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Turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish citizenship by investment

After the great success achieved by Turkey at all levels and the great development that affected all political, economic and social fields, Turkey was able to carve a name for itself among the great countries, and therefore many people are looking for ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, especially the investors that worked Turkey to attract them to it by granting them Turkish citizenship by investment. 
But before going into the details of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, we must talk about the reasons why investors want to obtain Turkish citizenship. 

First: the advantages of Turkish citizenship: 

There are many benefits and features that attract the investor to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment or any other way, which are: 

-Obtaining a Turkish passport and enjoying its advantages: 

One of the most important benefits that a person gains when applying for Turkish citizenship is obtaining a Turkish passport, which has an advanced rank among the ranking of passports around the world, and do not forget that it allows entry to more than 72 countries around the world without the need for an entry visa (Visa). The most important of these countries are: Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, South Korea, Georgia, Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, Ukraine and many others. 
Also, when you have a Turkish passport, you can obtain a visa upon arrival to 42 countries in the world, the most important of which are: Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain and a large number of African countries. 
There are also about 7 countries around the world that allow the issuance of electronic entry visas for Turks through the Internet, and from these countries: Australia and the Sultanate of Oman. 
And having a strong passport like the Turkish passport will greatly facilitate business dealings with European countries due to the many facilities that are granted to holders of Turkish citizenship

-Granting Turkish citizenship to family members: 

One of the most important reasons that encourage obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship for children who have not yet completed 18 years of age and thus will become Turkish citizens enjoying all rights and duties, as for the wife and children over the age of 18 years You can grant them Turkish citizenship after three years of obtaining it. 

-Facilitating the process of buying real estate in Turkey and owning real estate for foreigners: 

Certainly, when you want to buy a property in Turkey by foreigners, this involves a set of procedures and is subject to a number of laws, which, despite their simplicity and ease, may take time and effort. Therefore, in the event that you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will have a number of A large number of documents and documents, and the process of buying an apartment in Turkey or buying a house in Istanbul will become very simple. 

-Obtaining health insurance: 

When you obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, you will automatically obtain health insurance like the rest of the Turkish citizens. As for the benefit of health insurance, you will be able to receive free treatment in all government hospitals in Turkey, and the matter does not stop there, but you have special treatment and discounts Attractive in all private hospitals in Turkey, in addition to providing the Turkish citizen with modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and medicines. 

-Securing a visit for relatives to Turkey: 

One of the encouraging things about obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment or by any other means is that you will be able to invite your relatives in your home country to come to Turkey and meet them and spend a good time with them. Also, being in Turkey and holding Turkish citizenship will make it easier for them to obtain an entry visa to Turkey

-Possibility of retaining the original nationality: 

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey or by any other means will not strip you of your original citizenship, as Turkey is considered a country that allows its citizens to hold two nationalities without having to give up one of them. 

-Right to vote in elections: 

Once you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will become a Turkish citizen enjoying all rights and duties, and therefore you will have the right to vote in the elections that take place in the country in all its forms, and thus you will be one of the influencers in Turkey's future and one of the decision-makers regarding Turkish laws. 

-Freedom to work: 

When you are a foreign investor or a foreign student in Turkey, you will need special permissions to do certain business in Turkey, and this is what you will dispense with when obtaining Turkish citizenship, as you will have the right to work in any type of business without obtaining permission to practice a profession from the authorities This gives you more options and more possibilities to employ your skills in what you are good at and desire. 

-The ability to employ workers in Turkey of different nationalities: 

As it is known, when a foreign investor establishes a company in Turkey, he will need to employ a certain number of Turkish workers according to Turkish laws, but this is not mandatory when you hold Turkish citizenship, which will allow you to employ workers of different nationalities from around the world. 

-The possibility of obtaining a turquoise card: 

There are a number of Turkish citizens who are forced to give up Turkish citizenship in some countries as a result of obtaining other citizenship. For such people, a turquoise card has been issued that allows its holder to enter and exit Turkey without the need for an entry visa even after losing Turkish citizenship

-The possibility of obtaining an American investor visa category E2: 

There are many investors who are ignorant of the existence of this feature, as if you are an investor with Turkish citizenship, you will be allowed to enter America as a Turkish investor and reside there for two years. This law is applied to countries that have trade and investment treaties with America, such as Turkey.


