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Apartment for sale in Installment In Istanbul

Apartment for sale in Installment In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world in order to buy real estate and search for apartments for sale, as it has specifications, features and competitive components . It ranks second in the world in terms of population, and this is what prompted many real estate investors around the world to be their destination to establish their investment projects, one of the most important advantages of the real estate market in Istanbul is that it gives you many options, most notably buying apartments in installments, so what are their advantages?

Through the following article, we will provide you with a detailed report on the most important advantages of buying apartments in installments in Istanbul, and we will highlight the most important areas that suit the search for real estate for sale.


Can a foreigner buy apartments in installments in Istanbul?

This is one of the questions that come to mind of everyone who wants to buy an apartment in Istanbul, especially if he does not have the full price of the apartment, and buying an apartment in installments in Istanbul is available to foreigners under the conditions stipulated by Turkish law, which you should know everything related to before you start looking for Apartments for sale in Istanbul . Firstly, this law does not allow all foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey, with the exception of five nationalities (Cuba / Cyprus / Syria / Armenia / North Korea) due to the existence of agreements and old treaties, it is important that you do not hold one of these nationalities.


The person must also not have committed any crime or not have been convicted of a court ruling that affects national security in Turkey, and then there are specific conditions that a foreigner who wants to buy apartments in Istanbul must abide by, the most prominent of which are:

- A foreigner is not entitled to own more than thirty hectares in various parts of Turkey.

- Also, he cannot own more than ten percent of the administrative area of ​​the region.

- The apartment in Istanbul must not be located within a security or military zone.


What is the importance of buying apartments in installments in Istanbul?

1 - First of all, the city of Istanbul is considered a unique aesthetic and archaeological icon with its features and beauty, which is represented in every spot of it in its streets and historical monuments.

2 - The location of Istanbul in the European and Asian continent has given it a lot of importance and made it a mixture between the eastern Arab civilization and the western European, and accordingly, it has become one of the main destinations that many foreigners around the world go to for buying real estate, as it is a fertile and suitable environment for housing and stability . You can also find a lot of job opportunities there.

3 - The city of Istanbul contains unlimited options of apartments with many privileges, most notably the residential complexes equipped with all standards of quality and safety, and it provides those who live in it an integrated life, as it includes many important service and recreational facilities.

4 - There is a large number of people looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for real estate investment and they are businessmen so that they can be rented out to get a special monthly return or they can be resold again after a period of time to get a high profit.

5 - By purchasing an apartment in installments in Istanbul, you can obtain real estate residence and Turkish citizenship if the price is 250 thousand dollars.


Is it possible to find apartments in installments easily in Istanbul?

Since Istanbul has become a destination for foreigners around the world to search for apartments for sale, and there is great competition between construction companies in Turkey to provide the best, and therefore with the increase in real estate offers available, it has become easy to find special offers in the projects that are being constructed at the present time, which is an ideal solution for everyone who suffers from paying rents 


How to buy an apartment in installments in Istanbul?

If you want to buy an apartment in installments in Istanbul, you should be aware of all the dimensions of this topic and you should know the important details related to it, most notably how to buy this type of apartment?

You should know that you have two ways to buy an apartment in installments in Istanbul:

The first method: It is through direct communication with the construction company, where a contract is signed between the company and the buyer with the inclusion of all the items and details that have been agreed upon. The most important information that will be contained in this contract is the price of the apartment and the date on which it will be paid for.

The second method: by purchasing the apartment through a bank in Turkey, who had previously purchased the apartments from the construction company, as well as a contract will be organized between the two parties, and the bank will place a reservation sign on the property until the full price of the property is paid.

If you are wondering which of the two methods is the best, then with the first method, the period will be shorter than that offered by the bank .

It is worth noting that the larger the first payment, the greater the discount, so it is recommended that the first payment be 50% of the total price of the apartment, but according to what is known, the first payment is 35% of the property price.


Steps to find apartments for sale in Istanbul:

In order to find apartments for sale in a huge city like Istanbul, you will face many steps and procedures that you must follow until you reach the apartment that suits you:

1 - In the first step, you have to accurately define your goal for the property, so why do you want to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul? Are you a real estate investment advocate? Or do you aim for housing and stability? Or to obtain Turkish citizenship?

