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Fatih district in Istanbul and its importance in investment

Fatih district in Istanbul and its importance in investment

Many investors want to enter the real estate market in Istanbul , and this is due to the many advantages that the city enjoys , which contribute to the success of real estate investment in Istanbul , and we mention among these features the strategic location that extends over the continents of Asia and Europe , in addition to the city 's tourism and economic importance . 
And certainly, the city of Istanbul includes many areas and neighborhoods suitable for investment, perhaps the most famous of which is the Al-Fateh area.. What is its investment importance? And is it suitable to buy property in Istanbul? This is what we will discover together. 

-The location of the Fatih district in Istanbul: 

Al-Fateh area is considered the backbone of life in the city of Istanbul, where it is located within the city center, and this is what gives it a strategic location. Tales of an ancient and original history. 
The Al-Fateh area has great historical importance and has witnessed many events throughout the ages, and this has played a role in the abundance of tourist areas in it and giving it great importance and high value as the best areas in Istanbul for housing and stability. 

-Why is Fatih considered one of the best areas to invest in Istanbul? 

There are many factors that contributed to making the Al-Fateh area its investment importance, which are: 
1- The strategic location of this region, as it is located in the heart of Istanbul. 
2- Al-Fateh area is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul and is visited by a large number of tourists and visitors, and this is due to the large number of historical and recreational places within it. 
3- Transportation in the Al-Fateh area: where the area enjoys a modern and developed transportation network that connects it with the rest of the city because most of the transportation lines pass through it due to its central location. 
4- The area contains a significant number of schools, universities and health centers, and thus all services are available in the area. 
5- The entertainment side has a share in it, as it includes a number of markets and malls, as well as parks and recreational centers. 

-What are the most important tourist places in Al-Fateh? 

- Al-Fateh Mosque: The Al-Fateh Mosque was built in the Ottoman era during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who opened Constantinople. This mosque is an example of the ancient Islamic civilization in the city. 
-Covered Market: The Suspended Market is considered one of the oldest markets in Istanbul. It was established during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. In the past, it was dedicated to the work of the stock exchange. Today, it is considered one of the most important markets for the sale of various products such as clothes, antiques, spices and Jewelry and more. 
The covered market extends over an area of ​​30 hectares and contains more than 4,000 shops and is characterized by the abundance of handicrafts in it. 
-Topkapi Palace: This palace was used as a residence for sultans and princes in Istanbul. It is distinguished by the Islamic region in construction and designs, and you can find the sword of prophet mohammad .

Real estate investment in Al-Fateh area: 

The Fatih district is one of the most important areas for investment in Istanbul, and this is due to its advanced infrastructure, excellent services, and high degree of organization. Many profits. 
Of course, the diversity of real estate in the region and the spread of residential complexes and various apartments encourages the investor to buy real estate there.


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