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Properties Suitable For Turkish Citizenship

Properties Suitable For Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship has become one of the most important nationalities in the world and has been able to occupy an advanced rank as a result of the many privileges it possesses and the ease of obtaining it.  There are many ways that lead to obtain it within reasonable and appropriate conditions.
Through this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive study on everything related to obtaining Turkish citizenship, and we will highlight its most important distinctive aspects as well as the conditions for obtaining it.

What are the most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Buying real estate in Turkey is one of the most prominent and shortest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, through the availability of two elements, the first is that the property price is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and the second is that the property is not sold before three years from the date of its purchase.

Why is buying real estate the best for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

- The Turkish government has provided many facilities for foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership. The required amount has become 250 thousand dollars, after it was one million US dollars.
- There are also many tax exemptions and reductions that you cannot find in other countries, and ownership procedures can be completed easily and in a short time.
- Real estate prices in Turkey are distinctive and appropriate, especially if they are compared with real estate prices in other countries such as Europe, America and some Arab countries.
- It is possible to benefit from the property in the field of real estate investment and to obtain a rewarding return during the three-year period. Therefore, it is necessary to search for the right property that has the ingredients for the success of the real estate investment project: the privileged location / view / proximity to service facilities / construction condition.

Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

1 - Turkish citizenship can be obtained by investing in an amount of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars.
2 - It is also possible to obtain this citizenship through banking innovation, but it is stipulated that the deposited amount shall not be less than five hundred thousand US dollars, provided that no part of it is withdrawn before the lapse of three years.
3 - It can also be obtained when marrying someone who holds Turkish citizenship, but the seriousness of this marriage must be proven, so the foreigner will not obtain it until after three years.
4 - Citizenship can be obtained upon proof of assets, that is, a relative of the foreigner holds Turkish citizenship, and this must be proven by submitting the required documents.
5 - Another common method is adoption, when a Turkish family adopts a foreigner under legal age.
6 - There are exceptional cases in which a foreigner is granted that citizenship, the most prominent of which is that he has presented an achievement to the Turkish state, a scientific invention 

Conditions that a foreigner must meet in order to obtain citizenship:


-One of the most important conditions that a foreigner must meet in order to obtain Turkish citizenship is that he has exceeded the legal age and must be of full mental strength.
-It is important that he has the ability to speak Turkish as well as he must have sufficient income for himself and his family.
-He must have resided in Turkey for five years without interruption as well as good reputation and morals.
-Also, he must not carry any communicable disease, in order to preserve public health. He must not be subject to any court ruling, and this is to preserve national security in the country.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

1 - Through Turkish citizenship, it is possible to enter more than 72 countries around the world without a visa, and a visa to enter forty countries will be obtained automatically upon arrival, and there are eight countries that granted the holder of this citizenship a visa via the Internet.
2 - Turkish citizenship for all family members, but on the condition that the children have not yet reached the legal age, and if one of them has exceeded this age but has special needs, he will get it after three years.
3 - When you obtain this citizenship, you will not have to give up the mother's citizenship and therefore you will be able to enjoy their advantages together.
4 - It is also possible to benefit from the retirement program for the elderly, as well as to obtain a lot of free services (health and education).
5 - The holder of that nationality can enjoy all the rights enjoyed by a Turkish citizen, such as the right to vote, as well as access to work opportunities that a foreigner is not entitled to, such as pharmacy and the law.

What is the motivation for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

There must be fundamental reasons other than those mentioned above, and we mention the most prominent of them:

Geographical location of Turkey:

Turkey is characterized by a unique geographical location, as it mediates three continents on the one hand, and on the other hand, it extends over two continents and overlooks the most important water bodies in the world. It is also very close to the Arab world, which made it the first choice for the citizens of those countries.

buoyant economy:

Recently, the Turkish economy witnessed an unprecedented recovery and superiority, as described by experts, which had a positive impact on various aspects of life and its sectors. According to a statement to a famous Spanish magazine, the Turkish economy by 2030 will be among the first economies in the world.

A safe and integrated life:

Life in Turkey is surrounded by safety, comfort and luxury, as it provides many high-quality services with great development, which are represented in its health and educational sector, in addition to many entertainment venues, shopping centers and modern and fast transportation networks.

Turkey contains huge projects:

This country includes many huge development projects that have acquired a global status, such as the largest airport in the world (Istanbul New Airport) and the Century Project (New Istanbul Water Canal), as well as the largest medical city in Europe (Başakşehir Medical City). Turkey takes care of the infrastructure Especially and is keen to constantly develop it in order to keep pace with the most important countries of the world. 

Turkey real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship:

We have already mentioned that real estate in Turkey is one of the best ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, but which real estate is the best?

