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Malls of Istanbul: 14 of the best malls in Istanbul

Malls of Istanbul: 14 of the best malls in Istanbul

Get to know the best malls in Istanbul and know their locations on the map:


Istanbul is known for its wonderful shopping experiences, as it is the seat of the Covered Market (the largest covered market in the world). Malls and commercial centers in Istanbul form a huge network that covers various regions and neighborhoods. Know the most important of them:


1- Mall of Istanbul


Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest and largest shopping centers in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, and it hosts the most important leading brands around the world and mainly includes:

-350 stores

-16 cinemas with modern digital audio-visual technologies

-Recreational areas

-Indoor amusement park

-Snow Park

-Restaurants and cafes

-Hotel with a capacity of 300 rooms

 mall of Istanbul

It is located in the prestigious Başakşehir district, which is a well-known area, witnessing amazing urban growth and progress in Istanbul, and Mall of Istanbul consists of a shopping center and four towers, two of which are residential towers, and one of them is commercial, while the other is a hotel, as we mentioned earlier.

Through its huge stores and restaurants, the Mall of Istanbul offers a distinctive dynamic that combines shopping and traditional arts under one roof with a favorable atmosphere for all, wide corridors and wonderful designs represented by its glass roof that passes sunlight through it to achieve the highest benefit from daylight.

A Dubai-based investment group has opened a three-story restaurant with an area of ​​1000 square meters, within the Mall of Istanbul

It is the first restaurant to offer oriental food in Turkey.


Ease of mobility:

In order to provide the mall visitors with an easy opportunity to move between its wide lobbies and corridors, he provided:

- 5 gates, three of which are main and two secondary

- 83 escalators

- 42 elevators


Awards won by Mall of Istanbul:

With its charming design and the new concept that it presents as one of the most important shopping centers in Istanbul, Mall of Istanbul has won many international awards as:

-Best Mixed-Use Project Award

-Best Shopping Center Development Project

-Future Award for High Achievement

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: The location of the Mall of Istanbul on the map

2- Istinye Park mall

مول إستينيا بارك Istinye Park mall
 Istinye Park mall

Istinye Park Mall proves that shopping within its corners is a limitless luxury as it has amazing designs, such as its movable glass roof, which opens and closes according to the weather in Istanbul

It also includes many wide options away from the familiar shopping experiences, as it is divided into two parts, the first is the interior and it consists of 3 floors

As for the second, it is an outdoor part in the open air that includes many international brands such as:

-Dolce & Gabbana

- Dior

- Prada

- Celine

- fendi

- Hugo Boss

- Max Mara

- Zara






Istinye Park mall

Istinye Park also embraces a part called (Istinye Park Bazaar), which is a miniature bazaar that includes:

- A tea break

-Restaurants and cafes

-Fresh vegetable market

- Kiosk selling Turkish sweets

-Sellers of Turkish delight and other small stores

In short ... Istinye Park mall has been able to breathe new life into Istanbul and become an indispensable address for those who want to spend a great day.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: Istinye Park mall's location on the map


3 - Zorlu Center Istanbul

مول زورلو سنتر zorlu center Istanbul
 zorlu center Istanbul

Zorlu Center is one of the most prestigious international shopping centers in Istanbul's city center and one of the malls near the Taksim area, as it is not just a mall, but a luxury shopping center, a 5-star hotel and a residential complex at the same time.

The first store opened in Turkey for the global Apple store was located in Zorlu Center, on an area of 9,600 square meters.

Zorlu Center includes 180 stores, 80% of which are international brands


International brands in zorlu center Istanbul

-Brooks Brothers

- Industry Denim

- Cos

- Lanvin

- Pomellato

- Stella McCartney

-Super Dre

In addition to the fashion giants around the world as:

-Dolce & Gabbana


-Saint Laurent

-Tiffany & Co.

- Fendi

- Dior

-Louis Vuitton

- Prada and Burberry

- Michael Kors


-Mont Blanc

الماركات العالمية في مول زورلو سنتر zorlu center Istanbul
 zorlu center Istanbul

As it is no longer a shopping center in the opinion of some, but rather home to international brands in Europe and the Middle East.

Most importantly, zorlu center istanbul is not just for shopping !!

