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Apartments for sale in Star Towers complex at special prices || 2.EL.004 - 2.EL.004

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istanbul - Esenyurt

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Apartments for sale in Star Towers complex at special prices || 2.EL.004

For those looking for spacious apartments at affordable prices in Istanbul, Ramzy Real Estate offers you apartments for sale in the Star Towers complex at exclusive and distinctive prices. Find out about this opportunity...


About the Location and Area:

The Star Towers complex is located in the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the Esenyurt district, which is characterized by its rapid growth and resolute steps in development and progress towards a bright future, as this area is located close to the most important centers and districts such as Buyukcekmece, Beylikdüzü, Bahcesehir, It has proven its worth in transforming from a mere suburb in the city of Istanbul to an excellent residential center and a real estate oasis that exudes thousands of promising investment opportunities such as the Star Towers complex, which has been a milestone in the Turkish real estate sector since its inception until today, which has increased the number of people interested in buying apartments for sale in the Star Towers complex during recent years.


About the project:

The project was built on a large area of ​​land estimated at 55,000 square meters, topped by 5 high-rise residential towers, with a height ranging between 24 and 33 floors. It also includes 55 different shops that have been equipped to serve the residents of the complex with all their daily and recreational needs. And 582 as a total number of apartments that come in different housing styles, starting from a bedroom and a hall and up to 5 rooms and a hall with very large and medium spaces to suit all segments of society and those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul.


Comfortable accommodation, on a reasonable budget

The Star Towers project is distinguished by its vital location in Esenyurt , which makes it close to many service facilities, important places and even various means of transportation, not to mention its reasonable prices, which make it a distinguished residential opportunity in Istanbul and increase the number of researchers and those interested in buying apartments for sale in Star Towers Complex


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