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The most famous shopping mall in Istanbul, do not miss it

The most famous shopping mall in Istanbul, do not miss it

Istanbul has many faces, as it is a first-class touristic city, full of history that extends back to 3,000 years, so it is a touristic destination for history lovers from all over the world. Istanbul is also an economic destination for all businessmen, as it is the economic and commercial capital of all Turkey, as well as a shopping destination for both type of the above, whether it is for clothes, electronic products, or even furniture and household supplies, and now touristic companies are including in their programs an entire day or two for just shopping.

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is famous for its large number of shopping malls. There are 454 shopping malls in Turkey. Istanbul has the biggest share with 136 shopping malls. These malls are characterized by its designs, the large area and the multiplicity of entertainment for its visitors as well. In every district there are 4 or 5 malls at least to serve its residents in the first place, and also to meet the huge demand that Istanbul is witnessing by its visitors and tourists.

There are many reasons for the popularity of shopping malls in Istanbul, includes the diversity of international brands in Istanbul like Zara, Timberland and other brands, also for their attractive competitive prices compared to the prices of the same brands in Europe or in their own countries.

In this report, we review the most famous and most important shopping malls in Istanbul on both sides the European and Asian sides, as well as the most important and most famous Outlet Malls, that we recommend to visit.



Best shopping malls in European Istanbul

• Vadi Istanbul Mall


Vadi Istanbul Mall is located in Maslak, and it is one of the largest malls in Turkey, and also one of the best malls, as it extends over ​​103,000 square meters, it includes more than 300 clothing and fashion stores with leading international brands, as well as many cafes, restaurants and entertainment activities.


• Cavahir Mall


Cevahir Mall is located in the Sisli district, the Turks call it “Mall of Arabs” due to the crowds of Arab tourists on it. There are many luxury hotels near the mall.


• Mall of Istanbul


Mall of Istanbul is one of the most important modern Istanbul malls. It was opened in 2014, and consists of six towers its design was inspired by the city of Istanbul itself, 4 residential towers, an office tower, a large building as a hotel, and the shopping mall.

There are about 400 stores with many international brands inside the mall. These stores vary in fashion, electronics, popular foods, home furniture, and children's toys. The mall includes many international brands that offer the latest fashion lines.


Mall of Istanbul


• Istinye Park Mall 


Istinye Park Mall is located in Sarıyer district, and it is one of the most luxurious and prestigious malls in Istanbul. It contains many of the most famous international brands and Turkish brands. It includes more than 300 brands of clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, in addition to cinemas and amusement parks for children. It also includes many of the restaurants and cafes of the most famous foreign and Turkish brands.

Istinye Park mall is distinguished by its moving glass roof that opens and closes according to the weather in winter and summer, which makes it special and worth a visit.


• Zorlu Mall


The mall consists of three floors, with 1205 shops for many international brands. The shops are distributed over three floors and two closed floors that include many shops for the most famous fashion and clothing brands. Zorlu Mall is the only mall that has global Apple store within the side European.


• Nisantasi City Mall


Located in Nisantasi, the most prestigious and beautiful neighbourhood in Istanbul, this mall contains more than 150 stores of the finest and most expensive Turkish and international brands, as well as many cafes and restaurants from different countries of the world that serve all kinds of cuisine, including Chinese, Mexican, French and Japanese cuisine, and also has many cinemas, bookstores, online stores and many more.


• Galata Port


Galata Port is located in Karakoy, it hosts the cruise port in Istanbul. The most important feature of this mall is its close to the most famous tourist destinations in Istanbul, Sultanahmet and Taksim Square. The mall includes local and foreign luxury brands and high-quality restaurants, and the mall provides its visitors with enjoyable walking and shopping opportunities. And entertainment on the beach.


• Trump Mall Towers


Located in the Mecidiyekoy, district of Sisli, this huge mall includes nearly 175 stores of the most famous brands, as well as restaurants, cafes and cinemas.


