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Real estate investment in Sisli

Real estate investment in Sisli

Istanbul is at the forefront of cities known for its cultural and cultural richness, in addition to its great development and solid economy, as it was able to become Turkey's economic capital, and this is what attracted the attention of investors to it to establish real estate projects in it. The many and varied options available, as you can get all types of apartments and real estate such as smart apartments, villas, and various commercial properties. 
You will also be confused when choosing the best area to buy a property in Istanbul, and in this article we will talk about one of the best areas for investment in Istanbul, which is the charming Sisli area. 

Where is Sisli located in Istanbul? 

Sisli is located in the European section of Istanbul near the well-known Taksim area, which is no more than 2 km away from it. Sisli is one of 29 other municipalities affiliated to the city of Istanbul. Sisli is surrounded by a number of famous and important areas such as Levent, Besiktas, Fatih, and others. It is located in a vital center of the city and this is one of the reasons for the success of investments in it. 
The population of sişli in 2017 reached more than 300 thousand people, and the number is still increasing, and the population of the region is distributed over a number of neighborhoods, the most important of which are: Mecidiyekoy, Nisantasi district, Thuweqiya district, and many others. 

History of the attractive Sisli region:

In the past, the Sisli region was completely devoted to agriculture, and this continued until the eighteenth century, after which work was done to colonize it and construct buildings and complexes in it in the Ottoman era. 
Merchants coming from the Balkan countries and Greece in particular went to it and took it as a place to reside and settle in Turkey with their families. Therefore, it was one of the first areas that received attention from the government and work was done to fully serve it with electricity, water and gas. After and after the succession of years, the communities holding Turkish citizenship began to reside and work in their lands. 

Means of transportation in Sisli:

Looking at the location of Sisli in Istanbul, we find that it is located in the most vital and active centers, and this is what made it benefit greatly from the variety of means of transportation in it, as buses, metrobus, taxis and other public and private transportation links it with the rest of the regions. in Istanbul . 

The most important tourist centers and sites in Sisli: 

- Cevahir Mall: This mall comes at the forefront of the tourist centers, as it receives thousands of visitors and tourists daily from all over Istanbul, as it is considered one of the most important malls in Europe and contains six floors with a large number of shops that offer the best types of clothes and products that It belongs to the most prestigious Turkish and international brands, and the mall also includes a number of well-known restaurants and distinctive cafes that offer delicious food and drinks, and it has a private cinema hall and many places for entertainment. 

- Al-Tashweqiya Mosque: This mosque was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid, who built it on the modern parkour method to be similar to the Sultan Abdul Hamid Mosque, and the mosque is characterized by high white columns and fine details that give a feeling of sophistication and luxury that cannot be missed. 

- Ataturk Museum: The Ataturk Museum is located within the Sisli region, and it is a three-story house in which the most important objects and tools belonging to Turkey's greatest presidents Ataturk are displayed and it contains many of his photos and official documents. Visiting this place is like a trip in history. . 

-Matchka Park: This park is the perfect place to spend time with the family and enjoy a nice picnic in the arms of nature, as the park is full of trees and flowers and extends green areas in addition to the possibility of taking a cable car ride and taking unforgettable photos. 

Real estate investment in Sisli:
Due to the vital location of the region and its richness in tourist centers, Sisli has become a destination for investors from everywhere who have established many modern real estate projects in it and went to modernity and development, so smart apartments and residential complexes spread in them and because it is an important commercial center, the number of office apartments and studio apartments increased and Business-friendly hotel apartments. 
And real estate prices in it are witnessing a remarkable rise as a result of the investment strength that they possess, so it is considered a suitable place to delve into the real estate market in Turkey.



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