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Tips to save money when buying real estate in Turkey 2021

Tips to save money when buying real estate in Turkey 2021

If you are going to buy a property in Turkey, you are in front of one of the most important steps that you should be careful about, as this decision entails many of the following matters and details.
One of the most prominent questions raised in this regard is about what the costs will be incurred, are they too high to be tolerated or can they be dealt with.
A large number of people looking for real estate in Turkey for sale are looking for tips with which they can save money, and for this we will accompany you through the following article to inform you of the most important details related to this topic.

The most important tips with which you can save money when buying real estate in Turkey:

1 - Hiring a real estate consultant:

One of the first reasons for your success and superiority in the field of real estate investment in Turkey is to seek the assistance of a real estate consultant or a real estate company that has experience and knowledge in the real estate field so that it can provide you with the best and most distinguished real estate opportunities at reasonable prices and compatible with the financial budget of its client.
Contrary to what many people looking for real estate for sale in Turkey think, the real estate company is nothing but an extra cost burden, but in fact it is only a savior from what the buyer may suffer due to his lack of experience and knowledge in the real estate market in Turkey.
Real estate companies in Turkey provide a lot of advice and legal advice through their advisory team specialized in the real estate sector.
Real estate companies in Turkey have close relationships with most of the construction companies in the country, and through this they provide many attractive discounts.

Although the Turkish government has allowed foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey and provided them with many facilities, there are many rules and laws that they must abide by, most notably:
- It shall not exceed more than thirty hectares throughout Turkey, and a foreigner cannot own more than ten percent of the area administratively.
- The property should not be located within one of the security or military zones, as it is forbidden for a foreigner to buy a property within one of them.

3 - The financial budget allocated for the purchase of the property must be specified:

The buyer should be careful about this point, as it is necessary to make sure of his financial readiness and whether it is compatible with the specifications of the property you are looking for in terms of area, view, location, interior specifications, proximity and distance from vital sites.

4 - Lots of caveats when you choose to buy a property under construction:

Among the many options offered by the real estate market in Turkey, there are properties that are under construction, and this option specifically suits people with low budgets who do not have the financial ability to pay in full.
When choosing to buy a property under construction, be careful to deal with a trusted party, and you should be careful to include all agreed clauses in the contract.
It is important to hire a specialized architect in order to match what has been agreed upon and what is being implemented, and he must be supervising all the details, in case there is any problem, it is modified.

5 - It is important to be a good opportunity grabber

A large number of real estate experts advise to take advantage of opportunities in order to achieve the equation of successful and distinguished real estate investment, and for this, it is possible to rely on the current period when the exchange rate of the Turkish lira fluctuated against foreign currencies.
It must be ensured that the property is free of any problems arising from it, such as seizure, mortgage or any inheritance problem, by referring to the real estate registry..
The investor must negotiate well in order to obtain the property, as well as make several real estate tours to see the most prominent opportunities offered by the real estate market in Turkey.
Do not give up a thorough inspection of the property in order to discover if there are details that you do not like.

6 - You must specify the purpose of the property before starting to search for it:

There are many goals behind buying real estate in Turkey. There are those who aim to invest in real estate, and there are those who seek housing and stability, and a large group aims to obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the features and criteria of each of those goals before embarking on the journey to search for real estate.
Before you start looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, you should be aware of all the details about this matter, whether positive or negative, and above all, you should know how to be a keen investor to save money so that your money is not wasted.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
- Legal advice .
- Property Management.
- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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