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How to obtain Turkish citizenship

How to obtain Turkish citizenship

Turkey has become a well-known name that resonates in various parts of the world, as a result of all the important natural, tourism and economic factors and factors that Turkey is characterized by, and Turkey's real estate has a very good reputation and attracts many foreign investors to it because real estate prices in Turkey are low. Significantly compared to real estate prices in different European countries, and real estate investment in Turkey is a profitable and guaranteed field, which also makes it desirable. Therefore, we find that many people strongly desire to obtain Turkish citizenship due to the strength that Turkey possesses, whether as a state or as a passport. Turkey is one of the countries most welcoming to foreigners, as the Turkish government is constantly working to strengthen the factors and laws that facilitate the conduct of official transactions in order to encourage more individuals of various international nationalities to try to obtain Turkish citizenship. 

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship: 

Firstly :Obtaining Turkish citizenship through residency in Turkey: 

The Turkish government gives you the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through residency on its territory, and there are many forms of residency in Turkey, including work permits in Turkey, which require residency for a period of time longer than five years and continuously in Turkey after you obtain a work visa with the approval of the Turkish government And after the expiration of this period, you will be able to follow the naturalization method in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is one of the most popular methods for foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship. 
Also, many students apply for a visa to reside in Turkey in order to complete their university education, and this residence is called the study residency, which entitles its holder under Turkish law to the right to pursue his education in any of Turkey's schools or universities and to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship. You must also spend a period of five years in Turkish territory, and after you obtain the citizenship, you will obtain a Turkish passport and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that accompany it and reside in Turkey as much as you want and you will be treated as a Turkish citizen and all Turkish laws apply to you. 

Secondly :Marriage to a citizen who holds Turkish citizenship: 

This method is considered the easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship, and it is also the fastest, as you can marry a Turkish citizen or a Turkish citizen, and of course, he must be a Turkish citizen in turn, and after completing the legal marriage procedures and procedures and ratifying them in state departments, you will be able Provided that you obtain Turkish citizenship through this marriage, after the lapse of a full three-year period from the date of its confirmation, and this marriage can be within Turkish territory or even outside it, but on condition that the Turkish embassy is notified in the foreign country in which the marriage was concluded and Then this marriage must be confirmed in the embassy, ​​and even before you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will obtain immediately after the completion of the marriage a visa to reside in Turkey, and the duration of the visa is two years, and of course the residence can be extended, and through this visa, you are allowed to practice all your activities within the territories. If the marriage continues for a period of time that exceeds three years, you will obtain Turkish citizenship in accordance with Turkish law and you will officially become a Turkish citizen with a Turkish passport. 

Third :Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey: 

Real estate investment in Turkey is an ideal option for owners of foreign capital who want to obtain a new nationality and achieve financial gains, meaning achieving more than one goal, and this is the fastest and most short way to obtain Turkish citizenship, as according to the law issued in the year two thousand and eight My birth became permissible for anyone who buys a property in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship, but the matter is not without some conditions, but they are very easy terms compared to the conditions that many foreign countries impose in front of those wishing to obtain nationalities and these conditions include that The price of the property in Turkey that the person will buy is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and the buyer must pledge not to offer this property for sale until after the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase. 
As for the second way in which Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment in Turkey, you buy a property in Turkey, regardless of its price, and then obtain a one-year residency in Turkey, and then you can renew this residence every year until it reaches the length of your stay. In Turkey, the five years to automatically become able to apply for Turkish citizenship. 
And the methods do not end here, as you can also open a business of your own or establish a company in your name, and your project must secure job opportunities for at least fifty Turkish citizens and thus you will be entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.


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