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Taksim Istanbul .. Luxury Apartments Overlooking the Golden Horn Bay - PRO - 355

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Price Starts From: ₺4.609.971
50% Down Payment and Installments Up to 12 Months


istanbul - Taksim

View of The Bosphorus

Under construction


90 Apartments

Cash or Installment

Taksim Istanbul .. Luxury Apartments Overlooking the Golden Horn Bay || PRO 355

Get to know our new project "355", one of the most important and rarest opportunities for ownership in Istanbul Taksim, with its unique location and charming view of the Golden Horn Bay.. 

About the Location and Area:

The project is located in the Beyoglu district of Beyoglu municipality in the European side of Istanbul, meaning that it is a few minutes away from “Taksim Square”, the most famous tourist destination in Istanbul, which deserved to be the heart of the vibrant city, with its archaeological landmarks, its mosque that holds His name, Istiklal Street, which is rich in international brands and luxury restaurants. The movement does not calm down in Taksim Square, not even in its branches, which is why Taksim is called the area that never sleeps.

About the project:

The project spreads a plot of land with an area of ​​1,696 m², topped by 5 residential blocks that adopt a horizontal architecture, a method aimed at deviating from the type of high-rise vertical complexes, providing apartments with sizes and styles suitable for the changing needs of one person to another. Paying great attention to the smallest details, the materials were chosen very carefully, and the spaces were used in an innovative way that would make it one of the best housing options in Taksim Istanbul.

Not for everyone.. only for the discerning! 

What might a person need to feel satisfied and satisfied with his home? Perhaps safety first, luxury second, then the beautiful view from the outside, and the happy life inside, when the sun is always in his house, the sea is in his windows, and most of the service and recreational facilities are on his doorstep. Aren't the privileges beyond the stage of satisfaction? It's a completely different feeling, and the perks are not available to everyone, only the residents of the "355" project can enjoy it, so will you be one of them? 

Location Features:

Project Details:

Social Services:

Nearby Landmarks

Metrobus station 900 Meters

Taksim Square 5 minute

Golden Horn Direct View

Nishan Tahsi 5 Minutes

Metro Station 12 Minutes

Eyüpsultan Teleferik 10 Minutes

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Last Updated: 2022-10-19

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