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After New Zealand, Turkey's real estate ranks as the second best real estate activity in the world

After New Zealand, Turkey's real estate ranks as the second best real estate activity in the world

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In a report issued by the Turkish Anadolu Agency and the Daily Sabah newspaper, Turkey's real estate ranked second in the most active and popular sectors from home and abroad ... More details in the following article: 

Citizens of 184 countries choose Turkey:
Hakan Bojak, General Manager of the "Mars investment" specialized in managing international investments and international sales of real estate projects, said that; Citizens of 184 countries in the world have chosen Turkey to acquire real estate, divided into categories some of them are interested in housing, some are interested in investment, and a very large group is interested in obtaining Turkish Citizenship in exchange for investment in real estate. 

Turkey real estate; Attractive oasis and the facts prove it: 
And Mr. Hakan continued, saying: Today, the Turkish market has become an oasis that attracts citizens of all countries around the world, noting that real estate sales during the year 2020 have met with great success and turnout, despite the outbreak of the Covid_19 pandemic. 

And he continued: European studies indicated that Turkey is ranked second in the world after New Zealand with regard to the movement of sales and the intensity of demand, not to mention the presence of many predictions that indicate the rise in real estate prices in Turkey after the disappearance of the virus. 


The residential complex No. 228 is in Sisli, Istanbul 

Statistics about the sale of Turkish real estate:
According to studies conducted by the Turkish Statistics Institute of real estate movement in Turkey, the following was found: 

Real estate sales to foreigners in 2019 exceeded 45,000 properties 
Registration of 40,000 properties sold to foreign investors during 2020, had it not been for the Corona pandemic, it would have reached 55,000. 
Turkey's revenues from the real estate sector in 2019: exceeded $ 6.7 billion 
Real estate in Turkey will break the $ 10 billion barrier during the year 2021 if it continues its usual activity 

 Turkish Citizenship by Investment 

In addition to investors of different Arab nationalities, such as Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Algerian, Yemen and others who are looking for stability in a promising country in terms of living, investment, launching projects and establishing companies. 

Motivational packages for foreigners, the password for high turnout: 
The smooth procedures and abundant facilities provided by Turkey in addition to the incentive packages for foreigners interested in owning real estate in Turkey, a role that cannot be underestimated and even a large share in reviving the real estate sector from the year 2018 until today, such as granting Turkish Citizenship to those who buy one or more properties with 250 thousand US dollars. That decision, through which nearly 10,000 families obtained Turkish passports and citizenship, until today. 

It is noteworthy that Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport holders have the right to enter nearly 100 countries around the world, without a prior request for entry visas, and that the Turkish passport ranking continues to progress day after day on the list of the best passports in the world. 

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