Second: Methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment: 

1 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey: This is done by purchasing a property or a group of properties, with a minimum price of 250 thousand dollars, and this amount has been reduced from one million dollars in the past, which contributed to attracting A large number of investors are investing in real estate in Turkey , but it is necessary that this property not be sold for at least three years or else you will lose the right to obtain Turkish citizenship
2 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship by depositing money in Turkish banks: This is done by placing a sum of money in a Turkish bank, provided that the value of this amount is not less than 500 thousand US dollars, and that this deposit continues for a full three years. 
3 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying shares: This is done by purchasing shares from investment capital funds (VCTS) or real estate investment trusts in Turkey (REITS), and the value of these shares must not be less than 500 thousand US dollars. 
4 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing bonds: the investor purchases bonds from the government worth at least 500 thousand dollars, and this amount has been reduced from the previous according to the new amendments to the naturalization law in Turkey. 
5 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing Turkish workers: Those who own a company in Turkey and wish to obtain Turkish citizenship can employ at least 50 Turkish workers, and the number was previously 100 Turkish workers, but it has been reduced according to the new laws. 
6 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a company: You can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing by purchasing a company in Turkey with a minimum capital of 500 thousand dollars. 

Third: The documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment: 

There are a set of documents that are required when applying for Turkish citizenship by investment, which are: 
1 - The passport of the person concerned, provided that it is translated and certified by the concerned authorities. 
2 - The investor's birth certificate, in addition to the marriage certificate, must also be attested and translated. 
3- The investor's residence. 
4 - A certificate of conformity on the investment, which is obtained from the Directorate of Land Registry. 
5 - A bank account must be opened in Turkey before submitting an application for Turkish citizenship by investment. 
6- Personal photos. 

And in the event that you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment in particular, there are a set of additional documents that must be obtained: 
- A copy of the title deed (Tabu) of the purchased property. 
- Real estate appraisal report, which is a document showing the condition of the property and the amount it is owed. This document was issued to reduce fraud cases and to guarantee rights, as it is issued by private companies specified by the Turkish government, and this document is valid for only three months. 
- The payment receipt must be stamped with the bank’s seal, which means that the investor has transferred the money and purchased the property with the mentioned amount. 
- The receipt of the arrest must be stamped with the bank’s seal, which means that the seller has received the amount of money that was agreed upon in exchange for the mentioned property. 
- Two copies of the special agency in the event that a lawyer is appointed to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment

Fourth: Steps to obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment: 

A - Initially, it is necessary for the investor to open a special bank account in one of the Turkish banks. 
B - Then comes the most important step, which is choosing the most appropriate investment according to the options available and suitable for the investor, either by buying a property in Turkey, for example, and here you must be familiar with the Turkish real estate market and deal with one of the reliable real estate companies so as not to fall victim Real estate fraud, or you can invest in stocks and bonds without entering the real estate field in Turkey. 
C - After choosing the most appropriate investment, an application for a residence permit is submitted. 
D - And later, it remains only to apply for Turkish citizenship after obtaining a residence permit with the attachment of the necessary documents and documents that were mentioned previously. 

Fifth: What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkish real estate: 

1 - The real estate price must be at least $250,000 or its equivalent, with the possibility of purchasing a group of real estate to achieve this amount. 
2 - That this property be registered directly in the Tapu Department in Turkey. 
3 - The property must be purchased in Turkey by a person who possesses Turkish citizenship or by a Turkish real estate company. 
4 - It is necessary that the price of the property in Turkey be paid through a regular bank transfer. 
5 - The foreign investor's nationality should be one of the nationalities allowed to own real estate in Turkey, as there are some countries that are prohibited from doing so, such as North Korea. 
6 - The person who will buy the property must be over 18 years old. 
7- The most important point is that this property is kept without selling it for at least 3 years, after which you are free to dispose of it. 

This was the most important information related to obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, and there is no doubt that obtaining Turkish citizenship is a golden opportunity, so do not miss the opportunity!

On May 13, 2022, the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate to a value of 400,000 dollars instead of 250,000 dollars. The decision has been implemented starting in 12th June 2022.

The investor has the right to buy a real estate or several properties with the new amount of $400,000 in order to obtain citizenship, provided that the investor must keep the property for 3 years and he mustn’t sell the property he purchased for the purpose of citizenship before 3 years from the date of purchasing. For more information about the Turkish citizenship law and its conditions, click here.


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