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Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries

Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries

What is the ranking of the Turkish passport globally? And what are its features? 
If you are looking for the ranking of the Turkish passport globally, you can take this article as a permanent reference to follow the rank of the Turkish passport, along with many information and statistics related to it and its rank, which reached 37 globally according to the global Passport index website on 16/05/2022 .. Fun reading 

Countries that Turkish passport holders can enter: 
According to the arrangement of the last Turkish passport, its holders have the right to enter 108 countries around the world without a prerequisite for a visa, so what are these countries? 

Countries that the Turkish passport can enter without a visa 2022 
The number of countries that the Turkish passport can enter without a visa in 2022 is fifty-eight, including: Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Singapore, Tunisia, Ukraine, and many other countries mentioned in the following table that allow passport holders Turkey to enter its territory without a visa: 


Albania - without visa 180 days 
Antigua and Barbuda - visa-free 180 days 
Argentina - visa-free 90 days 
Azerbaijan - visa-free 90 days 
Bahamas - visa-free 240 days 
Barbados - visa-free 180 days 
Belarus - without visa 30 days 
Belize - without visa 90 days 
Bolivia - 90 days visa free 
Bosnia and Herzegovina - visa-free 90 days



Botswana - visa-free 90 days 
Brazil - visa-free 90 days 
Chile - visa-free 90 days 
Colombia - without visa 90 days 
Costa Rica - visa-free 90 days 
Dominica - visa-free 21 days 
Dominican Republic - Visa-Free Unspecified 
Ecuador - visa-free 90 days 
El Salvador - visa-free 90 days 
Eswatini - visa-free 30 days


Fiji - without visa 120 days 
Gambia - without visa 90 days 
Georgia - without visa 360 days 
Guatemala - visa-free 90 days 
Haiti - visa-free 90 days 
Honduras - visa-free 90 days 
Iran - without visa 90 days 
Jordan - visa-free 90 days 
Kazakhstan - visa-free 30 days 
Kosovo without - visa 90 days


Kyrgyzstan - visa-free 30 days 
Mauritius - 90 days visa-free 
Moldova - without visa 360 days 
Mongolia - Visa Free 30 Days 
Montenegro - without visa 90 days 
Morocco - visa-free 90 days 
Nicaragua - without visa 90 days 
North Macedonia - 90 days visa-free 
Palestine - without a visa Unspecified 
Panama - without visa 180 days


Paraguay - 90 days visa free 
Peru - without visa 180 days 
Qatar - visa-free 90 days 
Saint Kitts and Nevis - visa-free 90 days 
Saint Lucia - without visa 42 days 
Sao Tome and Principe - 15 days visa-free 
Serbia - without visa 90 days 
Singapore - visa-free 30 days 
South Africa - visa-free 30 days 
Grenadines - visa-free 30 days


Tajikistan - visa-free 90 days 
Thailand - visa-free 180 days 
Trinidad and Tobago - visa-free 90 days 
Tunisia - without visa 90 days 
Ukraine - without visa 42 days 
Uruguay - without visa 15 days 
Serbia - without visa 90 days 
Uzbekistan - visa-free 30 days 
Venezuela - visa-free 30 days


Countries that give a Turkish passport a visa upon arrival: 
The number of countries that grant Turkish passports a visa upon arrival in 2022 is forty-three countries, including: Armenia, Maldives, Libya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal, Pakistan, and many other countries mentioned in the following table that allow Turkish passport holders to enter Satisfy her with a visa granted upon arrival at the airport or an electronic visa:


Angola - visa on arrival not specified 
Armenia - e-Visa 120 days 
Burkina Faso - 90 days visa on arrival 
Cambodia - 30 Days e-Visa 
Cape Verde - Visa on arrival not specified 
Comoros - visa on arrival 45 days 
Cuba - 30 day tourist visa 
Djibouti - e-Visa Unspecified 
Ethiopia - e-Visa Unspecified 
Gabon - visa on arrival 90 days


Guinea - e-Visa 90 days 
Guinea-Bissau - visa on arrival 90 days 
Kenya - 90-day e-Visa 
Lebanon - visa on arrival 30 days 
Lesotho - 14 Days e-Visa 
Libya - visa on arrival 90 days 
Madagascar - 90 days visa on arrival 
Malawi - 90-day e-Visa 
Maldives - 30 day visa on arrival 
Mauritania - visa on arrival not specified


Mozambique  - 30 day visa on arrival 
Namibia - 90 days visa on arrival 
Nepal - visa on arrival 90 days 
Nigeria - Visa on Arrival Unspecified 
Oman - visa on arrival 10 days 
Pakistan - visa on arrival 90 days 
Palau - visa on arrival 30 days 
Rwanda - visa on arrival 30 days 
Samoa - visa on arrival 60 days 
Senegal - visa on arrival 30 days


