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Learn about the types of Turkish passport 2021

Learn about the types of Turkish passport 2021

The Turkish passport has attained an advanced global status based on all the elements that the Turkish state enjoys, such as economic strength, political stability, development and modernity at various levels and in many fields. of community members. 
Through the following article, you can learn about its types, features, ways to obtain it, and the most important reasons that motivate many people to choose it. 

Among the most prominent advantages of the Turkish passport: 

The Turkish passport occupies a developed global position, as it ranked 20th among the most important and best passports around the world. 
Whoever holds a Turkish passport can enter more than 72 countries around the world without the requirement of obtaining a transit visa, and its holder can cross the borders of more than 40 countries with obtaining a visa upon arrival at the airport of the country to which he is traveling.
- One of the most prominent features of this passport is that it can be obtained in a maximum period of thirty days, and sometimes this can be done within only ten days. 
- A foreigner who has obtained a Turkish passport will be able to enjoy all the rights that a Turkish citizen obtains, most notably benefiting from retirement programs and the freedom to vote in the general elections that took place in the country. 
- The Turkish passport will be obtained immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship and allows the holder to keep retaining his first citizenship. 
-The holder of this passport will get all the services provided to the Turkish citizen, such as educational and medical services. It will be renewable for life. 

The most important countries that allow the holder of a Turkish passport to enter without a visa: 

Qatar / Tunisia / Sultanate of Oman / Iraq / Libya / Palestine / Morocco / Jordan / Albania / Chile / Bosnia and Herzegovina / El Salvador / Fiji / Argentina / Guatemala / Gambia / Georgia / Honduras / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Japan / Kyrgyzstan / Malaysia / Panama / Maldovia / Paraguay / Macdonia / Philippines / Russia / Singapore / Serbia / Saint Louis / Uruguay / Venezuela / South Korea. 

The most important countries that automatically grant a Turkish passport holder a visa upon arrival:

Kuwait / Bahrain / Azerbaijan / Ivory Coast / Madagascar / Maldives / Togo / Sudan / Comoros / Marshall Islands / Armenia / Lebanon / Uganda / Cambodia / Mozambique / Samoa / Nepal / Mauritania / Djibouti / Bissau / Zimbabwe. 

Turkish passport types: 

1 - The red passport: It is also called the normal passport and is intended for all members of Turkish society, even those who hold Turkish citizenship along with another nationality, and it is the most easy to obtain. 
2 - Green Passport: It is also called the special passport and is granted to senior government officials in the Turkish state. 
3- Stamped passport: This passport has a gray color and is intended for public officials in the state and journalists. 
4 - Diplomatic passport: It is of black color and was designated for senior officials in the state, presidents of the republic and Turkish ambassadors. 

The most prominent ways to obtain a Turkish passport: 

1 - It can be obtained by residing in Turkey under a work contract for a continuous period of five years without any interruption. 
2 - By purchasing a real estate with a value of no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, with a commitment not to sell it before three years have passed from the date of its purchase. 
4 - Marriage to a Turkish citizen with proof that this marriage is real and not for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship and a passport. 
5- This can be done by establishing a commercial investment with a capital of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars. 
6 - There are some exceptional and special cases in which a Turkish passport is granted. 

Why do so many investors around the world want to obtain a Turkish passport and not other passports around the world? 

-Because Turkey enjoys a unique economic power at the global level and its economy continues to achieve the best results, in addition to its political stability. 
-This country's occupation of a unique geographical location in the middle of this world's continents, as it overlooks the most important seas. 
-The possibility of creating a distinguished investment and obtaining the highest investment returns, based on what Turkey possesses of the ingredients for its success. 
-It is considered easy to obtain and this is in contrast to many other countries around the world. 
So, the Turkish passport is one of the best passports in the world, based on all the above-mentioned advantages, in addition to having different types.


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