer and the seller,

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