Seychelles - tourist visa 90 days 
Sierra Leone - visa on arrival 30 days 
Somalia - visa on arrival 30 days 
South Sudan - e-Visa Unspecified 
Sudan - visa on arrival 30 days 
Suriname - 90-day tourist visa 
Tanzania - visa on arrival not specified 
Timor-Leste - Visa on arrival 30 days 
Togo - visa on arrival 7 days 
Tuvalu - visa on arrival 30 days 
Uganda - e-Visa Unspecified 
Zambia - 90 days visa on arrival 
Zimbabwe - visa on arrival 90 days


What are the factors that raise and lower the ranking of the Turkish passport globally? 
Perhaps all passports share the same characteristics, so you will find them very similar in size, color and phrases written within them, but the real source of the passport’s strength lies in the number of countries that its holder is allowed to travel to without a prior visa and with little or no costs in some cases, but what are the factors that increase From the strength of the passport and the countries that he can travel to?


First, diplomatic relations 
Diplomatic relations between countries increase the chances of canceling visa restrictions and granting freedom or leniency in visa procedures, which is one of the most important factors that increase the strength and importance of the passport. 

Secondly, commercial relations 
Commercial interdependence between two countries, which also opens many horizons and facilities at the tourism and commercial levels, and facilitates visa procedures for each of the citizens of the two countries.

Turkish citizenship

Third - economic and political stability 
The economic and political stability of any country may be a key to strengthening its passport and the desire of neighboring countries to establish relations and common interests with it, thus easing or canceling visa restrictions.


Packages and Incentives for Investors: 
You may be surprised when we tell you that the incentive packages for foreign investors have a very important role in determining the strength of the passport and its rank. Who would believe that one decision was enough to change the ranking of the Turkish passport globally to advance several ranks and make the Turkish passport one of the best in the world? Late 2018, which provides for the granting of Turkish citizenship to investors in several areas, most notably:


  • Investing in government banks worth 500 thousand dollars 
  • Establishing a company with a capital of one million dollars and employing 50 Turkish employees in it 
  • Owning one or more real estate worth $250,000.



This prompted a large group to investment in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport, which has become a focus of attention for a large group of investors around the world, thus improving the Turkish passport’s ranking globally and reaching 39th place in 2018 after it was ranked 53rd in 2017. . 

Turkish passport and European Union countries: 
Does the arrangement of the Turkish passport globally allow entry to the European Union? At the present time, Turkish passport holders are not allowed to enter the European Union without a visa, but obtaining a visa for European Union countries is somewhat easy, especially since Turkey is a member of the European Union Customs Union, not to mention its ongoing negotiation to join the European Union as a member state after submitting it. Official application to join the European Economic Community, according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This results in fewer requirements and simpler conditions for Turks wishing to obtain a visa to enter Europe or cancel it if Turkey becomes an official member of the European Union in the future.

Turkish passport and European Union countries

Turkish Passport types: 
Away from the ranking of the Turkish passport globally, we will inform you about the 7 types of Turkish passports: 

First - the ordinary passport 
Ordinary Turkish passport; It is the most common type of passport among Turkish citizens. It is granted by the Ministry of Interior, approved state directorates, or Turkish consulates to the general public. It comes in a dark burgundy color, so it is also known as a burgundy passport. Its holders can enter directly to the previously mentioned countries without a visa. . It consists of 38 pages and can be given to cover the period from 6 months to 10 years upon request.

Documents required to obtain an ordinary Turkish passport 

  • Turkish identity card 
  • Fee receipt and ledger fee
  • 2 biometric photos 
  • Student Certificate (for students wishing to obtain an ordinary passport) 
  • Consent certificate for minors or persons with disabilities 
  • Old passport, if available
Documents required to obtain an ordinary Turkish passport 

Second - Special Passport (Green Passport) 
Own passport; It is one of the types of Turkish passports and it is issued with a validity of 5 years for civil servants and their family members who work for the Turkish state under certain conditions. It is called the green passport due to its color. It holds many privileges such as visa-free entry to many countries that require a visa from the holders of the ordinary Turkish passport, but only for a few days and with the aim of accomplishing some tasks and works related to the interests of the Turkish state with the other country.


Who is entitled to a private passport? 

  • Former members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and former ministers 
  • Civil servants 
  • Public servants who are in first, second and third class jobs or retired 
  • Provincial and metropolitan chiefs (during their tenure) 
  • Former mayors who retired from the first degree 
  • Türk Telekom employees
  • Employees of Ziraat Bank, People's Bank and Emlak Katılım 
  • Businessmen who have exceeded certain export rates in accordance with the Law “Principles for Issuing Special Stamped Passports for Exporters” issued in 2017 
  • Green passports are granted to children and spouses of those who have the right to a green passport, under the age of 25.
ترتيب الجواز التركي عالميا - الجواز الأخضر 

Third - the diplomatic passport 
diplomatic passport; It is a type of international identity document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which determines the status of diplomats and gives them many privileges. Diplomatic passports are granted to government officials and their families who have been sent to attend conferences, boards and seminars abroad. It is black in color and contains 28 pages and it is completely free. The diplomatic passport holders do not care about the arrangement of the Turkish passport globally and the number of countries he can enter, as his campaign can enter the destination they want without a visa as long as there is an event, conference or joint seminar between Turkey and the destination intended.


