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"Topkapi".. The Sultans area the jewel of Istanbul for housing and investment

"Topkapi".. The Sultans area the jewel of Istanbul for housing and investment

There is no one visit Istanbul without visiting Topkapi area, whether the visitor is a tourist or an investor, the area is as old as Istanbul itself, its history extends from the eras of the Byzantine Empire, as the region played an important role in the history of Turkey, the region is still playing an important role in drawing the features of economic and investment life Turkey till this day, so the region receives attention at all levels, whether from the state, or popular level or at the tourism level, but what are the reasons for the importance of this area and why does it receive all this attention, and does it have economic feasibility in real estate investment? All these questions we will try to answer it in this article.


Top Kapi history and origin of the name:

The word "TopKapi" means in the Turkish language and in the old Ottoman language "the High Gate", the area had been named due to the presence of the Topkapi Palace in it, the largest palace in Istanbul, which was the residence of the Ottoman sultans and the center of government for four centuries, the area was characterized by its many cultural and historical monuments there, especially “Topkapi” Palace and Museum, which attracts many tourists to visit.


A Brief History of Al-Fatih:

The Fatih district, which includes Topkapi area, is a gateway between Asia and Europe, and it is one of the largest and most famous districts in the heart of Istanbul. And according to historical studies said that Fatih backdate to more than 3000 BC.

But its real history back to the era of the Roman Empire, and with the weakness of the Roman Empire, the eastern part became independent in 476 AD, which later became the city of Byzantium, to be a political power center for the Roman Empire, where commercial life continued with all its vitality in the region of Venice and Genoa, as well as it was a great port and industrial center, and life remained until it had been surrendered to the armies of Mehmed the Conqueror in 1453.


Topkapi Palace:

After the entry of Sultan Mehmed II or Mehmed the Conqueror to Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453 AD, which later became the capital of a huge empire, this Sultan built the new palace in Istanbul between 1475 - 1478 AD, then Sultan Ahmed III added to it in 1709 AD a pavilion called TopKabi, and after the palace was burnt and renovated, it was called Topkapi Palace, and it continued to be a palace for the Sultan and his men, his family and his wives, as well as an official place to receive guests and visitors. It was built from brown stones in 1474 AD with dimensions “210*30 m”, it is a group of buildings connected by courtyards, corridors and green areas. The palace has a main entrance consisting of two high pillars designed as a lighthouse called (Bab al-Madfa), with 15.2 meters high and 15.5 meters wide, between the Golden Horn and Marmara Sea.


The advantages of Topkapi:

Over the years till today, Topkapi area has witnessed a great development, whether in the construction of universities, schools, monuments, hospitals and the various transportation network. As Sultan Ahmet Mosque “The Blue Mosque” is located near to TopKapi, and it is considered as one of the most important touristic sightseeing in Istanbul, the area includes more than 20 museums, and about 300 mosques and religious monuments, including Al-Fateh Mosque, as well as educational institutions, as it includes many public and private schools and universities, including Istanbul University, Yeni Alem University and Medipol University.

The area is also rich by many shopping centers located near the Topkapi, such as Forum Marmara Mall and Historia Mall, which includes many different shops, various stores, restaurants, cafes, etc., in addition to the presence of many popular markets that attract tourists and city residents with its finest local Turkish goods.


Highways and transportation network:

Until 1994, Topkapi was the main transportation station for buses in Istanbul for transferring passengers from Topkapi to the rest of the city, but later the bus station was moved from Topkapi to become less crowded and much quieter.

As for highways, the E-5 highway - which is considered the nerve center of transportation in Istanbul and connects its districts with each other - passes near Topkapi area, and there is a station with the area's name “Topkapi”, and the Yenikapi metro line passes through it, which connects to the closed Ataturk Airport, and It has a station with the same name, also, a tram line which is one of the cheapest means of transportation in Istanbul crosses through TopKapi area.


The most important residential and investment projects:

What does it mean to own a house in Topkapi? The answer is simply that you live in the area of the first sultans, and it means also that your dreaming home located near to the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. Therefore, the state and construction companies are seeking to establish residential and investment projects in that area, as it is the focus of attention for investors, especially history lovers and lovers of Al-Fatih district, in particular Topkapi, and for this we will review the most important projects in this area.

1- Pro 298:

The project is located in TopKapi near to highway E-5, it is just one minute away by walk to metrobus station, the project consists of three phases extending over an area of ​​156,000 sqm, and it includes 1441 apartments distributed over 17 residential towers, in addition to its shopping center for the most famous international and Turkish brands, for more details click here.


2- Pro 306:

The project is located in the Topkapi area, it extends over an area of 8,600 square meters, and consists of 3 towers ranging in height from 11 to 15 floors, it includes 264 apartments with various types starting from a room and a hall up to 4 rooms and a salon. The project is located directly on the E-5 highway, which is mean directly at the Metrobus line, one of the most important rapid metro lines in Istanbul, which increases the importance of the project and its investment value, for more details click here.