It is a center for the performing arts, as it includes a huge theater capable of accommodating 3500 people

Many concerts are held by the most famous international artists, as well as theater music, pop, rock, opera and jazz performances.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 The site of zorlu center istanbul on the map.


4 - Istanbul Cevahir Mall

ماذا يحتوي مول جواهر شيشلي Istanbul cavahir
ماذا يحتوي مول جواهر شيشلي Istanbul cavahir

If we are talking about the largest mall in Istanbul, it must be the Jawaher Mall, yes, the number of stores in the Cevahir Mall may be less than the number of stores in the Mall of Istanbul, for example, as some think it is the largest, while the truth is It is that the Jewels Mall is the largest shopping center in Europe and the second largest in the world.

Features of Istanbul cavahir Cevahir Mall:

Total area: 620,000 square meters

Number of floors: 6

Shops: 280

Fast Food Restaurants: 34

Cevahir Mall exclusive restaurants: 18

What does cevahir sisli contain ?

- A huge theater for shows

-12 cinemas

- IMAX 3D Movie Theater

-Bowling Hall

- Kids games hall

- Cinema for children

- International restaurants such as Starbucks, Burger King, Kentucky, Pizza Hut ... etc.

The glass ceiling of Jawaher Mall, which has an area of ​​2,500 square meters, is also the largest clock in the world bearing numbers 3 meters long per number.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 Istanbul cavahir's location on the map


5 - Istanbul Valley Mall 

وادي إسطنبول مول vadi istanbul mall
vadi istanbul mall

Of course, Istanbul malls are charming with their advanced designs, architecture and huge space, but the Vadi istanbul mall is different from its counterparts from malls and commercial centers as it has unparalleled designs that give joy to the human spirit in addition to a wonderful shopping experience.

Originally the Istanbul Valley was established as a residential project, then a tower was added to it as a 5-star hotel and then the commercial mall, and the vadi istanbul mall is famous for its huge water pool as it was not famous in vain, as it is one of the most beautiful and largest water pools that the luminous fountains emit. Charming graphics and views day and night.

Features of Istanbul Valley Mall:

Total area: 103,000 square meters

Number of floors: 4

Number of shops: 270

Games for young and old

A cinema hall equipped with the latest display technology

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 The location of Vadi istanbul mall on the map:


6 - Venezia Mall Mega Outlet

فينيسيا مول Venezia mall Mega Outlet
 Venezia mall Mega Outlet

With its charming design inspired by the Italian city of Venice, Venezia mall Mega Outlet tops the list of the best malls in Istanbul, competing with the jewels of Istanbul Cavahir, the Mall of Istanbul and other famous malls, proving that it is no less important than them.

Features of Venezia Mall Mega Outlet:

Area: 000 square meters

Number of floors in the mall: 3

Residential towers 16-30 floors

Number of shops: 180

Residential towers: 5

Things to do at Venezia mall Mega Outlet:

أنشطة يمكنك القيام بها في فينيسيا مول Venezia mall Mega Outlet :

Perhaps riding boats within its artificial lake is the most beautiful thing that you can experience within its quiet and huge surroundings, and Italian music will not leave you throughout your enjoyable tour, or perhaps eating delicious food in the open air would be a great idea as well.

It is worth noting that Venezia Mall Mega Outlet is the largest outlet mall, which offers special prices and offers throughout the year at a lower value than other malls.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: The location of the Venezia mall Mega Outlet on the map: 📌


7 - Kanyon Istanbul Mall

مول كانيون إسطنبول Kanyon Istanbul
مول كانيون إسطنبول Kanyon Istanbul

In 2006, the most beautiful Istanbul malls were opened in the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, as Turkish citizens say about Kanyon Mall

Where the engineer John Adams Jerde put his full focus to make it a magical place, not just a commercial building or a mall like other malls.

Specifications of Kanyon Istanbul Mall:

Total area: 400,000 square meters

Number of floors in the mall: 3

Residential blocks: 1

The total height of the building: 26 floors

Number of apartments: 179

Commercial towers: 1

Number of stores: 160

Kanyon Istanbul Mall is located in Levent, on the European side of Istanbul

Or the commercial heart of the city as it is known, and it is one of the finest areas adjacent to the Bosphorus.