2 - You must also determine your financial budget accurately in order not to coincide with other expenses at a later time that were not taken into account, such as real estate taxes or other fees.

3 - It is important to deal with a real estate company in Turkey, as with its extensive experience, it will be able to offer many special and exceptional offers, and thanks to its relations with construction companies, you will get discounts and high discounts.

Also, one of the tasks of real estate companies in Turkey is the skills of negotiating the price, as well as providing a study on all areas, in addition to consultations and advice.

4 - You should make real estate tours to visit the most important projects available in the real estate market in Turkey so that you can choose what you prefer.


The best areas of Istanbul to search for apartments for sale in installments:

Although all areas of Istanbul are distinct and suitable for searching for apartments for sale, there are some of them that are more distinguished and developed, and these are the most important five of them:


1 - Apartments in installments in Esenyurt Istanbul:

It is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul, located on the European side of it, and it is intended for many foreigners and Arabs, as it is suitable for searching for cheap and suitable apartments for sale, as it witnesses a great real estate diversity, as it includes popular apartments and others within residential complexes.

It is also close to the most important areas of the city, such as Beylikduzu and Basaksehir, and today it is considered one of the most attractive areas for foreign investments.


2 - Apartments in installments in Beylikduzu Istanbul:

In the recent period, this region has witnessed many real estate developments and urban modernity that have contributed to attracting many real estate investors to it, who considered it a good start to start a real estate investment project.

It is also characterized by wide green spaces and wonderful gardens, in addition to its view of the Marmara Sea. As for its location, it is located on the European side of the city and is located near the most important service and recreational facilities.

This region has a developed infrastructure that competes with the most important cities in Europe. Despite that, its prices are reasonable and suit all classes, but it is likely that during the coming period it will register a significant increase as a result of the increased demand for it in addition to its development.


3 - Apartments in installments in Basaksehir Istanbul:

If you are looking for a quiet and stable life, you will definitely have to choose Basaksehir, which is one of the most important and most luxurious and developed areas of Istanbul, with the availability of an integrated transportation network that makes it very easy to access. It also has a distinguished geographical location near the new Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Water Canal.

It includes many service and recreational facilities, including the largest hospital in Europe, and the Mall of Istanbul, which is one of the newest and most important malls in this city, giving it a high investment value.

It is one of the areas most suitable for housing and stability, as well as for real estate investment, as real estate prices are constantly increasing, and this has been evident in the past three years.


4 - Apartments in installments in the Basin Express Istanbul:

This region is characterized by its unique geographical location within a developed and modern transportation network and is close to the new Istanbul Airport as well as from Ataturk International Airport and is characterized by luxurious buildings and high towers in addition to the modernity and luxury that characterizes them.

Today, Basin Express is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul in terms of real estate investment, and as a result, most capital owners go to it.


5 - Apartments in installments in Zeytinburnu Istanbul:

This area has been dubbed the transportation node of Istanbul, where the tramway, metrobus, and it constitutes the financial center of the city and is characterized by its vitality and congestion, with a lot of job opportunities, so many foreigners, especially young people, go to it.

Zeytinburnu has a distinctive sea view, as it includes many real estate projects, and therefore there are plenty of options that you can choose between.


Important tips when buying apartments in installments in Istanbul:

- When buying an apartment in installments in Istanbul, be sure not to pay the full amount in the first installment, even if it is available to you.

- It is important that you hire a real estate expert to provide you with a study on this apartment that you are going to buy.

- If you are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, you should know that the services that these areas enjoy are weak compared to other areas of Istanbul.

- You have to make sure if there are problems arising from the apartment or not, such as mortgage.

- If you want to invest in real estate, you should know that you should choose promising areas that are experiencing urban growth and development.

- Learn about the forms of real estate fraud to be away from them in case you come across.

- The real estate appraisal document provides you with the price of the property accurately and can be obtained within three days and remains valid for three months.


The real estate market in Istanbul offers you a lot of distinctive options. You can contact us at Ramzy Real Estate Company in order to inform you about the most important options and the most prominent details and offer you special offers that suit you.

Real estate investment with us is a hundred percent safe through which you reach your goals, do not hesitate to contact us, our advisory team is waiting for you.


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