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The most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul

The most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul

Turkey is a tourist country par excellence, as it includes many charming historical and tourist attractions, to which thousands of tourists and visitors flock from every direction and direction every year, and when talking about the most important tourist cities in Turkey, Istanbul cannot go unnoticed, as it is in addition to Being the economic capital of the country and its largest and most densely populated city, it is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish cities and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. 

The most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, Turkey: 

Sultanahmet district in Istanbul, Turkey: 

The great fame of the Sultanahmet area in the city is due to its possession of several historical and tourist attractions such as huge mosques, famous museums and the largest luxurious palaces in addition to the presence of many markets of various forms of popular and classy. You can also visit Sultan Ahmed Mosque And Topkapi Palace during your wandering in the region, as the Topkapi Palace Museum is one of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul, as it displays Roman and Byzantine artifacts, not to mention the most valuable and most expensive charming jewelry and a private treasury, and the museum includes multiple sections, including what is displayed in it Ancient weapons such as Arab and Ottoman weapons and many ancient artifacts that reflect the greatness and nobility of history in Turkey throughout the ages. 


Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey: 

It can be said that Taksim Square is the most famous name in Istanbul, as it is an important tourist area in the city, and this square was previously a center for water extensions during the Ottoman era, and the square is currently filled with shopping centers from popular markets and other modern ones such as malls. 
The monument in Taksim Square is also a favorite destination for tourists who come to Istanbul to take pictures of the memorial. 

Istiklal Street in Istanbul, Turkey: 

In the event that you visit Istanbul, you must pay a visit to Istiklal Street and not to miss this opportunity to experience a unique experience as you can shop in dozens of shops and relax in one of the cafes and restaurants scattered around all corners of the street and take a souvenir photo in Private corridors decorated with the most beautiful flowers and roses, and after you are done with recreation, you can visit the Pandora Library, in which you may find one of your favorite books in Turkish or English, and on the way back you can take a look at the statue of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. 

Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey:

This mosque, which was established in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul. It is a vivid example of the greatness of architecture during the Ottoman era by its construction designed in the style of Baroque architecture and with its charming view of the Bosphorus. Thus, it constitutes an important tourist landmark. 
The mosque is divided into two parts, one of them is devoted to worship and the establishment of prayer, and the second part is for the tomb of the Sultan. The mosque is topped by a decorated dome with the most beautiful forms of distinctive decorations, and above it are two minarets that give a charming view of hearts. 

Ortakoy Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey:

This bazaar is located next to the Ortakoy Mosque and it also has a distinctive sea view of the Bosphorus and is one of the most popular bazaars in the city and this type of bazaars are distinctive tourist places that attract many tourists, as it is well-known and famous to various visitors to Istanbul, and you can find In this bazaar, various types of goods, souvenirs, women's and men's ready-to-wear clothes, perfumes, shoes, and children's supplies, meaning you will find suitable things for all family members at very attractive prices. 

Eminonu area in Istanbul, Turkey: 

The Eminonu area is known for its charming and distinctive location because it has a sea view of the Bosphorus, which makes it one of the most important and most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, in addition to being famous for the presence of a sea port, which provides many cruises in water sports boats and describes all Tourists who have gone through this experience is full of entertainment and great pleasure, and the area includes many restaurants that offer all kinds of seafood, not to mention the names of many famous tourist attractions spread in the region, such as the Kilioilo bath, the Egyptian market and high-end restaurants that can enjoy a meal A delicious Turkish cuisine in it while enjoying its charming view of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, and Eminonu includes the most famous market in Istanbul, and we advise you during her visit not to miss the opportunity to shift in the wonderful markets from which all kinds of souvenirs for tourists are bought.



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