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Istanbul property investment

Istanbul property investment

Istanbul is known for being one of the most important cities not only in Turkey but in the whole world. It is known as the economic capital of Turkey. Therefore, all agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors have witnessed great success. This success has reached the real estate sector in Istanbul. If you want to buy a property in Istanbul, do not You must know more about Istanbul property investment, as well as what the real estate market in Istanbul includes 

First : 

Factors that encourage Istanbul property investment : 

There are many reasons that prompted foreign investors to buy an apartment in Istanbul. We will learn about them in the following: 

-The distinguished location of Istanbul: 

Istanbul is located between the two most important continents in the world, namely Asia and Europe, as it extends over these two continents to form two parts, European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul, separated by the magnificent Bosphorus Strait, and this location played a major role in the recovery of the economy in Istanbul as well as the real estate sector in Istanbul because of the great commercial activity between European countries, Arab countries and Turkey on the other hand. 

-Real estate prices in Istanbul: 

One of the most important factors that encourage buying a property in Istanbul is the possibility of cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, and this cannot be found in any neighboring European city. Real estate prices in Istanbul are suitable for all social groups and a house can be purchased in Istanbul with a reasonable amount of money in a good location and a distinctive view. Therefore, many Arab and foreign investors want to buy real estate in Turkey within the city of Istanbul. 

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Istanbul: 

One of the most important factors that encourage the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul is the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship when buying a property or a group of properties with a financial value of $250,000 or equivalent at least, so that he can Enjoy the advantages of Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport, which allows its holder to enter a large number of countries without the need for a visa 

-Obtaining real estate residency: 

Many people are encouraged to buy a property in Istanbul because of the possibility of obtaining real estate residency by simply buying an apartment in Istanbul, and from that you can enter and exit Turkey completely freely without having to worry about a visa. 

-Excellent services in Istanbul: 

Many people want to buy a property in Istanbul because of the city’s distinctive infrastructure. Istanbul is characterized by a strong and solid transportation network, and buses, metro buses, taxis and many others 
Without talking about citizen service centers that are spread in all areas of Istanbul, as there are a large number of well-known universities in the world in addition to public and private schools, which cover all educational levels and work to create an educated and educated generation, and this certainly encourages the investor and the ordinary citizen to invest in real estate In Istanbul and buy a house in Istanbul

- Recreational facilities and tourist places in Istanbul: 

The city of Istanbul is distinguished by the fact that it attracts a large number of tourists annually from all over the world, thanks to its historical sites and distinctive tourist places, in addition to the presence of a large number of world-famous restaurants, as well as cafes, parks and gardens The vast green area of ​​interest to many who wish to buy a property in Istanbul

-Low taxes: 

One of the most important reasons that encourage real estate investment in Turkey in general and Istanbul property investment in particular is the Turkish laws and the amendments that have been made regarding taxes on real estate in Turkey, where taxes have been significantly reduced on foreign investors and this is what cannot be found In neighboring countries, many of them want to buy a property in Turkey, specifically a property in Istanbul, to enjoy these advantages. 

- Wide choices of real estate in Istanbul: 

One of the most important reasons that encourage Istanbul property investment is the great diversity of real estate in it, which suits all tastes and societal groups, where you can find regular apartments, residential complexes in Istanbul, in addition to villas in Istanbul, studio apartments, penthouse apartments and many more. One of Istanbul's luxury real estate. It is also possible to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. Thus, we find that the Turkish real estate market contains many options that suit everyone. 

-Reasonable cost of living in Istanbul: 

Although Istanbul is one of the most famous cities in the world and despite its great economic importance, everyone can afford the cost of living in it, as there are many markets and malls in the city that offer different goods to suit all tastes and categories Societal, and the bills for electricity, gas, water and the Internet are considered normal and not exorbitant.


second :


The best real estate investment areas in Istanbul:



1 - Basaksehir district in Istanbul: 

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, then Basaksehir is the best area you are looking for. 
Basaksehir is located within the European Istanbul and is known for being a main destination for Arab investors. Basaksehir is distinguished by its strategic location close to many distinctive projects such as Istanbul Airport. It is also characterized by modernity and development of real estate in it, and this is what attracts a large number of people and various forms of Istanbul real estate are spread, such as Residential complexes, villas, and many more. Despite that, real estate prices in Istanbul within Basaksehir are reasonable, but they are booming and rising with time, so they constitute an ideal choice for Istanbul property investment . 
Basaksehir is of great importance to the Turkish government, which is working to establish various development projects in all entertainment and service fields. It is located in Basaksehir Mall of Istanbul, which is considered one of the most important malls in the city, without mentioning the large number of schools, hospitals, universities and other citizen service centers. Many people are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul within Basaksehir. 

