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Apartments for sale in INNOVIA 3 complex Istanbul || Ramzy Real Estate - 2.EL003

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Apartments for sale in INNOVIA 3 complex Istanbul || Ramzy Real Estate


Away from the traditional life and within a unique residential project, Ramzy Real Estate offers you apartments for sale in the INNOVIA 3 complex ... Get to know it:


About the location and area:

The INNOVIA 3 complex is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically in the Esenyurt area, which is a well-known area. Despite its relative distance from the center of Istanbul, it was able to register the most real estate sales in 2021, specifically in its illustrious residential complexes, such as the INNOVIA 3 complex and others One of the real estate projects that raised the standard of living in the area and turned it into a diversified real estate oasis that covers a very large share of sales in the Turkish real estate sector and attracts many investors to look for apartments for sale in the INNOVIA 3 complex and other distinctive complexes, and in light of this, the government’s interest in Esenyurt increases To step up various activities and infrastructure projects that will make the region a bright future in the near future.

About the project:

INNOVIA 3 complex comes in the form of 10 residential towers occupying a large plot of land with an area of ​​95,000 m² and the height of its buildings ranges between 20 and 27 floors. It is known about studio apartments that each housing unit consists of only one room (0 + 1) and benefits (kitchen - bathroom), and it is suitable for investment, as it is easy to rent with rewarding returns throughout the year, and it is one of the types of apartments that Turkey is very famous for.

More than just a home...

INNOVIA 3 complex breaks the concepts of traditional housing by offering many social and architectural privileges at the same time. Looking at the project's interior and exterior finishes, we find that it offers high quality and nice designs in line with all segments of society and tastes, not to mention the nature that embraces the complex from its various angles to give you an opportunity Unique to enjoy great views and make your home an ideal place to settle in Istanbul

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