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conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by property

conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by property

Many people are trying to search for ways to obtain citizenship due to the advantages of Turkish citizenship and the benefits it carries. Perhaps the most used way by investors is to obtain Turkish citizenship by property in Turkey, but due to the great demand, conditions had to be set. Specific to organize the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and the following will explain these conditions: 

The price of the property in Turkey used to obtain Turkish citizenship: 

According to the new amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law issued in 2018, those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship by property must have the price of this property at least 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent, and it is possible to purchase one property or a group of properties This price was achieved, and the amount to be paid in the past was up to 1 million Turkish liras, so the current period is an excellent opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey to obtain citizenship. 

Duration of holding the property in Turkey: 

When buying an apartment in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, it is necessary that this apartment be kept for a full three years without being sold, or else the right to obtain citizenship will be lost, but certainly many forms of real estate investment can be done, such as renting it, for example. And so you continue to earn profits. 

Getting a real estate appraisal document:

This document is considered essential for anyone who wishes to apply for Turkish citizenship by property, and its validity period is only 3 months, through which the condition of the property is evaluated and the price it deserves is determined, and this evaluation process is carried out by a team affiliated with a company, the cost of this matter by the Turkish government This document has contributed to reducing many cases of real estate fraud. 

Buying a property from a Turkish person: 

In order for an individual to apply for Turkish citizenship by property, the purchased property must be owned by a person holding Turkish citizenship, as it is not beneficial for him to buy a property from a foreign person, and according to the new amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law through Investment, which were issued In 2021, the owner's wife should also be Turkish, which added more difficult conditions to the operation. 

Nationality of the previous owner:

When searching for apartments for sale in Turkey to apply for citizenship, and after making sure that the current owner of the property holds Turkish citizenship, the nationality of the previous owner must be ascertained. If he holds the same nationality as the investor, then the investor cannot take advantage of this property to obtain citizenship, and this is considered In application for real estate purchased after January 12, 2017. 
And to put the issue in installments, we will give an example. For example, if the investor who wants to buy a property in Turkey holds Kuwaiti citizenship and bought the property from a Turkish person, but in the past the property was owned by a Kuwaiti person as well, then he will not be able to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in this way. The former does not hold Kuwaiti citizenship, or if he sold the property to a Turkish person before January 12, 2017, then there is no problem. 

Previously used properties: 

When buying property in Turkey, it must be ensured that it has not been used to obtain Turkish citizenship, because if this happens, it cannot be used again to apply for Turkish citizenship. 

Method of paying for the property: 

It is not possible to pay the price of the property in cash, but it is necessary to do this through bank transfers with the availability of papers and documents proving the completion of the process of buying and selling and receiving the money. 

Reselling the property to its original owner: 

After three years of buying the property and having the right to sell it, if the property is sold to its previous owner, then the investor will be called and inquired about this process in order to ensure that there is no fraud case with the intention of obtaining Turkish citizenship.


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