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Resale Apartment in Istanbul

Resale Apartment in Istanbul

Are you thinking of looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul? You should know that the real estate market in Turkey in general gives you a lot of real estate options and types that you can choose between them.

Resale apartments in Istanbul are one of the most important options that you can find in Istanbul. It is certain that you do not know many details about this type of apartments and you will be confused when choosing which is the best resale apartments or the new apartments.

Through the following article, we will provide you with many details and information related to resale apartments in Istanbul, and we will highlight the most important pros and cons of the matter.


What are resale apartments in Istanbul?

If you are wondering about this type of apartments in Istanbul, you must know that they are similar to all apartments around the world and are similar to anything that has been used and the owner wants to sell it.

Resale apartments in Istanbul are apartments that were built a long time ago, lived in by many people, passed from one person to another before they reached you, and the apartment is likely to be inside an apartment complex and possibly outside.

As for the new apartments, they are those that have not been lived in before you, and they may have been recently completed, and they may still be under construction. 


The most prominent features of resale apartments in Istanbul:

This type of apartments is the best choice for those looking for affordable and cheap apartments, and the real estate market in Istanbul offers many and varied options, as it is ready to live directly and you will not have to wait until its construction is completed, but if the apartment is in tourist areas or close to them, you can Rent it out to get great investment returns.

But if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, you can buy more than one apartment until the total price of them reaches two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.

The prices of resale apartments in Istanbul may increase if they have a special geographical location or if they are within a luxury residential complex.

When you choose to search for resale apartments in Istanbul, you will have the opportunity to negotiate the price and you will get high discounts.


Cons of Reselling in Istanbul:

Despite all the advantages that resale apartments in Istanbul have, there are many negatives that accompany this, most notably that you rarely find apartments in installments and payment must be made in cash and immediately.

If the apartment is in an old building, it is threatened with removal until it is updated based on the urban development projects that the city is witnessing.

Also, you cannot make any radical modification to the apartment or control this division of rooms, and making any change means paying a lot of money and often you will need maintenance permanently.

There is an important point that you should pay attention to, which is that there may be some problems arising from it, such as the problem of the mortgage or real estate reservation, and this can be confirmed by returning to the real estate registry.


The most important advantages of buying new apartments in Istanbul:

As for the new apartments, you can find a lot of installment offers, and you can find many apartments that are still under construction, and they will not need any maintenance or modification or the like.

The buyer will be the first to live in the apartment and no one else before, in addition to that, it is a unique opportunity for real estate investment, as its prices are increasing at a good rate after a period of time.

The new Istanbul apartments are a convenient opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship, as construction companies are rushing to construct real estate projects that comply with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and do not forget that there are many options that you will find in front of you, especially within residential complexes.


Cons of buying a new apartment in Istanbul:

One of the most prominent negatives that you will find when buying a new apartment in Istanbul is that its prices cannot be negotiated, as this is very difficult, especially if it is within the residential complexes.

In the case that the apartment is still under construction, you will have to wait for a long time until its construction is completed, and it is not possible to obtain the title deed of the apartment directly until after all construction work is completed. 


Resale apartments in installments in Istanbul:

The search for apartments for sale in Istanbul is one of the advantageous options, especially for those who do not have sufficient financial ability to pay in cash or for those who need this amount to carry out other projects. These steps bring many privileges to the owner. First, he will be able to obtain real estate residence and apply for Turkish citizenship if the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars as a minimum.

The first payment should be approximately 35%, but you should know that the larger the first payment is, the more this leads to getting high discounts, and then you can pay all the installments with complete comfort, but you must adhere to that at the agreed time.

One of the most important tips that you should take into consideration when buying a property in installments in Istanbul is that you should not pay the full price of the property in the first installment, even if the full amount is available to you, and you should not be late in making the specified payments on time without delay.


Advantages of buying apartments in Istanbul:

1 - The importance of Istanbul and the size of the advantages that it is known for, as it is considered one of the most important real estate investment cities in the world and not only in Turkey, and it is ranked second in the world in terms of population is not hidden from anyone

2 - Istanbul city is distinguished by its geographical location, which extends over two continents (Asian and European), and it is known for its mild climate in summer and cold in winter.

