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Advantages of real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul

Advantages of real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul

When we talk about the Turkish city of Istanbul, we are talking about a very special piece that is a link between Europe and Asia, not to mention that it is a source of heritage and culture, which made it the most important city in the state of Turkey, and given the uniqueness of Istanbul with several advantages, it is one of the most cities that everyone is looking for in its regions Tourist or residential for the purpose of tourism, investment or permanent residence, where there are many distinctive areas in Istanbul, one of these areas is Maltepe. 
Which day we will take you on a tour to learn about the advantages of real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul 

Where is Maltepe located geographically? 

Maltepe is located on the side of Asian Istanbul, and Maltepe is considered a marine area, as it overlooks the shore of the Marmara Sea, which made it a special and quiet area, and therefore tourists consider it a special place for relaxation and comfort, making it a distinguished place for the success of real estate investment. 

The population of Maltepe district in Istanbul 

The population of the Maltepe area is about 450 thousand people, and it consists of 18 neighborhoods. It is worth mentioning that due to the availability of basic and modern life necessities as well, most of the residents of the Maltepe area are considered to be from the high-end and educated social classes. 

Real estate investment opportunities in Maltepe Istanbul 

As it is one of the most unique and unique areas in Istanbul, Maltepe has become one of the most important areas for real estate investment in Turkey, due to its distinguished location, and its recent increase in popularity, and provides all the elements of modern life in it. 
Therefore, Maltepe has become a destination for many investors. In addition to the excellent location, it is only 26 kilometers from Gokcen International Airport, and it also has a distinctive view that allows the visitor to see the Princess Islands. 

Advantages of real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul 

There are many advantages of real estate investment in Maltepe, and they came as follows: 
-Unique modern design 
-elegant urban surroundings 
-Stunning seascapes 
-Beautiful landscapes 
-high infrastructure 
-Provides all public services 
-Provides a strong transmission network 
All these factors made Maltepe an ideal choice for owning a property and making a real estate investment. 

When a foreign investor thinks about buying a property with the aim of making a profit, the investment opportunity must have a value and a suitable profit rate for the investor, as the choices of the investor or the expatriate differ according to his requirements, and here are some important points about buying an apartment in Malta Istanbul. 
The price per square meter of an apartment with a sea view is higher than its price in apartments in some neighborhoods of the central Maltepe district. 
In some neighborhoods of Maltepe there are many apartments called studios, with an area of ​​up to 50 square meters, that suit all tastes, making it the perfect and suitable choice for the expatriate student. 

Tourist places in Maltepe Istanbul 

If you are a tourist visiting Maltepe Istanbul, there are some places that you should make sure to visit, including the following. 
-Maltepe Park, which is one of the largest parks in the world in terms of area, with an area of ​​one million and 200 thousand square meters, making it a perfectly prepared place for foreign tourists and visitors who want to spend a whole day without getting bored. 
It also includes a lot of entertainment venues and clubs, as well as many cafes and restaurants, which guarantees the visitor to spend a special day on all sides. 
-Buyukada is one of the largest islands of Istanbul in terms of area, with an area of ​​5.4 square kilometers, and it is 2.3 kilometers from the coast, which makes it a stray for everyone looking for fresh air, calm atmosphere and relaxation. Buyukada Island is also famous for its seafood and The specialty ice cream. 
-Tuzla Marina, which is one of the shopping areas of Maltepe, has many cafes, restaurants, shops and shopping centers, making it an ideal place for entertainment and shopping without getting bored. 

Educational Institutions in Maltepe District, Istanbul 

There are many schools, universities and institutes in Maltepe, where the schools include the three stages, kindergarten, primary and preparatory, and Maltepe schools are divided into public and private, for example Atalar Private High School and Astik Ulu Gabai Private School. 

As for universities, there is Maltepe University, which is one of the prestigious private universities in Istanbul, where it was founded in 1997, and this university is considered one of the distinguished Turkish universities with advanced classification, and it is also one of the best five thousand universities in the world, by ranking 3328 for the year 2021. 

Hospitals in Maltepe Istanbul

There are many hospitals and health centers between government and private in Maltepe Istanbul. These medical institutions provide a full and high-quality medical service to the population, where there is a general hospital, and also a private Delta Hospital, as well as the Ozel Karlin Health Center. 

Shopping in Maltepe Istanbul 

There are many commercial markets and malls in Maltepe Istanbul, which adds an important commercial advantage and profitability for those who wish to invest in real estate in Maltepe Istanbul, where there is Maltepe Park Mall and Ritam Istanbul. 

Advantages of Living in Maltepe Istanbul 

In addition to being one of the most important and luxurious areas on the Asian side of Istanbul, in addition to the stunning sea view, picturesque gardens, as well as commercial malls, markets and entertainment venues, and also being located near the heart of Istanbul, one of the most important theaters of international commercial and tourism events, the Maltepe area It is characterized by the presence of earthquake-resistant bases ,It also includes high-precision mechanisms to extinguish fires, which made it a new attractive destination for local and foreign investment, and real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul is on the rise. 

Possibility of profit from real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul 

Real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul guarantees the investor a distinct profit rate. It is known that investing in the tourist areas is a profit-guaranteed project, and it is natural for the foreign investor to want to live in the Maltepe area, where the charming places and the picturesque sea view, especially if you are a sea lover, As the residence in Maltepe guarantees the resident the practice of swimming and enjoying the many resorts, and on the other hand, the costs of accommodation and living are relatively low, as many apartments and cheap real estate are available, which provides the opportunity for housing and living for all social groups. 

In addition to all of the above, the advantages of real estate investment in Maltepe Istanbul are numerous and endless, as well as it is a suitable place for families to stay, where there are all services from health and educational centers and other supplies for stability.