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Apartments with Sea Views in Istanbul

Apartments with Sea Views in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul annually receives thousands of foreign arrivals from different parts of the world in order to buy and own real estate, as a result of its many privileges and many components that compete with the most important cities in the world. It is also witnessing a great real estate diversity, and among the most important features of it is that it has a sea view of a number of water bodies, which fulfills the desire of many people to live in an apartment overlooking the sea..

Through the following article, we will present to you a detailed report on the search for sea view apartments in Istanbul..


Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea:

You may be wondering why some people are looking for apartments in Istanbul specifically and not in other cities of Turkey? Simply, Istanbul is the economic capital, so it was able to attract a large number of foreigners, especially as it embraces the most important development projects in the world, such as (Istanbul New Airport / New Istanbul Water Canal, which is expected to have a significant impact on the economic side).

Istanbul is characterized by being vibrant and one of the active cities that contains many entertainment venues , as well as many huge and famous malls, not to mention restaurants and hospitals.

It is also characterized by a beautiful and mild climate, charming nature, and sea views of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea, which means that it is one of the most important places to search for apartments by the sea.


Advantages of buying an apartment with a sea view in Istanbul:

1 - Istanbul apartments overlooking the sea have a beautiful and charming view as they are surrounded by distinctive and picturesque landscapes.

2 - Apartments with a sea view are suitable for achieving many goals, as they are suitable for housing, stability, and real estate investment.

3 - If you aim to search for sea view apartments in Istanbul for real estate investment, you will get rewarding and high returns throughout the year, especially in the tourist seasons.

4 - These apartments can be rented quickly and can be sold easily and are close to the most important service facilities in the city, transportation and shopping centers.

5 - You can get real estate residence permit, which is one of the most important types of residence permit in Turkey, where you can easily obtain it and can renew it when its term expires.

6 - You can obtain Turkish citizenship if the apartment matches the conditions for obtaining it as stipulated by the Turkish Constitution.

7 - The sea view apartments in Istanbul are witnessing a significant and continuous increase in their prices.

8 - These apartments are often found in luxurious, modern and developed areas, and therefore you will live with the high and educated classes of society.


Istanbul areas overlooking the sea:

You will be confused when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, as it is a huge city consisting of 39 districts distributed in both its Asian and European sections, and each area has advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to look at each of them before choosing, and this is what we will do through the following lines :


1 - Apartments with sea view in European Istanbul:

Apartments with a sea view in Avcilar Istanbul:

Avcilar is one of the most important areas of Istanbul. It is located on the European side of the city. It has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea. Only 27 square kilometers separates it from the city center of Istanbul, and it is 54 kilometers away from Istanbul's new airport.

It is worth noting that in addition to its view on the Marmara Sea, this area overlooks Kucukcekmece Lake and is characterized by the Metrobus line passing through it, which is the longest and fastest transportation line in the city, which connects its two sides to each other.

Avcilar is considered one of the most lively and active areas, characterized by the presence of many shops and markets, as well as many public and private schools and universities.


Apartments with a sea view in Beylikduzu Istanbul:

As for this area, it is the modern urban face of the city, because it has recently witnessed a lot of urban transformation projects, as many luxury residential complexes have been built, equipped with the highest standards of safety and security. Many real estate investors considered it a good start for real estate investment.

Beylikdüzü has a charming view of the Marmara Sea as well as Istanbul Lake from the west. It includes an integrated package of service facilities such as schools, universities and restaurants, and what increased its importance is the passage of the Metrobus line, which gave it a high investment value.

Real estate prices in this area are cheap compared to other areas, but according to expectations, they are likely to rise significantly during the coming period due to the increased demand and the development they are witnessing.


2 - Apartments with sea view in Asian Istanbul:

Apartments with a sea view in Uskudar Istanbul:

When we talk about Uskudar, we mean the oldest and most distinguished neighborhoods of Istanbul at all, characterized by an exceptional view of the Bosphorus, as well as facing the European side of the city and considered one of the most important areas for real estate investment and housing in Istanbul.

This area receives a lot of attention and care from the Turkish government because it is a destination that tourists do not hesitate to visit because it has many historical and archeological monuments such as the Maiden's Tower and the Ottoman palaces, as well as entertainment places, and although it is one of the most crowded areas of Istanbul, it does not lack tranquility.

You can easily find apartments for sale by the sea in Uskudar, where there are many high-end modern projects called (residential complexes) with a wonderful architectural style.


Apartments with a sea view in Kadikoy Istanbul:

In the Asian section of Istanbul, Kadikoy is one of the most important and distinguished areas of this city. It is visited by both the city's residents and tourists, as it overlooks the Bosphorus Strait.