3 - The city of Istanbul is the economic capital of the country and its center. It is a meeting place for businessmen, traders and investors. It is also an important tourist destination that includes many archaeological, historical and natural monuments.

4 - Istanbul contains the most important infrastructure projects in the world and not only in Turkey. Today, when we talk about the largest airport in the world, we are talking about the new Istanbul airport, and when we refer to the Century Project, we mean the new Istanbul Water Canal.

5 - It is also possible to obtain real estate residence and Turkish citizenship, in addition to the fact that real estate prices in Istanbul are appropriate and cheap compared to other important cities of the world such as the cities of the European continent, not to mention the modern designs and international specifications. 


What are the most important steps for buying resale apartments in Istanbul?

Whenever you decide to look for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you are in front of a lot of steps that you must adhere to, which are as follows:


1 - Why do you want to buy an apartment in this city?

The first question you should ask yourself is why do you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, so what is the purpose of that step? You will be faced with many possibilities, most notably:

- Real estate investment: Real estate investment is one of the most important goals for which many people are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, as all of its components lead to abundant profits.

- There are also those who buy an apartment in Istanbul for housing and residence in order to live in an environment that includes all aspects of luxury and combines the sophisticated and modern Western character while preserving the Arab oriental flavors.

- The vast majority of those who buy real estate in Istanbul aim to obtain Turkish citizenship, so it is necessary to search for those whose specifications match the conditions for obtaining it.


2 - Get an idea of the areas of Istanbul:

You must also have a wide idea and abundant information about the area in which you intend to buy an apartment, especially in terms of prices. Is it suitable for your goals? What about the prices of apartments in it, do they match your financial budget?

When looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, do not forget to carefully monitor your financial budget so as not to be surprised by unaccounted expenses such as taxes or fees.

You also have to focus with the specifications of the property, is it modern or old specifications / area / quality of finishes.


3- Use a real estate agent:

It is important to communicate with one of the real estate companies or real estate agents in Turkey who have experience and knowledge in the Turkish real estate market, but you will find many real estate agents in Turkey, which one to choose?

Before you choose an agent, you should look at the type of services provided, know the reputation of the agent, and have an idea of the website.


4 - You should do real estate tours:

At Ramzy Real Estate, we help you to see the most important luxury real estate projects that suit you and meet your goals, based on your financial budget and taste, no matter how difficult your requirements and taste are.

You have to bear in mind that we have the skill of negotiating the price, so we guarantee you the most important prices associated with the best features. 


Areas that suit the search for resale apartments in Istanbul:

Resale apartments in Esenyurt Istanbul:

Esenyurt is one of the most important areas that suit the search for resale apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially as it has witnessed many urban transformation projects in recent times, not to mention that it is witnessing a wide real estate diversity where popular and modern properties such as luxury and modern complexes.

Real estate prices in Esenyurt are suitable and distinctive, but it is expected to witness an increase in the coming period due to the great transformation and development it is witnessing.

This area has many advanced and important service facilities such as restaurants, schools, universities, parks, and malls, as well as a modern transportation network.


Resale apartments in Beylikduzu Istanbul:

It is considered one of the most modern urban areas and has recently been able to attract many real estate investors, as it is characterized by a distinguished geographical location on the European side of the city and overlooking the Marmara Sea, as well as its luxurious residential complexes.

It has a developed and modern infrastructure, in addition to the Metrobus line that passes through it, which has contributed to raising its investment value and obtains great government support.

There are expectations indicating that real estate prices in Beylikduzu are likely to record during the coming period due to the developments, urban transformation and construction of these luxury residential complexes, and it also has many important and distinguished service facilities.


Resale apartments in Uskudar Istanbul:

This area in Istanbul receives a lot of attention from the Turkish government and is a major destination for tourists all over the world. It has many important archaeological and historical monuments, in addition to its view of the Bosphorus Strait, and it also meets the European side of the city.

Istanbul offers a lot of real estate options that you should see when you are looking for resale apartments for sale in this city and do not forget to contact us so that we inform you about the most important details related to the real estate market in Turkey and offer you the most important special offers to reach your goal quickly


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