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Own an apartment in Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus within the Nef Series - PRO - 341

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Price Starts From: ₺17.671.158
50% Down Payment and Installments Up to 36 Months


istanbul - Üsküdar

View of The Bosphorus

Under construction


407 Apartments

Cash or Installment

Own an Apartments in Istanbul with Bosphorus strait within Nef international Group || PRO 341

It is time to discover absolute luxury and own an apartment in Istanbul on the Bosphorus strait within one of the best residential complexes belonging to Nef international group. More details:

About district location:

The project “341” is located in the Kandili area in Üsküdar district on the Asian side of Istanbul. One of the most unique districts with its nature, its location and the privileges of living there, it is an undescribed area. You will stand speechless when you see its beauty, when the Bosphorus is close to you and the beach just steps away from you and see the normal buildings looking like palaces, and find tropical trees surrounding you everywhere. So welcome to Üsküdar.

About the project:

Combining modernity and classic the project “341” reflects the latest architectural engineering, as the project extends over an area of 40.000 square meters in the Kandili area, adding extra beauty and outstanding elegance with 29 towers, which include 407 residential apartments with its interior designs that suit all tastes and suit all segments of society.

Hotels sophistication and homes comfort

There is a life that is waiting for you starring the turquoise Bosphorus scene that you will see every day and it will become an essential view in your life in your new apartment with its perfect specifications that make extremely happy, owning the luxury and sophistication of hotels but in your comfort home, so harry up and book your apartment with the today prices and install its price for 36 months.

Location Access:

Project Specifications:

                                   Second Phase: 12/2023

Social Facilities:

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Last Updated: 2022-08-22

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Open Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool


Security System 24/7


Turkish Bath

Kids Playgrounds

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