Residential complexes:

Residential complexes in Turkey are considered one of the most important real estate options that you can encounter, and they are designed according to the latest engineering designs in the world, as well as according to the most important quality and safety standards (resistance to earthquakes and natural disasters + heat and sound insulation).
Due to the increasing demand for the purchase of real estate in residential complexes in Turkey, construction companies compete to provide the best features and the highest quality, and they often take into account their desire to obtain Turkish citizenship, so they are keen to match the conditions for obtaining it.
Residential complexes in Turkey provide its residents with an integrated lifestyle, as it is attached to a swimming pool / sauna / Turkish bath / restaurant / cafe / children's play areas / green spaces / car parking / stunning view / strategic location / school / mosque.


Villas are one of the most important real estate options in Turkey, and they are also very expensive, and this varies according to their location, specifications and views. Villas in Turkey are characterized by three types (ordinary / historical / touristic) and it is a distinguished investment project where it can be rented for a fixed return or resold When the price is high.
Due to the large area of ​​​​the villas in Turkey, it can be an important investment project, such as a medical center, an educational institution or a restaurant, and its profits are high, especially in the tourist seasons

Laws of buying real estate in Turkey:

- All foreigners have the right to buy real estate in Turkey, except for five nationalities that are prohibited from doing so, namely (Syrian / Cuban / North Korean / Armenian / Cypriot.
- A foreigner in Turkey cannot buy more than thirty hectares in different parts of the country, nor own more than ten percent of the area administratively.
- The price of the property must be transferred specifically through one of Turkey's banks, and it is not possible to pay by any other means.

Frequently asked questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property:

1 - I own more than one property in Turkey, can I obtain Turkish citizenship?
There is no problem with that, as it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship even if you own more than one property, but the total price of it must be no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.

2 - Who is married to more than one woman.. Will his wives obtain Turkish citizenship?
A man who is married to more than one woman cannot grant his wives Turkish citizenship, so he will have to choose only one, but before that he must obtain the permission of the second.

3 - How is the value of the property determined accurately?
Everyone who will buy a property in Turkey must obtain a real estate appraisal document that accurately determines the value of the property, and this is done through an official body holding a government license.
In this context, we must point out that earlier the real estate appraisal document was only imposed on those who wanted to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, but at the present time it is for everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey.

4 - How should the property price be paid?
The price of the property must be paid through a bank in Turkey, and a receipt must be taken of the amount transferred from the buyer's account to the seller's account.

5 - How to obtain Turkish citizenship in a safe and easy way?
All you have to do is contacting Ramzy Real Estate team, where we work to provide the most appropriate real estate opportunities that comply with the conditions for obtaining them. We follow all procedures and steps and provide you with the most important consultations.

6 - Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in installments?
Many people are choosing to buy a property in installments in Turkey if they do not have the full price of the property, and to everyone who asks about the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in installments, this is possible when all the mentioned conditions are met.

The most important tips when buying a property in Turkey:

- The real estate sector in Turkey is safe and distinct, but this does not negate the existence of a danger or the existence of a number of points that must be followed.
- The problem of real estate fraud, which has developed with the development of social media, has recently become common, so you must look at its most important forms, which are as follows:
Impersonation of the property owner is the most dangerous method, so the data of the property owner must be carefully verified.
The buyer can be deluded that this property is suitable for applying for Turkish citizenship and it is not, or the buyer can be told that it offers high returns.
- It must be ensured that there are no restrictions on the property, such as seizure or mortgage, and this should be done through the Land Registry Directorate.
- It is important to use a real estate agency, such as real estate companies, that provide you with the most important advice and special offers.
- Take a real estate tour to the most important projects in Turkey to choose the best in terms of specifications and price.
- You can follow the ads that appear on websites that provide detailed information and comprehensive videos, but be careful who you deal with and you have to make sure of the received information.

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:

- A copy of the title deed of the purchased property.
- The real estate appraisal document is valid for a period of three months.
- Receipts to pay the price of the property via the bank and must be stamped.
- Real estate receipts, as well as stamped by the bank.
-Translating the Turkish passport and attesting it with the notary public.

Where can you buy a property in Turkey?

Although all Turkish cities are distinguished for the purchase of real estate, but the priority remains for some of them without the others. Istanbul tops the list and is one of the most important Turkish cities in order to search for real estate for sale, as it is witnessing many urban transformation projects and urban expansion, and many residential projects are being built in it Perhaps you are wondering about the dimensions of buying a property in Istanbul? Simply, it is not only fulfilling your desire to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is also an area for profitable real estate investment and a suitable environment for housing and residence. The real estate prices in it are suitable compared to real estate prices in other major cities around the world.
The Turkish capital, Ankara, is also a center of attraction for foreigners to search for real estate for sale, especially after it has witnessed many real estate transformations, in addition to being an important tourist destination, as it contains many landmarks and lofty historical symbols.

Turkish citizenship is no longer a dream. You can now obtain it very smoothly in light of all the facilities offered by the Turkish government. Many real estate offers are waiting for you. Just contact us to tell you the most important details


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