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Prices of villas in Turkey 2021

Prices of villas in Turkey 2021

Turkey is witnessing a remarkable real estate diversity, and this was one of the main reasons that motivated many investors around the world to choose it over other countries, and the most prominent of these properties are the villas, which promise many investors a golden investment opportunity, as they are considered the most luxurious types of real estate at all and differ in what Among them in terms of space and specifications. 
But where to find villas for sale in Turkey? What are the advantages of owning it? What are the prices of villas in Turkey? Many questions about this matter will be answered in the following article. 

What types of villas are there in Turkey? 

1 - Ordinary villas can be found in the suburbs of cities and are somewhat far from the main city centers and from places and tourist sites and vital sites full of residents and is characterized by large areas and luxurious specifications, and this type of villas are considered at reasonable and appropriate prices and compatible with all budgets. 
2 - Tourist villas: The tourist villas are distinguished by their distinctive overlooking the sea or the vast green spaces, in addition to being characterized by calm, modernity and wide spaces, which are a common characteristic of all types of villas. It is worthwhile to invest in it, as it brings high returns, especially in the tourist seasons. As for its prices, they are high when compared with ordinary villas. 
3 - Historical villas: Turkey is distinguished by the fact that it contains a different type of villas, which are historical or what are called luxury palaces, and it is the option that rich investors accept, as their prices are very high and may reach one million US dollars. 

The most important places in Turkey to buy villas: 


Alanya is one of the most important tourist destinations around which investors race to buy villas, because it has all the ingredients that make the villa a distinguished investment opportunity with rewarding investment returns, with sea views, clean beaches and golden sands. Villas in Alanya are distinguished by their distinctive and modern designs, in addition to their affordable prices. 


It is one of the suitable options for buying villas, as it is a lively place, a distinct tourist destination, and calmness is an essential feature with a distinct view of the forests and mountains. 


Istanbul occupies the forefront and sits on the throne of Turkish cities in terms of attracting investors looking for villas for sale, as it owns 39 districts, most notably Beylikdüzü in the European section, which has a view of the Marmara Sea, and its prices are reasonable and appropriate. 
As for the Asian part of the city, the Uskudar region is rich in historical places, which made it a distinct tourist destination with a view of this Bosphorus Strait, in addition to that it constitutes an investment opportunity for many real estate investors, especially as its real estate is constantly increasing. 

What are the purposes behind buying villas in Turkey? 

1 - Many people buy them in order to have a life of comfort and luxury, based on the many privileges these villas have, such as spacious spaces, distinguished views, modern specifications and various service facilities. Besides all that, life in them is often quiet. 
2 - A large group of people buy villas in Turkey for real estate investment, as they generate great profits throughout the year and in the tourist seasons in particular. The best way to invest it is by leasing it. 
3 - The villas in Turkey, due to their components, are a suitable option in order to be a huge investment project such as an educational institution or a medical center and perhaps a restaurant or the like of those investments. 
4 - Villas are the best option for obtaining Turkish citizenship, as most of the time their price is identical to the main condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is that the price is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars as a minimum. 

What are the most important factors that determine the price of villas in Turkey? 

There are a number of factors through which the price of the villa can be determined, and whoever is about to buy it should take it into consideration. The most prominent of these factors is the area it enjoys. Is it very wide or is it average? 
What is the geographical location of the villa? Is it close to the main roads? Is it in big cities? What view do you have? 
What architectural style is it designed in, is it distinctly modern or is it classic? Do you enjoy distinct furnishings, or is it traditional without creativity? 
Is it close to service facilities such as shopping centers, medical centers and educational institutions, or is it far from them? In this regard, we must point out that the more specifications, the higher the price, but despite that, the prices of villas in Turkey are cheap and modest if compared with other countries of the world. 
Finally, we can say that villas in Turkey are a golden opportunity and a distinguished investment field, especially with the clear rise in real estate prices in Turkey as a result of the recovery that the real estate sector witnessed after the recession that hit it last year due to the Corona crisis and because of the increased demand for its ownership.


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