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Villas For Sale In Istanbul Turkey

Villas For Sale In Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most important Turkish cities to search for villas for sale, as it has many options and areas that are distributed in both its European and Asian sections, in addition to its natural components such as a moderate climate, calm nature and attractive views, not to mention the presence of many recreational facilities.

Through the following article, we will provide you with a detailed report on the most important information related to the search for villas for sale in Istanbul, as well as highlight the best areas to be searched.


Steps to search for villas for sale in Istanbul:

The first step in buying villas in Istanbul is to determine the purpose. If you are not sure of your goal, you will find it somehow difficult.


Why would you look for villas for sale in Istanbul?

-Is it for luxury? Many people prefer to live in villas, because it gives them a lot of luxury, comfort and privacy, as it is attached to a swimming pool / distinctive view / playgrounds / a quiet life.

-Is it for tourism investment? Istanbul is an environment in which all the ingredients for the success of a real estate investment project are available by renting it out for monthly returns, as well as reselling it when its price increases. You can get high returns in the tourist seasons.

-Are you thinking of using it as an opportunity to open an investment project? Due to the features that villas in Istanbul possess of large areas and wonderful engineering designs, it is an opportunity to open a great investment project such as a restaurant, an educational institution or a medical center.

-Or are you thinking of obtaining Turkish citizenship? Since the Turkish government has allowed foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying real estate .. the idea of ​​searching for villas for sale in Turkey has become appealing, it is possible to find one whose specifications match the conditions for obtaining it.

If your purpose in searching for villas for sale in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship, its price must be no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, in addition to that it must not be sold before three years have passed.


The real estate market must be closely studied:

You may be wondering what is meant by studying the real estate market, the purpose of that is to track the details of the market well, i.e. prices / buying and selling movement / studying the available options.

It is important to focus on the price side well and try to get accurate information. The prices of some villas should be compared with each other so that you have an idea of ​​the average prices.

There is another thing that you should consider and it is the areas. You will be in front of a wide range of options. Does the area you are looking for villas for sale in meet your ambition or goal? Are their prices suitable for you?


You should watch the offers of villas for sale in Istanbul:

Before you search for villas for sale in Istanbul on the ground, you can get an idea through the many advertisements that are found within the websites, and thus you have saved yourself a lot of time, but it is important to point out that this is not enough to buy a property .

When you follow ads for villas for sale in Istanbul, pay attention to several points. First, make sure that the displayed video is clear and of high accuracy, and the information must be correct and accurate.

You should go on a real estate tour:

It is necessary to make real estate tours and visit the most important projects in Istanbul so that you can make the right decision, don’t forget to pay attention to the area of ​​the villa / number of rooms / available features / focus on the negative points / negotiate the price.


Use the experience of a real estate company in Turkey:

With the increase in the foreign influx to Turkey to buy real estate, the number of real estate companies has increased significantly as a result of the urgent need for the services they provide, such as advice and consultancy, as they provide for their clients the most important opportunities and discounts.


Get the best villas for sale in Istanbul in these areas:

We can not deny the importance of the areas of Istanbul in both its European and Asian parts for buying real estate, but what do you choose?


Villas for sale in European Istanbul :

Before we start talking about each region separately, it is important to point out that each region has its own characteristics, distinctive aspects and great importance that you must know before choosing.


1 – Villas for sale in Beylikduzu:

One of its first features is that it is located on the European side of the city and is surrounded by important areas such as Avcilar from the eastern side and Esenyurt from the northern side, while from the south it has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea.

Beylikduzu is characterized by having a developed and modern infrastructure that competes with the most important areas of Istanbul. Beylikduzu is one of the most preferred areas for housing and stability, and it fits your goal in real estate investment.

As for real estate ,Beylikdüzü in Istanbul is characterized by luxury residential complexes and villas with modern designs, as it does not lack service and recreational facilities, and life in it is healthy, as it has large green spaces and many gardens.


2 – Villas for sale in Silivri:

This area is located on the western side of Buyukcekmece Lake and has many charming natural features. It is classified as rural. However, it is rich in the city’s development features. You will get a special stay there as its villas overlook the Marmara Sea and are characterized by calm and tranquility.

Are you wondering if buying villas in Silivri is a good option? of course it is .. especially that the villas have modern and elegant designs, and their spacious areas give those who inhabit them an abundance of privacy.

Real estate prices in Silviri are cheap and acceptable, and the Turkish government takes great care of it, and it is planned to provide it with a line from the Beylikdüzü metrobus in order to reach it quickly.


3 – Villas for sale in Çatalca:

Do you dream of living in a quiet place away from the crowds and hustle? Çatlıca is one of the most important areas on the European side of Istanbul for buying villas. It is characterized by its wide green spaces, beautiful orchards and horse farms, and it is only 60 km away from the center of Istanbul.

It borders Silivri, Arnavutkoy and Buyukcekmece, and is considered one of the largest municipalities of Istanbul.


4 – Villas for sale in Arnavutkoy:

This region gained its fame for having the largest airport in the world (Istanbul New Airport), which connects between the east and the west, as well as its presence beside the Black Sea, in addition to the existence of the famous Belgrade forests.

