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Bosphorus Apartments for sale 2021

Bosphorus Apartments for sale 2021

Who does not want to buy an apartment by the sea in Turkey? And who among us does not wish to live in the charming city of Istanbul? 
If you are one of those looking for apartments with a distinctive sea view, you will not find a better one than the apartments overlooking the Bosphorus, which have a distinctive view that will take your mind and heart, but what are the areas in which bosphorus apartments for sale can be found, and what about their advantages? This is what we will learn in the next article. 



Advantages of buying Bosphorus apartments for sale :

There are many advantages that attract foreign investors to Bosphorus apartments for sale :

-The strategic location and amazing view that make them wanted by tourists.

-There are many tourist sights in the Bosphorus area which rise the investment value of this area.

-real estate prices in this area are increasing very fast and this makes real estate investment a very profitable investment .



Best areas to buy Bosphorus apartments for sale :

Sariyer area: 

Sariyer district in Istanbul is considered one of the most important areas overlooking the Bosphorus and one of the most upscale areas known for its breathtaking beauty. That is why it attracts a large number of Turkish and foreign businessmen and celebrities. 
What distinguishes the real estate of this region is that it is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship due to the fact that real estate prices in Istanbul within Sariyer are considered high and therefore it fulfills the basic condition that the price of the property exceeds 250 thousand US dollars . 
Sariyer contains an important number of tourist places, including Belgrade Forest, Emirjan Park, Rumeli Hisar Castle, and Kirchorno Coast. 
As for the types of real estate in it, you can find luxury villas and palaces in addition to many types of Istanbul luxury homes

Ortakoy District: 

If you want to buy property in Istanbul, you will find that Ortakoy is one of the most beautiful and attractive areas in Istanbul, due to its distinctive sea view. 
Ortakoy is characterized by being a combination of modernity and originality, and this is an important element of attraction for tourists and investors. It includes a large number of important tourist facilities such as: Yildiz Palace, Yildiz Park, Ortakoy Mosque, Ortakoy Bazaar and many others. 
The area contains a large number of restaurants, cafes and parks, and for the real estate in it, it is characterized by modernity and sophistication, and for this reason it attracts a large number of Arab and foreign investors. 

Uskudar region: 

Uskudar is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, east of the Bosphorus, and north of the Kadikoy region. 
Uskudar is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul and is characterized by its beautiful coastline, which is visited by a large number of visitors and tourists. 
The Uskudar region contains many beautiful tourist areas such as the Maiden's Tower, the Bride's Hill, the Princess Islands, and the Pilar Palace. 
The prices of real estate in Istanbul in this area are reasonable and there are many options, especially farms and villas, as a result of the vast green spaces. 

Besiktas region: 

Besiktas is located within the European section of Istanbul between Kabatas and Ortakoy , and is considered one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul , where there are large numbers of restaurants , cafes and shops selling the most luxurious Turkish and international brands . 
Of course, this area is known for being one of the city's high-end neighborhoods and real estate prices are high, but it is, of course, the ideal destination for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul
Besiktas includes important tourist attractions such as Dolmabahce Palace, Besiktas Port, and Naval Museum. 

Eminonu area: 

Eminonu is located within the Fatih district of Istanbul, which is the heart of Istanbul and has a charming view of the Bosphorus. 
This area receives large numbers of tourists who wander around Eminonu Square, where food and pastry carts are located. 
The area is one of the most important tourist destinations and includes many important historical monuments such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Egyptian market, and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which makes it very suitable for real estate investment in Istanbul, especially within commercial real estate such as restaurants, malls and various stores .


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