For each project there is a goal, and here was the goal of engineer John to link apartments, office apartments and the mall

To present a different experience through which the lines and lines between work and private life blur.

Kanyon Istanbul Mall includes:

- Hypermarket

-Canyon Bazaar (for vegetables and foods)

- 9 huge cinemas

-Various restaurants

- Sport club

- Spa

- Breaks in the open air

The most important international brands that entered Turkey for the first time through Kanyon, the most important of which are:

- Wagamama

- Dougla

- Apple Store

- and conbible

-Harvey Nichols

-Harvey Nice

A new address for luxury and fun shopping offered to you by Canyon Mall ... Don't miss all that fun 🙂

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 The location of Kanyon Istanbul on the map: 📌


8 - Historia mall

هستوريا مول historia mall
هستوريا مول historia mall

Within a very vital location in the city center (Fatih) is the historia mall, which is very popular despite its modest size compared to its peers from Istanbul malls.

Historia Mall has a distinctive and simple design and shines at night with its wonderful lighting as it includes many high-end brands and brands

It consists of 6 floors and includes 92 shops and many local restaurants.

The many different activities at Historia Mall:

- Car wash



-Movie theater

-Bowling court

- Activities and games for children

Historia Mall seeks to provide modern and safe services to its visitors, and its main principle is to maintain customer satisfaction and continue to be the best mall in Istanbul - Fatih.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 The location of historia mall on the map: 📌


9 - Trump Towers Mall

مول ترامب تاورز Trump Towers Mall
 Trump Towers Mall

Trump Towers Mall was opened on April 19, 2012, to be the second most important malls in Sisli, after the Istanbul Cavahir Mall, where its stores provide a unique mix of fashion and entertainment with a sophisticated and luxurious character.

Specifications of Trump Towers Mall:

Area: 43,600 square meters

Number of floors: 4

Number of stores: 175

Garages for visitors to the mall

Trump Towers Mall also allocates a wide space for children, through its uniqueness, with a children's corner of 9,000 square meters, which is the most important innovation that it has achieved, and for this reason it tops the list of the best malls in Istanbul.


It also includes

- Disney Children's Theater (capacity 600 people)

-Pure Fitness (3300 m2)

-A residential tower of 37 square meters

-A commercial tower (offices), 37 square meters high

-Thus, its total area is 260,000 square meters.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 The location of Trump Towers Mall on the map: 📌


10- Forum Istanbul MALL

فورم إسطنبول Forum Istanbul MALL
فورم إسطنبول Forum Istanbul MALL

When talking about the largest malls in Istanbul, Forum Istanbul MALL should top the list, as it employs 5,000 people to work within its 280 stores, and according to tourism statistics, Forum Istanbul attracts 20 million visitors annually.


Specifications of Forum Istanbul MALL:

Total area: 495,000 square meters

Location: Istanbul - Bayrampasa

The number of his stores: 280

The height of its floors: 3

The most important brands in Forum Istanbul MALL:

- Tepe Home

- Saturn

- Teknosa

- Bimex

- Boyner


- C&A

- M&S

- Zara

No wonder Forum Istanbul MALL is one of the best malls in Istanbul, as it has many entertainment facilities that make it more distinctive than others, such as the huge sea life aquarium or as it is known as Turkuazoo, which is a huge water tunnel with an area of ​​8000 square meters that includes more than 10,000 different types. From aquatic organisms

Through the distinctive water scenes, visitors to Turkuazoo will be able to feel that they are on an exploration trip for marine creatures without the need to wear wetsuits in the sea.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 Forum Istanbul MALL website on the map: 📌


11 - City’s Nisantasi

سيتيز مول City’s Nisantasi
سيتيز مول City’s Nisantasi

City’s Nisantasi is located in the heart of European Istanbul, within the Nisantasi district specifically ... Nishan Chi is known for being the center of international brands and the upscale face of shopping in Istanbul, and you can read the most important information about Nishan Chi from here

Citiz Mall includes many exclusive brands, including:

- Starbucks

-Canadian Second Cup Coffee

- Gloria Jeans

- Crown


International restaurants in City’s Nisantasi:

The restaurants in City Mall offer many international cuisines and are characterized by multiculturalism and offer foods with many stamps, the most important of which are:

- European

- Italian

- Mexican

- Japanese

- Chinese

- French

- Turkish

It also houses the most famous ice cream shop in Europe: Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream

Which opened its second store in City Mall after opening its first store in Kanyon Istanbul.