Who is entitled to obtain a diplomatic passport? 
A diplomatic passport is obtained by: 

  • Parliament members 
  • Ministers 
  • President and members of the Constitutional Court
  • Officials of the Supreme Court, the Council of State, and the Military Court of Cassation 
  • Officials of the Supreme Military Administrative Court, the Court of Disputes, and the Court of Accounts 
  • The first and second chiefs of the General Staff 
  • Attorney general 
  • The generals 
  • Admiral 
  • Former presidents
  • Former presidents of legislative bodies 
  • Former Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers 
  • Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic 
  • Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey 
  • Ministry Undersecretaries 
  • Head of Religious Affairs 
  • Referees 
  • Mayors of the capital
ترتيب الجواز التركي عالميا - الجواز الدبلوماسي

Fourth - the permissibility of the service 
service permit; It is a type of passport issued to people who will represent the country abroad, just like the black or green passport but it is granted to holders of different positions, according to the Passport Law No. 5682 it covers only the duration of the position on which it was granted, it is also known as the gray passport due to its color. Those with a gray passport cannot use this passport after the expiry of their service period. The gray passport is usually issued for 5 years.

To whom is the service permit issued? 

  • Persons sent abroad on official mission by the government, special departments or municipalities 
  • Persons working as civil servants in international organizations of which the Republic of Turkey is a member 
  • Persons designated by the Turkish Aviation Association and the Turkish Red Crescent Society 
  • Service Passport is given to the persons concerned with their families.


Fifthly, the student's passport 
A student passport is a travel document issued to students who plan to travel abroad for tourism or study. It is basically an ordinary passport but specially arranged for students under the age of 25. The application for a passport is applied through the Department of Housing and applicants are exempted from applying for a passport Request the costs of extracting it when showing their student card. 

There is no special choice for students among the types of passports when applying online. It is sufficient to choose the ordinary passport while applying at this stage.

Documents required for a student's passport 

  • ID card 
  • A personal biometric photo (2 pcs.) 
  • Old passport (if available) 
  • Student information 
  • Passport application letter free of charge for students

Sixth - Temporary passport 
temporary passport or pink passport; There is no link between the arrangement of the Turkish passport globally and the temporary passport. It is a travel document that Turkish citizens abroad can obtain from Turkish consulates in cases such as the loss of the passport and its expiration or deportation. Temporary passports are valid for one month and are issued according to the assessment that you It has the Turkish Embassy in emergency, it is pink, it is one page and it is retrieved from you as soon as you enter Turkey.

How much is the temporary passport fee? 
No fee is paid for a temporary passport issued in emergency cases. This type of passport is only used once and you can only use it to return to Turkey. You hand it over to the security guards when you enter the country. Therefore, you will not be charged a service fee.

Seventh - Biometric passports "electronic passport" 
electronic or biometric passport; They are those documents that contain identity information, passport number, name, surname, nationality, date of birth, fingerprints, photos and signatures in the form of an electronic chip that is read using special devices at airports. At passport control and verification points at airports such as Istanbul International Airport. The goal is to transform the human-powered control system into an autonomous automated system of the future. 

Previously, you had to obtain a biometric passport separately, but today all Turkish passports carry the biometric chip on the first page of the notebook. 

The ranking of the Turkish passport globally encourages real estate investment in Turkey
There is no doubt that the ranking of the Turkish passport globally and the leaps it witnesses from time to time were enough to revitalize the Turkish real estate sector to be one of the most attractive markets and the best in improving real estate prices around the world, according to the Knight Frank Global Index. This comes against the backdrop of the Turkish government's decision to naturalize foreign investors interested in owning real estate in Turkey, and it is one of the most important factors that have had a positive impact on the movement of the real estate sector in Turkey since the decision was issued until today. 

It is worth noting that the decision issued by Turkey through its Official Gazette in late 2018, stipulates the possibility of a foreign investor acquiring Turkish citizenship by investing one or more properties on Turkish lands with a value of no less than 250 thousand US dollars, provided that it is not sold before three years and then Obtaining citizenship within a maximum period of 90 days 

This is instead of one million US dollars, as it was previously, provided that the property to be purchased conforms to the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate appraisal.
On May 13, 2022, the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate to a value of 400,000 dollars instead of 250,000 dollars. The decision has been implemented starting in 12th June 2022.

The investor has the right to buy a real estate or several properties with the new amount of $400,000 in order to obtain citizenship, provided that the investor must keep the property for 3 years and he mustn’t sell the property he purchased for the purpose of citizenship before 3 years from the date of purchasing. For more information about the Turkish citizenship law and its conditions, click here.

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