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Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side 2022

Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side 2022

Although all cities and states in Turkey are witnessing remarkable distinction in the real estate sector, Istanbul has received the largest share of excellence and creativity, and as a result, the foreign trend to it in order to buy larger real estate.
One of the most prominent features of Istanbul is that it has a geographical location that is rarely found, as it is located within the two most important continents in the world, and although the European section is the smallest, it managed to achieve an important position on the global level.
In the following article, let us introduce you to the most important advantages of buying an apartment on the European side of Istanbul, in addition to its most important areas.

1 - The European side of Istanbul is characterized by being noisy, lively and very crowded, and this matter increases dramatically in the tourist seasons.
2 - The real estate of the European side of Istanbul is witnessing great modernity and a distinctive urban development represented in the residential complexes that are distributed throughout.
3 - If we mention real estate prices in this part of the city, you will find that they are considered high if they are compared with the prices of real estate and apartments in the Asian part.
The prices of apartments in European Istanbul have increased clearly during the current year due to the increased demand around them and because of the great development they are witnessing in various sectors and fields.
4 - The European section of Istanbul contains a large number of important archaeological and historical monuments that attract thousands of tourists each year.
5 - Buying a property on the European side of Istanbul for real estate investment can bring its owner a lot of abundant and retail profits.

The most important areas of the European side of Istanbul:

1 - Beylikduzu area:

This area is one of the most prominent areas of the European side of the city and is characterized by its modernity, which managed to draw attention to it, in addition to being modern and upscale.
Beylikdüzü includes luxury residential complexes, whose apartments are characterized by spacious areas and distinctive views of the Marmara Sea sometimes and at other times over the green spaces.
Life in Beylikduzu is classified as healthy because the area is far from sources of noise and hustle.
Beylikduzu has a well-developed infrastructure that competes with the most important and famous areas of this city. In terms of its most prominent features, real estate prices are cheap, which allows a wide scope for different budgets to seek it.

2- Basaksehir area:

The European side of Istanbul offers global investors a golden investment opportunity that may not be repeated again. This opportunity is represented in the Basaksehir area, which is characterized by its urban modernity and is characterized by the rapid growth of its real estate sector.
Basaksehir has a distinctive service package that includes all aspects of life. On the medical level, it owns (Başakşehir Medical City) on the level of shopping services, it owns (Mall of Istanbul) on the level of education, it owns (a group of schools, educational institutions, universities and cultural centers) As for transportation, it owns (An integrated network that makes it connected with the rest of the other regions) In terms of excellence, it owns (the largest artificial lake in Turkey).
A large number of real estate investors around the world are choosing it as a result of what it has proven in the past three years, as real estate prices have recorded a significant increase as a result of the privileges it witnesses.

3- Esenyurt area:

This area is the most suitable for those looking for an apartment for sale on the European side of the city with a suitable price, as it did not register a rise in its prices like others. restaurants and markets.
In terms of real estate prices, it is cheaper than other areas of the city. With expectations that the prices of apartments in Esenyurt may rise, the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship is possible.

4 -Arnavutkoy district:

This area is characterized by being the largest airport in the world, and it also includes large areas of Belgrade forests, although it has modern specifications, but its real estate prices are appropriate if compared with others.
Finally, Arnavutköy is one of the most prominent rural areas in Istanbul.
A wide range of different areas offered by the European side of Istanbul for anyone looking for distinction and sophistication, the European side of Istanbul is a safe haven for anyone looking for premium luxury apartments.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
- Legal advice .
- Property Management.
- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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Apartments for sale in European Istanbul