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The volume of foreign and Arab investments in Turkey

حجم الاستثمارات الأجنبية والعربية في تركيا

Turkey is one of the most promising countries for investment, with its strong economy promising, it was able to occupy 17th place as the world’s most powerful economy. The Turkish economy has achieved a qualitative steps in recent years, so that the Turkish economy in less than a decade can double the per capita income Three times, to exceed 10.5 thousand dollars annually, as well as its strong economy, there are many other reasons that encourage investment in Turkey, the most important of which is the Law on Attracting Foreign Investments, which is based on the principle of equal treatment, allowing foreign investors to obtain the same rights and duties as Local investors, and foreign direct investment in Turkey, the volume reached 151 billion US dollars in the last ten years, equivalent to 24.8% of the total investments are focused in the Turkish real estate sector.

Where the volume of Russian investment in Turkey $ 5,182 billion between the period from 2010 to 2016, to form the volume of direct investment of Russian companies in Turkey, 3.7% of the total.

The European countries (France, Greece, Spain, Belgium and Germany) are among the top 10 countries investing in Turkey, with a total investment of $ 38.413 billion. Luxembourg alone is worth $ 8,985 billion in six years, 6.4% of the total.

For the Netherlands, the volume of investments in Turkey between 2010 and 2016, $ 22.15 billion, the Netherlands alone accounted for 15.8% of the total foreign direct investment in Turkey, and thus tops the list as the most investment country in Turkey.

As for Arab investments, Arab investments in Turkey are huge and many, with Arab investors making up 50% of the total foreign investors in the Turkish real estate sector. Saudi investments in Turkey are estimated at $ 6 billion, ranking 12 among the investing countries In Turkey, in all sectors, 658 Saudi companies invest in Turkey, 27% of which invest in real estate, and the rest (73% of the total) invest in other areas concentrated in energy, industry and food. For Emirati investments, Emirati investors alone own more than 300,000 square meters in the Turkish real estate market, and Qatari investments in Turkey have exceeded $ 10 billion to become a leading investment country in Turkey.

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