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Turkey Open Market for Real Estate

Turkey Open Market for Real Estate

The attention of foreign and Arab investors has recently turned to Turkey, and it has become a major destination for capital investment, especially in the field of real estate, as real estate investment in Turkey has become one of the most successful and sought-after investments, so if you want to run your money in a beneficial way, you will not find a better place. From the open real estate market in Turkey, and if you do not have information about it, you have reached the right place .. We will talk more about all the details of the real estate market in Turkey, so follow with us .. 

Reasons that attracted investors to the real estate sector in Turkey: 

- The nature of the country: One of the factors that attract people from everywhere to Turkey is its strategic location, as it sits between the two most important continents in the world, which are Asia and Europe, and thus it is a tourist destination for a large number of tourists annually, as well as mutual trade relations with the countries of the Union We should not forget the pleasant Mediterranean climate that the country enjoys and which is not available in other countries. 
- Governmental incentives: The Turkish government has played a great role in encouraging investment in Turkey by providing many facilities for those who want to invest on its lands, reducing taxes and canceling many papers and transactions, and in return it organized the process of real estate ownership so that the investor would not be deceived. And fraud during the process of buying a property in Turkey. 
- Obtaining Turkish citizenship: The most important factor that drives investors to work in Turkey is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment on its lands, and this of course is a great opportunity that cannot be missed as the investor must buy real estate at a price of 250 thousand dollars or equivalent. And then he can submit the necessary papers to obtain Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport and the advantages they hold. 
-Diverse options: What distinguishes the open real estate market in Turkey is the different types of real estate in it that suit everyone of all tastes and social levels, as there are regular apartments, smart apartments, villas and hotel apartments in addition to modern residential complexes and studio apartments that suit workers or the students .


Real estate prices within the Turkish real estate market: 

There are many factors that affect the price of the property, and here we will enumerate some of them, taking into account that real estate prices in Turkey are considered low when compared with neighboring countries despite their excellent specifications, and this is what drives businessmen to invest in Turkish real estate in particular and despite the great prosperity. What the real estate market has witnessed in Turkey, but real estate prices are still acceptable. As for the factors affecting the price of the property, they are: 
- Location of the property: And here we mean its location within the city, where prices vary in different regions, and that of course depends on the services available in the region, the infrastructure, its proximity to transportation, and the presence of recreational and service places such as health centers, schools and malls, as the price rises whenever we approach the center City . 
-City: Real estate prices vary between Turkish cities, as it is known that the city of Istanbul is high in real estate prices, due to its excellent services and good reputation, and this is also true for tourist cities such as Antalya and Bursa. As for the inner cities, you can find cheap apartments for sale in them such as Konya, Gaziantep and others. 
- The area of ​​the property: One of the most important factors determining the price of the property is its area, and here it is necessary to pay attention to the total area and the net area where there is a difference between them, and we must focus on the net area that is used. 
- Interior apartment specifications: Prices vary widely according to the number of rooms, balconies, bathrooms and floors, in addition to the type of materials used in the construction, painting, and the quality of finishes. 

Types of real estate within the open real estate market in Turkey: 


Residential real estate: As the forms of residential real estate vary greatly, there are old, regular or even built real estate according to a modern style, right up to smart apartments that rely entirely on technology, but certainly everyone can find what they dream of in Turkey. 
Commercial real estate: special attention is given to it in terms of location, as it must be located within vital centers, and the market must be well studied to know the needs and these properties are used by renting them or working in them and using them in various fields as a commercial office or headquarters for a company Or even a restaurant or clothing store, as there are unlimited options. 
Under construction real estate: Here the investor can buy a property that has not yet been completed, and thus he can buy it at a low price compared to the ready property with the availability of discounts and comfortable installments according to the construction company and these properties are suitable for those who do not need housing immediately as they make profits Great after its completion.


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