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Residence in Turkey and get Turkish citizenship

الإقامة في تركيا

Anyone wishing to reside in Turkey, whether for tourism, commerce, knowledge, or permanent stability, needs to know the Turkish state’s laws and conditions of residence and obtain permission to reside there.


What is residence permit?

Foreigners who stay in Turkey longer than the visa or visa waiver or more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit.


Residences of interest to those wishing to own property investment in Turkey


First: Tourist accommodation:

And require:

1- The existence of a valid passport or travel document

2 – Annual lease approved by the municipality (Notre)

  1. Annual health insurance



– A work permit can be obtained based on the accommodation

– Tourist accommodation does not entitle you to obtain Turkish citizenship

– In case of obtaining a work visa, you can apply for Turkish citizenship after taking into account other conditions.


Second: Residential accommodation:

It is granted to a foreign person who buys a property in Turkey and renews it annually as long as the property is registered in his name and gives residence to his wife and children (his children under the age of 18)

And require:

1- Valid passport

2- Title deed of the property (Tabu)

3 – Provide earthquakes for the property

  1. A certified marriage contract from the Turkish Embassy in the mother country and a translator for Turkish
  2. A certified family statement from the Turkish Embassy in the mother country and a translator for Turkish

6 – Certificates (data) birth of each son certified by the Turkish Embassy in the mother country, and translator of the Turkish

  1. Health insurance for each member of the family extracted in Turkey


How to obtain Turkish citizenship:

1- Residence in Turkey for five consecutive years

  1. A certificate from the Ministry of Health stating that it is free from communicable diseases

3 – to master the Turkish language within acceptable limits

4 – to have a source of income or work, sufficient for him and for those who depend on them.

5 – to be on the creation and good conduct

  1. Does not pose a threat to Turkish national security

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