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Best Projects In Istanbul

Best Projects In Istanbul

If you are looking for the most important real estate opportunities, you should definitely go to the city of the two continents (Istanbul), which contains an unlimited number of concessions and areas that numbered 39 areas distributed in both its Asian and European sections, and based on its importance there are thousands of real estate projects that are being built which assures that you will get the best real estate investment options ever.

Most likely, you do not know many details and information related to buying real estate in Istanbul, so we will be with you through the following article to inform you about the most important areas of Istanbul in which you can search for distinctive projects, and we will highlight the characteristics and privileges of that city.


What are the most important advantages of Istanbul?

It is important to point out that it has both natural and other characteristics that have grown and developed over time:


First: the natural specifications of Istanbul:

1 - The city of Istanbul is known for its unique and rare geographical location, as it spans two continents of the world, the Asian continent and the European continent, and although the area it occupies in Europe is the least, it is of great importance.

The city of Istanbul overlooks the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, and do not forget that the Bosphorus Strait is located in it as it bisects its two sides from each other.

2 - This city is also characterized by its mild and pleasant climate in the summer and cold in the winter, in contrast to the cities of Europe, which are difficult to adapt to due to its extreme cold in all seasons.

3 - The city of Istanbul ranks second in the world in population density, and this was one of the first motives for real estate investment in it. There is always a relationship between the large population and the success of real estate investment because the need for real estate will not end.

4 - The city of Istanbul is an important archaeological, historical and natural tourist attractions, which made it a destination for millions of tourists around the world. These landmarks are (Ottoman palaces / museums / castles / forts / parks / huge shopping centers / mosques / churches) and many others.


Second: The specifications of Istanbul:

1 - Istanbul is the commercial and economic capital in Istanbul and is the financial nerve in that country, so it is always the meeting place for money owners and investors around the world.

2 - The Turkish government has paid great attention to the infrastructure in that city, so that it has become a competitor to the most important countries in the world. This city is characterized by an integrated transportation network that has contributed to linking all areas of the city with each other.

3 - Whenever you hear about the largest airport in the world, know that what is meant by this is the new Istanbul airport, which, despite its modernity, has been able to occupy an advanced position in the world and has won many awards.

4 - One of the most important mega projects in Istanbul is currently being built, which is the new Istanbul Canal, which won the title of the Century Project. The impact of this canal on the Turkish economy is expected to be significant.


The most important areas of Istanbul to find the best real estate projects:

Before we enumerate for you some of the areas of Istanbul in both parts, we must point out that all of these areas have important characteristics.


1 - Real estate projects in Sultan Eyup - Istanbul:

This area is located on the European side of Istanbul and is one of the important areas in the city because it includes many important landmarks such as the Sultan Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari Mosque, as well as many popular markets that include popular products.

This area is characterized by being quiet in addition to that it includes many schools, medical centers, sports clubs and markets, and it is one of the most important real estate investment areas in the city because it contains multiple real estate offers.


2 - Real estate projects in Basin Express - Istanbul:

As for the Basin Express, it is also located in the European section of the city and is considered one of the huge commercial centers and today it is classified as an important destination for real estate investment and many real estate investors are heading towards it.

The real estate sector in that region has witnessed great growth and prosperity. You can find many residential and commercial complexes, in addition to its advanced infrastructure and modern transportation network such as the metrobus and metro. It is worth noting that it is only a short distance from Istanbul's new airport.


3 - Real estate projects in Sariyer - Istanbul:

It is one of the most famous European areas of Istanbul, it is characterized by its views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it is one of the most important centers of tourist attractions in the city because it includes many tourist attractions such as: Emirgan Park and large areas of Belgrade forests, in addition to many historical monuments.

If you are looking for the most important projects in Istanbul, you should choose Sariyer, as it ranked third in Turkey in terms of luxury and high real estate prices.

Sariyer includes many luxury residential complexes with distinctive engineering designs and attached to the most important services that provide residents with an integrated lifestyle.


