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Apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul

The Fatih district in Istanbul is one of the most important areas in this city, and it is a real estate investment step that many real estate investors around the world do not hesitate to take, and it is the best option for housing and residence, but what are the most prominent advantages of this area? What are the motives behind buying an apartment in Al-Fateh? Many secrets and important secrets can be realized through the following article. 

What are the most important features of the Fatih district in Istanbul? 

Geographical location: 

The Al-Fateh area is characterized by being located in the European section of the city, bordered by the Golden Horn on the north and the Marmara Sea from the south, in addition to it enjoying a distinctive sea view, in addition to it overlooking distinctive natural scenes. 

Historical significance: 

We cannot overlook the historical importance of the Fatih district in Istanbul due to its antiquity and its richness in many important historical sites such as mosques, which reflect Islamic civilization and many of its mysteries and events. 

Tourist importance: 

Al-Fateh is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, and it is intended for tourists from all sides, and its tourist attractions vary, including mosques, museums, theaters, beaches, etc., in addition to restaurants and cafes. 
Al-Fateh is rich in important service facilities such as schools and universities, and among its most prominent universities is Medipol Istanbul. 

The most prominent tourist places in the Fatih district of Istanbul: 

Al-Fatih Mosque: 

It is one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul in general and the Al-Fateh region in particular. It is considered to be of great stature and importance. It was built by order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror by the most important architects of that period, the engineer Sinan Pasha. He took special care of it and made it a first-class Ottoman design, but it was subjected to an earthquake and was rebuilt Again to remain as it is today, the mosque's outer courtyard houses the tombs of the sultan and his wife. 

Sultan Ahmed mosque: 

There are those who called it the Blue Mosque because blue tiles were used in its design. It was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I by the famous architect Muhammad Agha, a student of the engineer Sinan Pasha. It is one of the most prominent mosques in the city and is famous for its striking architectural style and its Ottoman and Byzantine inscriptions that adorned with it. 

Grand Bazaar: 

It is considered the most important tourist destination in Istanbul, and it is a large closed market, so that there are those who called it the covered market, which is so large that you can get lost in it, and it receives every day thousands of tourists and local residents, as it is able to meet their needs. The market contains a lot of old and modern products, which made it a diversified museum..It is the best place for shopaholics. 

Egyptian market: 

This market got this name because most of the Turkish merchants in this market were importing their goods from the Egyptian state, especially coffee, spices and grains. The Egyptian market is one of the largest markets in Turkey. It is distinguished by its geographical location opposite the port of Eminonu. It occupies an important commercial position as it is a bridge between the eastern and western communities. 

What are the most prominent advantages of choosing Al-Fatih area for real estate investment? 

The Al-Fateh area has witnessed a great prosperity on the urban level, especially in the last few years, as thanks to its distinguished geographical location, it was able to attract many people to reside there, on the side that it is lively and vibrant, and thanks to its large population, it is suitable for all investment ideas, whether renting Real estate or resale. 

The reasons that made the Al-Fatih area suitable for housing and residence: 

It contains many service facilities that make life of great comfort and luxury, and it also has an integrated transportation network that connects it with all other areas of the city, and the most prominent means of transportation are the metrobus, metro and buses. It is considered the favorite region of the Arabs in particular, and this is what made it European with an Arab character. 

What are the motivates behind buying an apartment in Al-Fateh? 

Desires to buy an apartment in the Al-Fateh area vary, as it is the perfect place for residence and stability. In addition, a large group of people looking for apartments for sale aim to obtain Turkish citizenship, and some prefer real estate investment. As we mentioned above, this area contains all the ingredients for a successful investment. Especially in light of the real estate revolution taking place in the country. 
The immediate time is considered one of the best times to buy real estate in Turkey, as it is expected to record an increase in its prices in the coming days with the completion of the construction of some huge development projects, especially the new Istanbul Water Canal. 
With the conclusion of these lines, we will have presented a broad idea about the components and advantages of the Al-Fateh area in Turkey. With its historical tourist nature, it constitutes a fertile environment for real estate investment.


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