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The most popular Asian Istanbul areas for buying real estate

The most popular Asian Istanbul areas for buying real estate

first :Uskudar district in Istanbul: 

Uskudar is considered one of the most important areas in the Asian section of Istanbul due to many factors, the most important of which is the large population density that this region enjoys, with a population of nearly half a million people, in addition to being classified as one of the oldest And the oldest areas, not only in the Asian section, but with regard to the city of Istanbul in its two parts, it is one of the oldest residential areas in it and also includes, in addition to all of the above, a lot of shopping areas, markets and recreational facilities such as restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious and delicious traditional dishes from Turkish cuisine, which cannot be found anywhere else, is one of the unique advantages that makes this area one of the most important areas in the Asian section of Istanbul, especially for buying property in Istanbul

Second :Kuzguncuk district in Istanbul: 

Administratively, this area belongs to the Asian section of Istanbul, and it is classified as a colorful area and is dominated by the character of the Asian part. Istanbul, which never sleeps, notes the spread of distinctive ancient houses in the region, as well as the predominance of the natural character over them through the spread of nature reserves and green spaces, so that this area is noticeably different from the rest of the areas of Istanbul, which contributes to attracting large numbers of tourists and visitors to it In order to enjoy the opportunity to stay in this very unique place compared to the rest of Istanbul.

Third :Genkalkoy district in Istanbul: 

This area has many advantages that it is famous for, but the most interesting of them is its fame with the world-famous small cucumber, as the growth of this type of cucumber was the preserve of this particular area of ​​Istanbul, but now this area has developed very much and turned into a residential area in which it is spread The luxurious Ottoman palaces that are still standing to this day and are still in use today. There are also many small cafes with a romantic and cute character in the area, which provide an unmissable opportunity to have breakfast in Istanbul. 

Fourthly :Umraniye in Istanbul: 

Umraniye is considered the largest area in the Asian section of Istanbul, as the number of residents who live in this area is equal to six hundred and fifty thousand people. It is easier, as it now includes seven municipalities, and one of the most important advantages that this region enjoys and works to attract tourists and visitors to it and draw the attention of investors to it is the spread of green spaces and landscapes in them so that they provide ideal places to establish the most beautiful types of real estate in Turkey Especially in terms of architectural design, as it is known that Istanbul real estate, which is located within Umraniye, has the latest distinctive and modern architectural designs. 

fifth :Advantages of buying a property in Istanbul on the Asian side: 

Istanbul real estate, in all its forms and locations, is considered one of the best types of real estate in Turkey and in the global real estate market as well, due to the advantages and components that these properties have that make them the preferred choice by foreign investors and one of the general characteristics that they enjoy and The Asian part of Istanbul is distinguished by the fact that it is considered the green part of the city. It is the greenest and includes many hills. Therefore, we find that the properties that are located in this part of the city are dominated by the character of calm and tranquility and far from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city center of Istanbul At the same time, it is close to public transportation , so that transportation to and from any part of the city of Istanbul is easy, and it is also, of course, perfectly serviced, with a developed infrastructure, and spread in service facilities such as universities, schools, hospitals and centers Recreational areas such as markets, malls, game cities, amusement parks, and others.


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