4 - Real estate projects in Esenyurt - Istanbul:

This area has been able to achieve a lot of prosperity and urban development during the past period and is today one of the most important areas to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul

This area is located near the most important areas of the city such as Beylikduzu and Basaksehir, in addition to being close to the most important highways in the city.

As for real estate prices in Esenyurt, it is suitable, cheap and compatible with all budgets, but it is expected that during the coming period it will register a significant increase in prices due to the increased demand for it and because it is witnessing many urban transformation projects.


5 - Real estate projects in Bahcesehir - Istanbul:

As for that area, it is part of the famous Basaksehir, which is located on the European side of the city and was classified as the first independent service area and distinguished by the luxury of its service and recreational facilities.

It is one of the most popular areas that Arabs go to in order to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, because it is characterized by distinguished residential complexes.


6 - Real estate projects in Zeytinburnu - Istanbul:

It is one of the coastal historical areas that is distinguished by its unique geographical location. It is the financial center in the city and the transportation hub as well, where the metro, metrobus and Marmaray metro lines meet.

This region has witnessed a great urban development in the recent period, which made it an attractive center for foreign investments, as it is rich in the best projects in Istanbul.


Important notes when buying real estate in Istanbul:

Everyone knows today that the best projects can be found in the city of Istanbul. The most important construction companies in Turkey have specifically chosen that city to establish their real estate projects. You will certainly be confused in choosing from them. Here are the most important tips and important information that will help you in choosing:


1 - Use a trusted real estate agent:

 If you are a foreign investor, you lack a lot of information and knowledge in the real estate market in Turkey, so you must use a real estate agent in Turkey, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

With the increase in the demand for buying real estate in Turkey, the number of real estate agents in Turkey has increased, so it is important that your choice be based on specific bases:

-You should see the reputation of the agent in the real estate market in Turkey.

-It is important to communicate with clients they have previously dealt with.

-Make sure of the services that the agent provides to clients.

-You must meet with the agent on the ground or make a phone call with him to make sure of his response to you.


2 - You should read the laws regarding foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey:

-A foreigner cannot own more than thirty hectares in Turkey.

-It is also not possible to buy more than ten percent of the area of ​​the region administratively.

-The area should not be located within a security or military area.

T-he foreigner must not hold one of the following five nationalities: (Syria / Armenia / Cuba / North Korea / Cyprus).


3- Make sure that there are no restrictions on the property:

You can find out if there are any problems arising from the property through the Land Registry Directorate, and those problems are mortgages and other things.


4- Extract the real estate appraisal document:

In the beginning, the real estate appraisal document was imposed on those who wanted to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate, but today it is imposed on everyone who wants to own real estate in Turkey, and the importance of this document is that it accurately determines the value of the property, leaving no room for the buyer to be a victim of fraud.


5 - Determine your goal for buying a property:

-If you want to buy a property in Turkey for real estate investment, it should be a choice based on important tips and rules.

- But if your goal is housing and stability, then you must choose according to what you want without having to, you will not be governed by any laws.

- If Turkish citizenship is your goal, you should look for a property whose material value is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.


6 - You must do real estate tours:

One of the most important steps that you must take when searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul is to make visits to the most important real estate projects in the city to choose the best and during this tour, you must inquire about a lot of information related to the property such as its area / number of rooms / its view / age of construction / quality Finishes / Interior Specifications / Seeing his legal status.


Evidence of the importance of real estate investment in Istanbul:

The current period is one of the best times for real estate investment in Turkey because the Turkish economy is recording unprecedented growth and development, especially with expectations that it will be among the first places in the world in 2030.

Real estate prices in Istanbul will rise significantly due to:

- The urban transformation projects it is witnessing.

- Because of the increased demand for it.

- The increase in the prices of raw materials for construction.

- Construction of many important development projects such as the new Istanbul Canal.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity for real estate investment in Istanbul, you can contact us to inform you about the most important real estate projects that guarantee you high returns and continuous profits, thanks to our strong relationships with the most important construction companies in the city.


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