This area is classified as one of the city's most vibrant and attractive areas for tourists for several reasons. First, it is rich in vast green spaces and includes many parks, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

One of the most important features of housing in that area is that it is close to the land and sea public transportation lines that link the area to other regions and to the European section as well, and it has recently witnessed a remarkable development in its real estate sector.


Steps to buy an apartment by the sea in Istanbul:

The purchase of real estate in Turkey cannot be done without study. Rather, it passes through several basic stages that are important to adhere to, which are as follows:


1 - Why are you looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself. Why are you looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul? Is your goal to live, invest, or obtain Turkish citizenship?

In this context, we must point out that if you aim to invest in real estate, your choice must be based on basic elements in order to reach the peak of profits and success. If you want housing, you are not restricted to anything and you can choose based on what suits you.

And if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, here you are obligated to search for an apartment for sale that matches the conditions for obtaining citizenship, that is, its price must be 250 thousand dollars as a minimum.


2- Determine the financial budget accurately:

One of the main steps for buying an apartment in Turkey is to determine the financial budget accurately so that it does not coincide with other expenses that were not taken into account.


3 - You must choose a real estate agent in Turkey:

Once you decide to deal with a real estate agent in Turkey when searching for an apartment for sale, you will find in front of you a lot of agents, companies and individuals who will help you with all the procedures, but be sure to choose the company according to specific bases, the most prominent of which are:

-You should see the services it provides.

-Find the reputation of the agent in the real estate market in Turkey.

- Communicate with clients who have previously dealt with it and check its website.

- You can make a phone call to the company or meet the owner in person.


4- Take field tours of real estate projects:

At this stage, you should make field tours and visit the most important real estate projects to see the available options and their prices. Through these tours, you will get a lot of important information.


5 - Finish the procedures for owning the apartment:

After you buy an apartment in Turkey and finish preparing all the papers and documents, you must complete the remaining steps, which are:

-Obtaining a tax number from the Tax Department in Turkey.

-A bank account must be opened in a Turkish bank.

-After you have agreed with the seller on all the details, the contract must be signed.

-In order to register the property, a building permit must be obtained, and this takes some time until the security approval is extracted.

-It is necessary to go to the real estate departments in order to register the property, and this is after the issuance of the security approval.


Prices of apartments with a sea view :

This type of real estate is considered one of the most expensive types of real estate in Turkey at all, because it is the best option for real estate investment, and the demand for it is uninterrupted. All real estate prices in Turkey last year witnessed a significant increase and are likely to rise in the coming period, so what is the reason for that?

1 - One of the main reasons that led to the rise in real estate prices in Turkey during the past year is the near completion of the global epidemic with the production of many vaccines.

2 - The many discounts offered by construction companies during the Corona crisis in order to attract the largest number of real estate investors no longer exist as before.

3 - You can find that there is a noticeable increase in real estate in Turkey, which has created a large gap in the volume of properties offered for sale and the volume required for purchase.

4 - The continuation of the Turkish citizenship program by buying a property in Turkey with a value of no less than 250 thousand dollars has made many construction companies to build real estate that match the conditions for obtaining it 

5 - Flights have returned to normal between countries, which prompted many foreigners to search for apartments for sale in Turkey.

6 - Real estate in Turkey is distinguished by its wonderful engineering designs, and the best building materials are used in its construction.

7 - Turkey's great interest in the construction of many mega development projects that have a significant impact on real estate prices and are expected to rise upon the completion of the construction of new Istanbul Water Canal.


It is worth noting that there are many factors that control real estate prices in Turkey, whether the apartments are on the sea or otherwise, the most important of which are:

-The geographical location is one of the most important factors affecting real estate prices in Turkey. The more distinguished it is, the higher the price of the property, as well as the view. -If you want to know the price of the property accurately, just look at its proximity to transportation, is it near or far? What about service facilities and shopping centers?

-You should also look at the age of the building, is it old or modern? On which floor is the property located? Also look at the quality of the finishes and decorations.


How to find cheap apartments by the sea in Istanbul?

Is it possible to find cheap apartments in Istanbul by the sea? It is common for these apartments to be always expensive

Certainly, this can be done by following several important tips, most notably:

1 - Look for apartments far from service centers such as schools/universities/hospitals/entertainment places/restaurants/malls.

2 - Head towards the apartments that occupy the high floors of the buildings. The higher the floors, the lower the prices due to the lack of demand for them because they do not suit many people.

3 - To get cheap apartments in Istanbul by the sea, you can choose the old apartments, where their price is lower than the modern ones, and you should stay away from the apartments that have the smart system.

4 - You can also choose one of the apartments that is announced in the public auction due to a problem arising from it, such as a reservation or a mortgage.

5 - It is smart to look for the most unique opportunities and to seize the appropriate opportunities by studying the real estate market well, such as if there is an apartment for sale for the purpose of travel.

6 - You can look for apartments for sale by the sea with specifications that are not luxurious and distinct, or need some modifications or maintenance work.


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