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Ramzy Real Estate advices for Investors

Ramzy real estate رمزي للتسويق والاستثمار العقاري

Dear Investor, Investing in Turkey’s real estate is one of the best ways to earn profits and excellent returns. If you are interested in investing in the Turkish real estate sector, we first advise you to know exactly and clearly where to start your investment in Turkish real estate. In the first stage, The real estate project is good, where investment and purchase is preferred in existing areas with high demand, or in promising areas with excellent future returns. The real estate near transportation is very high and fast, and the real estate that has a variety of facilities has a higher demand than non- Property buyers are often associated with landmark rates and nearby locations. Most people prefer to have the property close to the financial centers of the cities. We also advise you to pay attention to the year of construction of the property to be purchased. Most properties built before 2006 are not built with seismic technology.

Dear Investor, Identify the size of the opportunities before you and the risk factors surrounding them, to adopt a forward-looking outlook for the market and the expectations of return on investment.


We at Ramzy Real Estate make it easier for you to own and invest in real estate in Turkey. Our experts are always there to study the best projects and provide advice in all stages of real estate investment, from planning to investing to obtaining title. All you have to do is contact us.


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