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Cheap Apartments for Sale In Istanbul

Cheap Apartments for Sale In Istanbul

Istanbul is a dream for everyone looking for apartments for sale, but due to the high prices of real estate in it, many people are moving away from it, especially those who do not have the financial ability to pay large sums, but it is important to mention in this context that this city gives you the opportunity to buy cheap properties with high specifications and in its most important areas .

Through the following article, we will provide you with the most important details and information related to buying apartments in Istanbul, and especially the cheap apartments.


Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul:

1 - Cheap apartments for sale in Silivri Istanbul:

Silivri is one of the most important areas of Istanbul, located on the European side of the city, and is close to its center as only 70 kilometers separate them.

- This area is characterized by a wonderful view of ​​Marmara sea and includes a lot of agricultural land. It is a rural area, but at the same time it does not lack the service features that exist in the city.

- As for real estate prices in Silivri, it is considered the cheapest real estate in Istanbul and is a good start in the world of real estate investment, especially with expectations that these prices may rise after the implementation of the government plan to extend it with a line from the Metrobus in Beylikdüzü.

- Rural areas in Istanbul are a suitable option for real estate investment for several reasons, the most prominent of which is that they are rich in service and recreational facilities, as well as a destination for tourists due to their beauty and multiplicity of natural manifestations.


2 - Cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul:

- Esenyurt is considered one of the most important areas of the European side of the city and is characterized by being close to many important areas such as Beylikduzu and Silivri.

- Everyone who is looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul goes to this area, as it is witnessing a great real estate diversity where you can find popular apartments, ordinary apartments, and luxury apartments in the residential complex system.

- This area has recently witnessed many urban transformation projects and the construction of a number of luxury residential complexes, which raised the value of real estate investment in it.

- This area contains many Arabs who are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul until it was called the Arab region and includes many Arab restaurants and cafes, and there are Arabic-speaking schools.

- Real estate prices in Esenyurt are cheap compared to others, but they will witness a rise in the coming period due to the development it is witnessing and after it is supplied with a new metro line.


3 - Cheap apartments for sale in Beylikduzu Istanbul:

- As for that area, it is very close to the Silivri area, but real estate prices are more expensive than that, because the metrobus passes through it.

- Beylikduzu has recently witnessed a quantum leap in its real estate sector, with the construction of many luxury residential complexes equipped with the highest international quality standards, safety and security.

- This area is characterized by a beautiful and mild climate, as it is quiet and surrounded by peace on all sides due to its distance from transportation, traffic congestion, and factories.

- It is expected that during the coming period, it will record a rise in the prices of its properties due to the increase in demand for it, but at the same time it is much cheaper than other areas in Istanbul.


4 - Cheap apartments for sale in Kurtkoy Istanbul:

- This area is located in the Asian side of Istanbul and is characterized by being close to the old airport (Sabiha Gokcen International Airport).

- Their prices are suitable for different budgets. If you look closely, you will find that real estate prices on the Asian side of Istanbul are lower than the other side, and this is what encouraged many real estate investors around the world to go towards it for real estate investment because in the future it will achieve distinguished results and great profits.


5 - Cheap apartments for sale in Kartal Istanbul:

- Kartal has recently witnessed many modern real estate projects, and it is an area suitable for housing and investment. Many owners of capital have gone to it because real estate prices are highly competitive.

- It is characterized by being quiet and with an exceptional view of the Marmara Sea. It is far from sources of noise and hustle. It is also rich in many service and recreational facilities that meet the needs of everyone who lives in it.


The most important features of cheap apartments in Istanbul:

1 - One of the most important advantages of buying cheap apartments in Istanbul is that the neighborhoods in which they are located also provide you with a cheap and appropriate life, and based on this, many foreigners in Turkey go to them and therefore it is an opportunity for real estate investment.

2 - When buying a cheap apartment in Istanbul, you can open any commercial or investment project at low and appropriate costs, and that will inevitably be less than if it was opened in one of the famous and luxurious areas of the city.

3 - This type of apartments is a suitable opportunity for anyone who has recently come to Turkey. Instead of renting expensive apartments, he can buy one in a cheap area or even rent it, thus saving a lot of money.