• Canyon Shopping Center


Canyon Mall is the pioneer of outdoor malls and attracts attention with its unique atmosphere and luxury brands, in addition to the theatre hall and movie cinemas, the mall offers a completely different level of entertainment concept to its visitors as it organizes concerts and festivals.


• Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall


This mall is characterized by its sea view, where tourists can walk in the mall between sharks and various types of exotic marine creatures, and watch their wonderful ways of life, the mall contains many international and Turkish brands, in addition to many restaurants overlooking the sea, and also lounges Cinema.


• Galleria Atakoy Mall


It is located in Atakoy neighbourhood, it contains more than 135 stores for Turkish and international brands, in addition to restaurants and cafes, as well as cinemas and children's area, bowling and skiing hall.


• Forum Istanbul Mall


Forum Istanbul Mall was launched at the beginning of 2009 in Bayrampasa district, where the mall includes residential buildings, facilities and services, in addition to a shopping center on an area over about 176 thousand square meters, with nearly 300 stores for the most important and famous international and local brands.

This mall famous because of the presence of the world-famous IKEA, which specializes in selling furniture. The mall also includes the Snow Museum, which is one of the most important and most beautiful museums in Istanbul, and attracts large numbers of visitors during holidays and events annually.

The mall also includes a turquoise aquarium, which contains the largest family of sharks in Europe, in addition to rare fish and amazing marine life, which is one of the most beautiful touristic places in Istanbul.


Forum Istanbul


• Vialand Mall (Isfanbul)


This mall is located in the Ayoub area and includes more than 250 stores. The mall is distinguished by its presence next to the fun park, the largest park in the Middle East, which many compare it to Disneyland in the United States of America, as it contains 50 unique games for adults and children.


• Marmara Park


Marmara Park Mall, on the E-5 highway in Beylikdüzü, is one of the favorite destinations for many for shopping from most parts of Istanbul, the metrobus is the best way to reach Marmara Park.


• Akbati Shopping Center


Akbati Center became famous due to its presence in the Koza Park in Bahcesehir, one of the best investment destinations in the field of real estate, as Koza was an ideal destination for buying real estate by Arab investors. It is the closest shopping mall to the new Istanbul airport.


• Torium Mall


Torium Mall was opened in 2010 with $200 million cost, it contains more than 180 stores of the most famous international and local brands. The mall contains a snow park, where you can enjoy with the snow. You can also enjoy a 55-meter-long ice corridor, and the mall offers Fun snow sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding, you can also get instructions and lessons from professional teachers who specialize in these sports, in addition to bowling, cinema and many other entertainment activities.


• Historia Mall


This mall - despite its small size compared to the rest of the malls - is characterized by its location near to Al-Fateh area, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists in general and Arabs in particular.


Outlet malls on the European side


Outlets malls are known that it is shopping malls that sell the products of international brands that have been released in recent years with big discounts compared to other malls, which include the latest releases of international brands. Outlet malls are spread all over Istanbul.


• Olivium Outlet Mall


If you are looking for malls in Bakirkoy, Olivum Mall is located in Zeytinburnu district. It contains more than 140 stores of various Turkish and international brands with low prices and continuous discounts throughout the year. There are also a range of restaurants, cafes, cinemas and climbing walls for enthusiasts with climbing.


• 212 Outlet Mall


Mall 212 is located in Mahmoud Bey area, and it is the largest outlet mall, with more than 175 stores, as well as a covered gym for children, 3D cinemas, a skating and bowling hall, and many restaurants and cafes.


212 Outlet mall


•Venice Outlet Mall


The Venice Mega Outlet is designed with the concept of the Italian city of Venice, the unique example of architecture, It is decorated with the famous Venetian canals and you can enjoy with its gondolas, it includes most of international and Turkish brands, also the restaurants and cafes are lined scattered around St. Mark's Square


• Star City Outlet


Star City Outlet consists of 3 floors, it includes entertainment cinemas halls and shops, in addition to its close to Florya touristic area, and it is one of the cheapest malls and most popular among tourists and locals alike. Entertainment spaces for children filled with video games, car and bike racing, face painting and more.


