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Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea 2021

Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea 2021

One of the most prominent things that a real estate investor usually looks for is the investment idea that offers him the profits he wants to obtain. Of course, this matter is not a fixed case in different countries of the world, but varies according to the nature of the state and its components.
When you are in Turkey, one of the best opportunities for investment ideas is the apartments that have a view of the sea, and Istanbul is one of the best suitable options for this, as it has a marine radiance that is rarely found.
Through the following article, we will present to you the most important areas of Istanbul to search for apartments with a distinctive sea view, and we will also publish the importance of this type of apartments.

The most important areas of Istanbul that have a distinctive sea view:

1 - Beylikduzu area:

One of the most prominent characteristics of Beylikdüzü is that it has a view of the Marmara Sea. This area is one of the most popular areas for anyone looking for an apartment for sale for several reasons, most notably:
- It has a developed and modern infrastructure that competes with many other areas of Istanbul.
- Its presence on the European side of Istanbul gave it great value, as it is located in close proximity to the most important mega development projects in the city.
- This area is characterized by an integrated and modern transportation network that makes it connected with all other areas of the city.
Despite all its advantages, the prices of its real estate are considered suitable and cheap, but it is expected that it will rise in the coming days as a result of the increasing demand around it.
- There are those who consider it the appropriate opportunity in order to obtain the largest and most massive wealth, which made it the choice of investors.
- Life in that area is healthy and distinctive, due to the vast green spaces and lush gardens it has, and it is also characterized by calm.
- Based on its diversified service card, which includes health, education and entertainment, it is the best option for families to live.

2- Sariyer District:

When we talk about the Sariyer area, we are talking about the most important, finest and most luxurious areas of Istanbul, and its most important characteristics are:
- Sariyer is one of the largest areas of Istanbul in terms of area, as it is characterized by ancient and modern at the same time.
- It has a distinctive view of the Bosphorus, and on the other hand, it overlooks the Belgrade forests, as it includes large areas of them.
- There are those who consider it an area designated for specific groups of society in relation to the high prices of its real estate, including the rich, high capitalists, celebrities and distinguished personalities.
- Buying an apartment in Sariyer for real estate investment offers a lot of huge profits, especially in the tourist seasons, as it includes a number of historical monuments and distinctive parks.
- The region is dominated by a system of luxury residential complexes attached to the most important service and recreational facilities that make life of great comfort and luxury.
- Sariyer has a large service package that meets the needs of everyone who lives in it, in addition to being calm and away from crowding, so it was the choice of those who preferred to live in an independent place.

3- Uskudar region:

Moving to the Asian side of Istanbul, it is necessary to refer to the prestigious Üsküdar area with many privileges:
- One of the most prominent features of this region is that it has a distinctive sea view of the Bosphorus on one side and on the other hand it faces the European side of Istanbul.
It is worth noting that Uskudar is no less important than any region of the European section, and it does not lack any aspect of modernity.
- A large number of modern real estate projects are being built in them at the present time, and the highest standards of quality and safety are adhered to in their construction.
- There are those who described it as a historical focus as a result of the great archaeological and historical monuments it possesses, most notably the Maiden’s Tower, which is in the middle of the sea.
- Real estate prices in Uskudar are constantly rising as a result of its modernity and development, represented by its service facilities and urban development.
- It is also characterized by the fact that it contains large green areas that give it a healthy and aesthetic character.
- Uskudar contains a large number of educational institutions and schools that suit all ages and study groups.

What are the main advantages of searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul with a sea view?

- Accommodation and accommodation in this type of apartment offers a lot of luxury and comfort.
- If its purpose is real estate investment, it will bring expected results and high profits.
- This type of apartments is constantly registering an increase in its prices due to the large demand around it.
- It will not remain empty of tenants as a result of its distinction and sophistication, which indicates its continued profitability.
You can get an apartment with a distinctive view that many people dream of only by heading towards Istanbul, where luxury apartments at prices that suit you.


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