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Real estate in turkey

Real estate in turkey

Statistics and economic analysts' reports show that there has been a great trend in the recent period to the ownership of real estate in Turkey by foreign investors and also reveal the movement of foreign capital flowing to Turkey and this is due to the great fame that Turkey has become, as it has recently become an influential global power. And an important economic power as a result of the Turkish government's relentless efforts to promote all the factors of development and modernity in the country in addition to the presence of available foundations and foundations on which to base this renaissance, as Turkey enjoys a vital location as it mediates the continents of the old world geographically on the one hand and has strategic sea coasts on the one hand. Another, therefore, we find that the trade sector in Turkey is very prosperous and is an important engine for the global economy in addition to the fact that the tourism sector in Turkey is one of the largest sectors of tourism in the world, as it is classified as a tourist country par excellence due to its historical and tourist attractions and landscapes of mountains, rivers and Forests and beautiful moderate Mediterranean weather All these things contribute to attracting millions of tourists annually to Turkey, and the real estate investment sector in Turkey is one of the best investment methods available in the market. This is due to the good reputation and attractive advantages of real estate in Turkey, which contributes to the increase in the number of those wishing to buy a property in Turkey

Firstly The importance of investing in real estate in Turkey for the country: 

The real estate investment sector in Turkey occupies an important and large part of the Turkish economy, as it accounts for an average of more than eight percent of Turkey's GDP, and Turkey's real estate receives a greater share of the interest coming from foreign investors year after year, as an increasing demand is observed. On the purchase of real estate in Turkey, which contributes to further strengthening its role in supplying the economy in Turkey, and the percentage of real estate sales in Turkey to foreign investors continues to rise, reaching nearly half of the total foreign investment in Turkey. 


Secondly Property prices in Turkey: 

Real estate prices in Turkey are generally characterized by being significantly low in the event that they are compared to those in neighboring European countries, as it is considered a very attractive deal, especially for foreign investors who want to achieve financial gains, and the real estate market in Turkey is characterized by the diversity of its options and investments, meaning you can find your request. Whatever it is, as there are many types and forms of real estate, one of which must match your desires, in addition to the real estate investment opportunities in Turkey in order to benefit from the property are varied and guaranteed between renting, renewing and selling. 
The real estate market in Turkey provides another advantage, which is the diversity in real estate prices in Turkey, as despite the low prices in general, you can get lower deals. Real estate prices in Turkey range from high and medium to cheap and there are complete projects that provide Cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, so searching and carefulness will secure you the opportunity of a lifetime. 


Third Factors that determine real estate prices in Turkey: 


As already mentioned, real estate prices in Turkey are characterized by diversity and the ability to meet the needs of all classes and levels, but of course there are a group of factors that contribute to raising the value of the investment property and thus its price increase compared to other real estate, for example, the quality of the materials used in construction The interior and exterior decoration and luxury of the real estate is a very important factor in determining its price. The more general shape of the building or complex in which the property is located, the higher its price. 
In addition to the fact that the most important factor in determining real estate prices in Turkey is the location, as the location of the property plays a fundamental role, as the properties that are located near the service and entertainment centers or those that are close to the infrastructure buildings and in areas with secure transportation are considered real estate with A vital location and therefore its price will be particularly high, and the property that is located in the city center is more expensive than the one in the suburbs or the outskirts of the city, even if the two properties share the same characteristics and features. 
The view that the property enjoys also plays a big role in its value, as real estate that has a sea view on one of Turkey's many coasts or a green natural view or one of the tourist attractions will of course be more expensive compared to another that does not have an important view. 
And the real estate neighborhood plays a role as well. The real estate that does not have hotels, markets, hospitals or other facilities near it is less expensive than the one adjacent to it. 
And do not forget the factors related to the property itself, such as space, equipment, furnishings, and the state of the building in which it is located.


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