• Airport Outlet


The mall is located in Yeni Bosna, Atakoy neighbourhood. The mall is close to Ataturk Airport. It includes various restaurants and cafes, as well as shops of various international and Turkish brands. Its fame is that it is the nearest outlet mall near the old Ataturk Airport, so it was considered the best shopping destination from the outlet in the last minutes for tourists, and it has many international and Turkish brands, as well as entertainment activities for adults and children such as bowling and video games.


The most famous malls in Asian Istanbul :

• Emaar Square Mall


Emaar Square Mall is a shopping mall based in Dubai, and it has its Turkish branch in Istanbul in Uskudar, it offers shopping opportunities in its spacious indoor and outdoor sections. Emaar Square Mall differs from other malls with its unique architectural design and luxury brands.

Emaar Square Mall looks like a new neighbourhood with a multi-storey cinema complex of 2,400 seats, which includes the first 4DX theatre on the Asian side, an aquarium and an underwater zoo, overlooking terraces, entertainment areas, more than 100 restaurants and cafes, a traditional Turkish market and a fashion center.


• Capitol Building


Capitol is one of the oldest shopping centers in Istanbul, it is located in Uskudar district. It is the oldest entertainment and shopping mall for 25 years. The mall includes many international and Turkish brands. The Capitol Building was awarded the International Association of Shopping Owners Award in the "Renovated Shopping Centers" category in 2006.


• Aksyia Mall


Aksyia Mall is located in the Asian side of Istanbul. Aksyia Mall and Hotel was built on a huge area, winning the Landscape Architecture Award in Italy thanks to the Aksyia Park, and in 2017 it won the Best Shopping District award, and it provides space for its visitors where they can enjoy eating and shopping together, the mall has a movie theatre, and the mall also organizes various activities for children, workshops and cultural activities.


• Optimum Outlet Mall


The Optimum Outlet Mall is a center for dozens of brands, in addition to an ice covering area of ​​500 square meters.


• Tepe Nautilus


Located in Kadikoy district, Tepe Nautilus Mall has gym, bowling, movie halls and many decoration stores.


• Palladium


The Palladium Mall is located opposite the Palladium Tower Business Center. The mall includes a movie theatre and many shops for the most famous international and Turkish brands, as well as restaurants inside the mall.


• Piazza Mall


Piazza Mall is located in Mel Tepe, It is an elegant place in terms of its modern architecture and has a lot of open spaces. It provides you with many alternatives to buy clothes, household goods and electronic equipment, and you can enjoy many elegant restaurants in it.


• Marine Turk


Marine Turk Mall is located in the Pendik neighborhood on the Asian side and stands out among the shopping centers near Sabiha Airport. The mall is close to the Marmara Sea and has a wonderful view. It also has many open-air shops promising visitors shopping accompanied by the sun and fresh air.

To enjoy the sea view in Marineturk, you can also have a nice meal at the Asian side branch of Bebek Balikcisi, one of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul.


• Viaport Marina and Viaport Outlet


Viaport Marina is located in Tuzla, the far-east point of Istanbul. It is close to Sabiha Airport, the most distinctive feature of this mall that has the waterfront is the Aquapark with 17 water slides and an aquarium, which is the best shopping mall on the Asian side for families with children.

As for Viaport Outlet, it is characterized by the presence of open green spaces planted with olive trees and flowers, and there is a large park in front of the mall. The garden consists of twenty-four different sections and promises nothing but fun for children and adults alike. Viaport has a lot to offer through its stores, restaurants and cinema.


• Anatolium


Anatolium is located in the Kartal district in Asian side. The most important feature of this shopping center is that it is near to IKEA Furniture, which distinguishes the mall from other malls in the Asian side.


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