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Prospects for real estate investment in Turkey

آفاق الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

Turkey has experienced a strong economic growth over the past decade and has established strong economic bases. The Turkish economy ranks 17th among the world’s largest economies, and the sixth largest in Europe. with a total domestic GDP of about 949 billion dollars in 2016.

The Turkish real estate sector is one of the most important results of Turkey’s economic growth. It is one of the largest growth sectors in Turkey. All indicators show the rapid growth of the Turkish real estate sector compared to other developed countries. This is based on several advantages such as Turkey’s unique geographic location, the experience and strength of the construction sector, population growth, increased per capita income and facilities for doing business. All these characteristics contributed to the increase in the share of the Turkish real estate sector in GDP and the increase in foreign direct investment to over 12.5 billion dollars. The real estate and construction sector achieved more than 4 billion dollars of total foreign direct investment, That is the result of the law that allows investors from more than 180 countries to own and invest in real estate in Turkey, in addition, to the many investment incentives in Turkey, which are active in the real estate sector and make them a real estate investment destination, where Turkey has an excellent climate and moderate makes it Preferred destination for tourists from all the world, as well as the strategic location of Turkey and the competitive position advanced as one of the 10 most powerful global economies in the growth of real estate, in addition to competitive prices in the Turkish real estate makes it desirable destination for real estate investment.

The real estate investment in Turkey includes several sectors, the first is investment in apartments, which is the most widespread and traded by foreign investors, and there is investment in commercial offices, from the purchase of offices and rent or resale after the increase in value. Investment in land is one of the most important areas of real estate investment in Turkey. Investment in land is very profitable. It is heavily sold and required in all international real estate markets. However, this kind of investment takes some time to achieve good results

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