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Buyukcekmece Region in Istanbul ... Get to know it

Buyukcekmece Region in Istanbul ... Get to know it

                                       All you need to know about Buyukcekmece


-Where is Buyukcekmece located in Istanbul?

-What are the attractions and advantages of living in it?

-What are the service, educational and health facilities in them?

All of this information puts Ramzy Real Estate Company in your hands through the following article, which explains the advantages of housing in the Buyukcekmece area and informs you about its best residential projects ... Enjoyable reading 🙂



Büyükçekmece region (Büyükçekmece in Turkish):


Buyukcekmece has an ideal infrastructure and strategic location that reveals the entire sea from the south, as well as its modern construction, organized streets and the character of calm that it enjoys, which made it an excellent choice for those who are new to owning and settling in Istanbul.

The location of the area directly on the coast of the sea has led to the sweeping of the best projects and real estate complexes, and the owners of residential projects there compete to construct buildings with a modern character and high-quality cladding, and this allows many excellent housing options in it, at competitive prices.



Where is Buyukcekmece located?


In the European section of Istanbul, on the far western side, the Buyukcekmece area is located within an ideal location that gives it an atmosphere closer to the European countryside, away from the city noise, traffic jams and congestion.

It is bordered on the east by the Esenyurt and Beylikduzu regions, and the Arnavutkoy region from the north, while on the western side it is bordered by the Silvari region, and the Marmara Sea on the southern side, of course.



What are the attractions in Buyukcekmece?


- Buyukcekmece contains many of the elements necessary for an integrated and luxurious life, as it includes at the same time one of the most beautiful coasts in Istanbul, in addition to huge shopping centers, malls and other popular bazaars and tourist and historical areas in one area.

- According to statistics conducted in 2016, Buyukcekmece includes about 230,000 citizens, 80% of them are educated, 6.4 holders of important scientific centers and graduate studies, while the rest are middle class. They refer to the high cultural level of the region’s residents.

- Due to real estate investments that have been established in the Buyukcekmece area, a recovery has been observed in the service sector, such as transportation, medical and educational stations, and other commercial centers.

- Buyukcekmece is considered one of the best and most suitable areas for summers and holidays, especially in a city that annually hosts millions of Arab tourists under the heading of halal tourism.

- Buyukcekmece is one of the areas that did not allow the existence of slums, and today it admires its modern and organized streets at the level of many advanced European cities.

- Buyukcekmece has one of the cleanest and best coastal lines in Istanbul, and it also has a wonderful and unique view of the Marmara Sea.

- Buyukcekmece is considered one of the most important summer resorts in Istanbul, especially in the summer and spring seasons, where the population increases at this time about 3 to 4 times.



Ay markez mall in Buyukcekmece:


Like other areas of Istanbul, Buyukcekmece has many different shopping centers and shops, and by talking about malls in Buyukcekmece, we can mention ay markez in the first place, that mall that comes in small and modest size unlike other malls in Istanbul.

It provides many shopping options for Roda, through 40 shops for various local brands in Turkey, and other international brands, such as:





In addition to the availability of Turkish food and sweets shops of all kinds and other home supplies, furnishings and various electrical tools.

You can visit Ay markez mall seven days a week from 10.00 am to 22.00 pm.

To find out its location on the map, you can click here



Buyukcekmece municipality in Istanbul - büyükçekmece belediyesi:


Buyukcekmece was one of the areas of the Shatalja region until 1987, when it gained a completely independent status and separated from the entire Chattalja area, and today, with the efforts of the municipality lavish, Buyukcekmece has become a modern coastal area with many urbanization projects that have been established during the past few years.

- It has also become an important cultural center where many festivals and sporting and artistic events are held annually that positively enhance and raise the culture of the people of the region.

- The Mayor of Buyukcekmece calls his area “mutluluk şehri” or “city of happiness” in Arabic, indicating the ideal of life that the region's residents lead.

-It is reported that the doctor “Hasan Ak Gun - Dr. Hasan AKGÜN “currently heads the municipality of Buyukcekmece and he is the elected president of the municipality’s mayoralty from the date of the municipality’s independence until today.



Infrastructure and real estate in Buyukcekmece Istanbul:


The Buyukcekmece district is added to the Istanbul regions that have a modern and integrated infrastructure, as they are excellently served in all respects and are relatively close to many important projects in the city, such as Istanbul's new airport and the Istanbul Water Canal.

As well as passing through the E5 highway, which in turn connects the two parts of the European and Asian city with each other.

It is also said that the Greater Istanbul municipality is planning to extend the metro line to Buyukcekmece, and this, if it occurs, will lead to a direct rise in real estate prices within the region, just start digging.

It is worth noting that the Metro Boss line is one of the most important means of transportation in Istanbul and that real estate prices are affected greatly according to its proximity to it.



Service, health and educational facilities in Buyukcekmece:


Shikmajah includes about 10 hospitals, which are divided into public and private hospitals, in addition to many medical facilities and comprehensive dispensaries, and it is also considered one of the health-sufficient areas that provide health care at a very advanced level.

Speaking of education and universities in the region, Buyukcekmece is home to three of the largest and most important universities in Istanbul, and they are:

-Istanbul Aydin University

-Istanbul Arel University

-Beykent University

In addition, it contains two of the most important international schools in Istanbul, namely Al-Fayez International School “Nature Branch” and the Istanbul International Community School.



The importance of buying real estate in Buyukcekmece Istanbul:


The abundance and variety of options in Buyukcekmece will ensure that you find what you want when starting to own a property in Istanbul.

With the passage of time, residential complexes in Buyukcekmece will increase, and the demand for housing will increase in the next few periods, which will lead to an increase in prices.

On the residential level, and for those who wish to settle, the region provides countless options for modern and integrated properties, as well as other smart properties that guarantee you stability and a luxurious life.

On the investment front, there are also many options that are concentrated in good investment sites and adjacent to important places, such as the famous TUYAP exhibition city.

And many other factors that are considered a guarantor reason to own real estate in Buyukcekmece and an ideal target for housing and investment in Istanbul.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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