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Apartments for sale in Basaksehir

Apartments for sale in Basaksehir

Basaksehir district is considered one of the most important investment districts in Istanbul, especially for investors who want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, because it is one of the most prestigious areas in the European part of Istanbul, thanks to the fact that the purchase of apartments in Basaksehir is from The best real estate investment decisions in Istanbul due to the advantages and components that this region enjoys, which we will list to you. 

First :The importance of Basaksehir district in Istanbul: 

The famous Basaksehir neighborhood is located in the European section of Istanbul, and the geographical area over which this neighborhood extends is equal to one hundred and four square kilometers. The Arnavutkoy region is famous in the north and Eyup region in the northeastern side. In the eastern part, we find Sultan Ghazi and Esenlar, while the southwestern side is the Esenyurt region, to reach the south towards the Bagcilar region and Avcilar region, in addition to the Buyukcekmece region. . 
One of the most important advantages that the Basaksehir neighborhood enjoys is the large geographical area, which contributes to enhancing its ability to meet the various needs of investors and making it an important destination for them and an important center in the real estate investment sector in Istanbul, especially when it comes to buying an apartment in Istanbul As the apartments in Başakşehir are among the best apartments in Istanbul, especially those located within residential complexes, thanks to the great interest that the Istanbul municipality is working to direct towards the Başakşehir district to develop and improve its infrastructure due to the great importance that this region enjoys 

Secondly :Advantages of buying apartments in Basaksehir in Istanbul: 

Buying an apartment in Istanbul in general is one of the best real estate investment options in Istanbul, but buying apartments in Başakşehir is especially one of the most preferred options by investors who want to buy property in Turkey, thanks to the advantages and ingredients offered by both the process Buying apartments in Basaksehir on the one hand and living in the Basaksehir area on the other. 
The strategic geographical location that this neighborhood occupies in the heart of Istanbul makes it a strategic location for real estate investment in Istanbul, in addition to that it constitutes a link between the most important areas and neighborhoods in the city, in addition to the great importance and interest that this neighborhood enjoys from Before the Turkish government, which is constantly working to raise the level of its infrastructure, especially when it comes to transportation in the region, as the most prominent advantages of buying apartments in Basaksehir is the ease of movement to and from these apartments. Transportation in the Basaksehir area is secured and it is Continuous around the clock with the availability of various forms of transportation such as taxis, internal buses, and others, which makes moving back and forth from the apartments in Basaksehir very easy and convenient. 

Third :Prices of apartments in Basaksehir in Istanbul : 

The apartments in Başakşehir, in turn, come to enjoy this distinctive characteristic as well, as the prices of apartments in Başakşehir are considered one of the most important factors that attract investors to buy apartments in Başakşehir because it is of a high degree of sophistication and luxury and enjoys high specifications. The apartments are of high quality and Excellent building and charming views on the one hand, and the Basaksehir area is very well served, which makes housing and stability an unmissable opportunity to live a life of luxury and sophistication at very competitive prices compared to the prices of apartments in neighboring European cities.


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apartments for sale in Basaksehir