Recently, there has been a heavy demand for its properties and villas, which is a great option for anyone looking for villas for sale in Istanbul, as it has reasonable prices and high-end specifications.


Villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side:

1 – Villas for sale in Uskudar:

If we want to talk about the Uskudar area in Istanbul, we are in one of the most important areas of the city at all, and it is a center for investment opportunities. It has an important real estate diversity as You can find independent apartments and villas.

Uskudar is characterized as having a view of the Bosphorus Strait, as it is located opposite the European side, and it is no less important than any of the regions of the other side .

Due to its components, infrastructure and beauty of nature, it has become a place where real estate investors are racing to search for villas for sale, and it is considered one of the most important areas that contain educational institutions and schools.

Uskudar is an important tourist destination for many world tourists, especially with its mild climate, exceptional view, and the possession of many historical monuments, Ottoman palaces and the Maiden's Tower in the middle of the sea.


2 – Villas for sale in Beykoz:

This area has a special charm that prompted many Turks and foreigners to search for real estate for sale in it, especially those who like to live in a calm atmosphere. It is also a full-service area rich in recreational areas, and based on these privileges it has become one of the preferred areas for the rich, artists and VIPs.

Real estate prices in Beykoz are good and this is what made it at the forefront of the list for real estate investors.


Features of searching for villas for sale in Istanbul:

Geographical location:

It is no secret to anyone the importance of Istanbul's geographical location, as it extends within two continents (Asia and Europe) and overlooks the most important seas in the world.


The economic capital:

Istanbul is Turkey's financial center, the country's economic capital, and a meeting place for businessmen, investors, and VIPs.


Sophisticated Infrastructure:

Istanbul has many huge development projects that have been able to rank highly globally, such as the new airport / Istanbul Water Canal / Basaksehir Medical City / transportation links / entertainment venues.


Real estate investment field:

What drives the investor to search for villas for sale in Istanbul is that it is a destination for many world tourists based on its charming and picturesque nature landmarks, as well as it includes many archeological and historical monuments such as palaces, castles and museums.


Villas for sale in installments in Turkey Istanbul:

One of the most important features that drive many investors to search for buying villas in Turkey Istanbul is the many offers offered by real estate companies in Istanbul and the possibility of comfortable installments over several months and in payments that suit the financial capabilities of the investor, and thus you will get luxury villas in convenient installments.


Important tips when looking for villas for sale in Istanbul:

1 - First of all, you should see the most important laws related to owning real estate in Turkey for foreigners. And you must make sure that you do not hold one of the nationalities that are prohibited from buying real estate in Turkey.

2 - A foreigner cannot own more than thirty hectares in different parts of Turkey, nor is he entitled to own more than ten percent of the area administratively.

3 - Beware of being a victim of real estate fraud by getting to know all its forms, most notably impersonating the owner of the property / offering the villa at a price that does not match its specifications / persuading the buyer that it is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is otherwise.

4 - There may be restrictions on the villa, such as real estate mortgage or inheritance problems. One of the risks of these things is that they make it difficult to sell the property in the future, and this can be verified through the Land Registry Directorate.


What are the prices of villas in Istanbul?

Villas are one of the most expensive types of real estate at all, but it is a good option for those looking for profits, the prices vary from place to place and according to a number of factors, most notably the villa space / interior specifications / location / view / proximity and distance from service facilities.

It is expected that real estate prices in Istanbul in general during the coming period will increase as a result of many factors, the most important of which are the rise in the prices of raw materials / the increase in demand for them / the marginal tourist seasons that they are witnessing.


What is the importance of real estate investment in Turkey villas?

1 - Real estate projects in Turkey are distinguished by their superior specifications and modern designs that compete with the most important countries in the world, in addition to their adoption of the smart system , which provides the residents with an easier, more comfortable and luxurious life.

2 - Real estate prices in Turkey are considered appropriate and cheap if they are compared with real estate prices in other countries such as the European Union countries, the United States of America and some Arab countries

3 - The Turkish government provided a lot of facilities, as it reduced the value of real estate taxes and made ownership procedures easy.


Villas for sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul:

Villas for sale on the Bosphorus in Sariyer:

Sariyer is considered one of the most luxurious areas in Istanbul and has ranked among the first three areas of the city in terms of luxury, sophistication and high real estate prices. It has been called the area of ​​the rich, politicians and artists.

It is characterized by its geographical location on the European side of Istanbul, as well as high-quality services in terms of schools, universities, parks, malls and restaurants.

It is a tourist destination for many of the world's tourists, as it has many tourist places such as the Ottoman palaces, the Emirgan Park and large areas of Belgrade forests.


Villas for sale on the Bosphorus in Bebek:

Bebek neighborhood is classified as one of the city's most prestigious and distinguished neighborhoods and is considered an important tourist destination for many world tourists, although it is not rich in historical monuments as other areas, but it contains many recreational facilities.

Bebek is characterized by its location near the sea and overlooking the Bosphorus.

We were with you in a detailed report on the search for villas for sale in Istanbul, and we discussed the most important features and aspects of this subject, as well as its investment importance .

Ramzy Real Estate Company team is waiting for you to inform you of the most important available options that suit you and achieve your goals.


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