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Luxurious Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Zeytinburnu - PRO- 268

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istanbul - Zeytinburnu

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Luxurious Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Zeytinburnu || PRO 268


If you are a fan of panoramic views and lovers of blue sea views, there is no doubt that you need to take a look at our project, which will arrange your concepts for sea-view apartments by offering luxury sea apartments for sale in Istanbul Zeytinburnu .. Know it:


About the Location and Area:

The 268 project is located in the European side of Istanbul, specifically in one of the most important central areas, Zeytinburnu, which combines popular and high-end neighbourhoods at the same time, creating a unique population and cultural diversity and embracing the most important central complexes and luxury projects with a charming sea view, which has become It attracts a lot of capital and those looking for luxury sea view apartments for sale in Istanbul.


In light of this, the government provides it with the most important means of transportation and the best service facilities that make Zeytinburnu a center that is easy to start from and reach and a brilliant investment center in the eyes of seasoned investors.


About the project:

Within a unique point and on a large area, our project was built to occupy a plot of land of 25,000 square meters, topped by three charming high-rise towers, with a height ranging between 27 and 35 floors, and an architecture that would redefine urban beauty in an inspiring way that shows the true meaning of creativity and evolution at the same time.

The project includes 496 apartments of different sizes and styles, starting from a bedroom and a living room up to 6 bedrooms and a living room, not to mention the penthouse apartments that give you the opportunity to enjoy giant panoramic views of the entire Istanbul.. Isn't it wonderful?


Istanbul from a whole new perspective:

For a moment, you may think that you live in another Istanbul, Istanbul that is not the one you know.. Although there are dozens of different points to see the beauty of this wonderful city, our project is the most beautiful, here where you can see blue Istanbul with its sea from a window, and green Istanbul with its nature and gardens from Another window, and you will remain confused which window to choose to enjoy these external views accompanied by the luxurious interior finishing that gives you enough comfort and satisfaction to discover Istanbul from a whole new perspective.


Social Service:

Nearby Landmarks

Istanbul Airport 40 minutes

City Center (Fatih). 10 minutes

Metro Station 10 minutes

Metrobus station 10 minutes

Marmara Forum Mall 10 minutes

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