4 - You must know that cheap apartments in Istanbul are not a permanent condition, as it can register a rise at any time, depending on the developments in the city and urban expansion projects.

5 - When you buy a cheap apartment in Istanbul, you will not face any of the expenses that you will have to pay if you buy an apartment in a residential complex in one of the city's luxurious neighborhoods, such as cleaning fees, periodic maintenance, and so on.

6 - Istanbul is witnessing urban transformation projects, through which the Turkish government aims to renovate and modernize old apartments, and the largest share of it goes to the cheap areas somewhat far from the city center, and this is an indication that real estate prices in that area will rise in the coming period.


The main negatives of buying a cheap apartment in Istanbul:

1 - Despite the advantages that we mentioned above about the cheap apartments in Istanbul, there are plenty of negatives that you will face, most notably that these areas are far from transportation lines, which makes it difficult to move between the city areas.

2 - It is also far from many other service facilities such as shopping centers, schools and entertainment venues.

3 - In the cheap areas of Istanbul, you will not find any of the services that are provided in luxury residential complexes, such as security, protection, maintenance and cleaning services.

4 - Also, these buildings lack electric elevators, and they do not contain furniture.

5 - If you want to invest in cheap Istanbul real estate, you should know that you will not get as many profits as you will get when investing in real estate in one of the luxury areas.


What are the most important advantages of searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul?

You may be wondering why Istanbul and not other Turkish cities to search for apartments for sale?

- This city is characterized by its distinguished geographical location, close to the most important countries in the world, and extending within two continents, and it also overlooks the most important seas.

- The city of Istanbul ranks second in the world in terms of population, and this is evidence of the importance of real estate investment in it, as the need for real estate and apartments will not stop.

- The city of Istanbul is the economic capital of the country and its control center, because it is a center of attraction for many foreign investments and a forum for businessmen, investors and traders.

- A unique opportunity to obtain a real estate residence permit, which is one of the most important residences in Turkey, as it can be obtained quickly and renewed.

- You can obtain Turkish citizenship when the price of the apartment is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars as a minimum, while keeping the property for a period of no less than three years.

- The city of Istanbul hosts the most important infrastructure projects in the world, such as the new Istanbul Airport, which has been classified as the largest airport in the world.

- It is characterized by the fact that it includes the largest medical city in Europe (Basaksehir Medical City), which has a capacity equivalent to eight hospitals at the same time and is equipped with the latest technologies and medical devices and the best cadres and doctors.


How do you determine real estate prices in Istanbul?

Real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to many factors, so you must see the most important details related to this topic, which are as follows:

- The geographical location of the apartment greatly affects its price, so the more distinguished the location of the property, the higher the price of the apartment. If you want to get cheap apartments in Istanbul, you should stay away from the distinguished strategic locations.

- The view that the apartment enjoys plays an important role in determining its price in addition to interior specifications such as space, number of rooms and quality of finishes.

- As well as the services near the apartment. Are there recreational facilities close to it? Is there public transportation nearby?


What is the future of real estate investment in Istanbul?

This is one of the first questions that real estate investors usually ask to be assured of the fate of their investments. Is real estate investment in Istanbul safe, especially in the current period?

- According to what many real estate specialists have praised, this time is an ideal opportunity for real estate investment in Turkey because it is expected to record a significant increase in its prices during the coming period as a result of several factors, most notably the significant increase in demand for it, especially after it was allowed that residents outside the Turkish land have remote ownership, and the prices of raw building materials will witness an increase in their price, which will be reflected in real estate prices.

- It is also expected that real estate prices in Istanbul will rise after the completion of the construction work of many projects such as the water canal.

- The future of real estate in Turkey is also distinctive because it witnesses busy tourist seasons, where large numbers of tourists from different parts of the earth flock to it because it has many archeological and historical monuments, as well as charming and distinctive natural places.


Unlimited variations offered by the real estate market in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and it is available for everyone without exception, so if you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us at Ramzy Real Estate Company so that we offer you the most important opportunities and offers available, in addition to a package of important tips and instructions until You get a distinguished real estate investment with high returns.


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