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Avoid these mistakes when buying a property in Turkey

Avoid these mistakes when buying a property in Turkey

The real estate sector in Turkey is currently the best investment field, especially for foreign investors, as these investors work continuously to take advantage of the advantages of buying a property in Turkey with the aim of achieving material profit within the real estate market. In addition, this market is one of the most diverse real estate markets as it provides a number of Unlimited investment opportunities thanks to its possession of various types of real estate, but in general, despite the diversity of the real estate market in Turkey and the difference in apartment prices in Turkey, it can be said that real estate prices in Turkey in general are considered lower if compared to apartment prices in countries. It also guarantees investors high and guaranteed gains. 
In the recent period, Turkey has become one of the most preferred places by foreign investors and that is because it has a set of elements and factors necessary for investment and distinguishes it that these components include various areas of life, from economy, tourism and trade to real estate in Turkey and the reasons for buying are varied. Real estate in Turkey between the desire to enter the real estate investment sector in Turkey and the search for a place to settle and reside, but buying apartments in Turkey carries with it some risks, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to some important details and avoid some mistakes when buying a property in Turkey. 

Mistakes that must be avoided when buying a property in Turkey:

First :Avoid choosing a property on the outskirts or outskirts of Turkish cities: 

Usually owners of real estate offices are advised to stay away from Turkey's real estate located in the suburbs and go towards buying a property in the city center or near a vital location because they are more investable real estate and achieve financial returns and gains, but this advice may have something harm as it is It is not good if it is applied to all cities in Turkey, some major cities include important areas far from the city center, such as Istanbul, which is the largest Turkish city and the most densely populated city as well, and this city is witnessing a continuous expansion, not even accelerating, so we find that some areas Which were considered suburbs and far from the city center not long ago has now become an important and integral part of it, and thus it can be said that the best real estate in Turkey are those in the center, but suburban real estate in cities that are experiencing rapid growth or near projects should not be neglected. Under construction, as it may become strategic sites in the future. 
In addition, buying apartments in Turkey within residential complexes is a good investment deal, as many prefer it because it is in the suburbs far from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time it can be reached to and from it easily thanks to the secure transportation network. 

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Second :Not to resort to the services of a real estate agent: 

Some investors try to rely on themselves and not seek the help of a real estate agent in order to save the cost of employing him, but what many of them do not know is that the largest part of fraud or cases in which people pay more than the property is entitled to are in the form of direct deals between The owner and the buyer without the mediation of a real estate agent, especially if this investor is a foreigner and does not have sufficient experience in Turkey's real estate, as the purpose of using the services of a real estate agent is to enlighten the most important practical aspects related to buying real estate in Turkey in order to form a sufficient idea to know what is appropriate and What he deserves as the real estate broker will provide advice to you and will direct you at each stage to the next step and thus you will not have to work on your own or make a mistake while completing legal transactions, so that these advice is free and real estate agents do not charge any money for it As many of them are contracting with construction companies and take a share of them, and thus they will get a profit from them, not from you. 

Third :Choosing apartments in Turkey depending on the value of the proceeds: 

Some of the investors buy the property that comes with a small fee corresponding to the services provided by the building in it, in order to save money, but this means in return the quality of the services provided, as what you will get for the amount of fifty Turkish liras will not be similar to what you get in exchange Pay two hundred lira for sure. 

Fourthly :Buying Turkey real estate with old construction: 

Yes, these properties provide an opportunity to get cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, and some think that the matter is no more than the need to renew or restore them in order to become better, but experienced owners are advised not to invest in a building or property that is more than ten years old, especially when buying real estate in Turkey because the old buildings It is built with low-quality building materials compared to modern buildings and real estate, which will be associated with future problems in construction such as leakage, mold and dampness.


Fifth: Insufficient knowledge of property laws in Turkey:

Among the common mistakes that real estate buyers in Turkey may make is not knowing enough about all the laws related to foreigners buying real estate in Turkey and relying only on what is heard.

Among the most important information that you should know if you want to buy real estate in Turkey are the following:

- Foreigners are not entitled to own more than thirty hectares in different parts of Turkey.

- In the event that the size of foreign property in a region or municipality in Turkey reaches more than ten percent of its total area, the Land Registry Directorate will issue a decision to stop granting licenses.

- Foreigners cannot buy an apartment or property in Turkey that is located within a security or military zone.

One of the most important details that must be noted is that not all foreigners have the right to own property in Turkey. There are five nationalities that have been excluded, namely:

- Syria.

- Armenia.

- Cuba.

- Greek Cyprus.

- North Korea.


Sixth: Not searching well for the details of the property:

If you want to buy and own real estate in Turkey, you should search for everything related to it and obtain the most important information related to it in terms of location - area - interior specifications - modernity of design - floor where it is located - type of property.

It is necessary to ask experts and specialists about the future of the area in which you intend to buy, especially if your goal is to invest in real estate, as it is said that the value of your real estate investment is from the value of the place in which it is located.

It is very important for you to see the future plans. Are there any huge projects that will be built in the near future?

You have to take into account the negative aspects of the property before the positive, as it may constitute an obstacle to achieving your goals and ambitions.


buy property in Turkey


Seventh: Take a tour of the real estate market:

One of the important tips that you must adhere to is to take field tours and visit the most important real estate and investment projects available within the real estate market so that you have a complete and clear perception of all available specifications and prices.

If you are dealing with a real estate company with experience, knowledge and extensive knowledge of everything related to the Turkish real estate market, one of its representatives and consultants will accompany you to brief you on the most important aspects and provide a comprehensive study of the property chosen for it.

In this context, let us tell you that the real estate market in Turkey is completely safe, and this is one of the main reasons that made it take the lead in the world, but this does not negate that there is a possibility of making a mistake as a result of not looking at the most important details related to it, so do not waive the request for help from one of the specialized agents who help you make the right choice


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