City’s Nisantasi did not win the title of Best Mall of Istanbul in vain

It is truly one of the best, as you will find in it everything you are looking for in Istanbul.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: City’s Nisantasi’s location on the map: 📌


12 - Istanbul Sapphire Ambassador

سفير إسطنبول Istanbul Sapphire
سفير إسطنبول Istanbul Sapphire

Istanbul Sapphire is certainly more than a shopping mall, but rather a masterpiece of the modern city of Istanbul, with its wonderful location in the Levent commercial district and its high rise, which reaches 54 floors, was classified as the tallest tower in the Levent area and the second tallest tower in Istanbul, where the tallest tower in Istanbul is the Istanbul Diamond Tower in the Sisli district.

Istanbul Sapphire has proven to be a very smart building with its environmentally friendly engineering design, thanks to which it has won many international and local awards.


The most important activities offered by the Istanbul Ambassador:

Golf gardens

Massage center



Turkish bath

Steam rooms

Entertainment halls (billiards - bowling)

The most important thing is that it offers virtual tours to learn about Istanbul's landmarks, by taking a helicopter.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 Istanbul Sapphire's website on the map: 📌


13 - MARMARA PARK mall

مول مرمرة بارك MARMARA PARK
مول مرمرة بارك MARMARA PARK

Although the Esenyurt area is far from the city center, it includes many important malls in Istanbul, and as evidenced by this, MARMARA PARK Mall comes strategically located directly on the metro line Boss, which is easy to reach from various regions of Istanbul within several minutes


Specifications of MARMARA PARK Mall:

Total area: 100,000 square meters

The height of its floors: 4

Location: Istanbul - Guzal Yurt Mahlisi / Esenyurt

Number of shops: 250

Garage for cars with a capacity of 4000 cars

Opening date: October 18, 2012


The most famous brands in Marmara Park are:

- Zara

- Boyner

- C&A

- H&M

- Koton

- Saturn

- Victoria’s Secret

The most distinctive feature of MARMARA PARK Mall is its wonderful design, inspired by the olfactory group

Where the emphasis was placed on making it resemble the inside of the galaxy, to leave everyone who visited it astonished by its beauty.

It is worth noting that a smart device is on the first floor of MARMARA PARK Mall, and the function of this device is to inform new visitors about the exact details of the mall and the locations of shops and restaurants to save them time and trouble searching within its wide corners.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 MARMARA PARK Mall's location on the map 📌


14 - Akbati Mall

اك باتي مول akbati mall
اك باتي مول akbati mall

In the fifth place for the largest malls in the Esenyurt region, Akbati Mall comes with 200 shops and many distinct activities that its visitors can exploit to achieve the greatest benefits of pleasure in Istanbul.


Specifications of Akbati Mall

Area: 190,000 square meters

Number of floors: 5

Number of shops: 200

9 cinemas

A selection of the best Turkish restaurants and international restaurants, such as Happy Moon’s Restaurant

Private garage for cars with a capacity of 3000 cars

One of what distinguishes Ak Patti from others is its various activities, as it includes a center called Yaşam Akademisi Life Academy. This academy aims to provide a healthy lifestyle through self-development and weekly lectures in addition to helping them create a natural diet to lose weight, in addition to the advice it provides. For parents in order to properly raise children, especially in the growing period.


The most important thing is Akbati Mall's services:

Ak Bate Donna offers many distinctive services from other malls, seeking to provide its visitors with the best shopping experience in Istanbul.

Akbati mall services

- Stroller service

-Childcare and breastfeeding service

-Massage chairs

-Electrolytic kinases

-Services for the sick and the handicapped

-Mosques for women and men

-Power bank services

-Free Wi-Fi

- blood donation

-Book bars

- Navigation and identification system for the mall

-Toilets for children

Yes, everything you need, you can find it within the Ak-Patti Mall with all the distinctive specifications and suitable for lovers of luxury, elegance and distinction.

You can see its location on the map by clicking here: 📌 The location of the akbati mall on the map 📌


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