2 - Bahcesehir district in Istanbul: 

Bahcesehir is considered one of the most important areas for buying a property in Istanbul. Bahcesehir is known as the city of gardens. This is due to the spread of gardens, parks and green spaces in Bahcesehir, and therefore it is considered suitable for those looking for Istanbul luxury real estate
Various forms of real estate are spread in Bahçeşehir, especially luxury and distinctive residential complexes that provide many services to its residents and provide them with a high degree of safety and luxury, and we do not forget that the proximity of the famous Bahçeşehir to the Istanbul Canal project had a major role in attracting the attention of investors to it. 
In the region, there are an important number of health centers, universities and schools that cover all educational levels. As for real estate prices in Istanbul within Bahcesehir, they vary according to the specifications that the property owns in Istanbul, such as the view, location, space and interior specifications. 

3 - Bakirkoy district in Istanbul:

When looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you should think about the Bakirkoy area, which overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara and is located near the Zeytinburnu area, which is the most important commercial center in the city. Bakirkoy includes a large number of neighborhoods and is characterized by the fact that it contains a large number of shops that offer It offers the best merchandise. 
In addition to a large number of restaurants classified as 5-star restaurants that serve the most delicious Turkish food, and Bakirkoy includes a prominent number of universities, including the Ummah University for Science and Technology, the International Mediterranean University. 
Without forgetting the malls, such as the famous and well-known Aqua Florya Mall. 
All of these features had a big role in people's desire to buy a property in Istanbul within Bakirkoy 

4 - Kucukcekmece district in Istanbul: 

When wanting to buy a house in Istanbul, Turkey, many people head to the Kucukcekmece area near Halkali, which is one of the best places for Istanbul property investment thanks to its strategic location and sea view, and its proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal project contributed to attracting The attention of investors and the establishment of many real estate projects such as residential complexes designed according to the latest systems. Kucukcekmece also contains an important number of malls such as Halkali Center and Arena Park Center, so many tourists visit it, and this is what makes it ideal for searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul and its investment. 

Third : 

The most successful Istanbul property investments : 

If you want to enter the world of investment in Istanbul, you must learn about the most successful real estate investments that bring you plenty of money as soon as possible, and they are: 

-Real estate rental in Istanbul: 

You can buy a property in Istanbul and then rent it to a family, and this is one of the most successful forms of real estate investment in Istanbul, as it guarantees a stable income every month, but of course for the success of this plan, you must pay attention to a number of details when Buying a property in Istanbul, as it is necessary to have a suitable location, a good view, and good internal specifications so that you can rent it at an appropriate price. 

- Buying and reselling a property in Istanbul: 

Istanbul houses are characterized by the fact that their prices are constantly rising, and this is known within the Turkish real estate market, so the investor can buy an apartment in Istanbul and then resell it after a period of time to make a large profit because real estate prices In Istanbul , there is a rise at specific times of the year , so it is necessary to study the market well to choose the right time and pay attention to the location of the apartment in Istanbul because it will affect the price significantly . 

-Buying a land in Istanbul: 

A large number of investors resort to buying land in Istanbul and establishing investment projects on it that generate profit and interest, because land prices in Istanbul are not as expensive as the price of residential complexes and commercial centers, as when buying land in Istanbul You can choose the project that suits you, from setting up a hotel, a mall, a restaurant, or even a residential complex, as all of them are considered successful investments and will return to you with a large profit.

-Investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul: 

It is not only Istanbul houses to achieve success in real estate investment in Istanbul, but commercial real estate is of great importance, and Istanbul is one of the most important tourist centers in Turkey, which receives daily a large number of tourists and visitors And you can take the commercial real estate as an office for your business or rent it or open it as a shop selling different types of products and here you must study the market needs and choose the most appropriate place for the shop and be close to transportation and located in a vital area of ​​Istanbul. 

Fourthly : 

Real estate offices in Istanbul are ready to help: 

The process of searching for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul or luxury Istanbul real estate or any other type of Istanbul house involves a lot of effort, fatigue and loss of time, so the best option for this is to deal with real estate companies in Istanbul that provide a lot of services to customers It helps the customer to find what suits him from Istanbul homes by listening to his desires and then preparing lists of properties that have these specifications to choose among them. 
Also, real estate companies in Istanbul include a distinguished cadre of translators ready to deal with Arab and foreign investors and communicate with them in the language they prefer, in addition to the presence of lawyers with experience in real estate affairs, whose task is to follow up all legal affairs and official documents necessary to own property in Turkey and transfer Ownership and Tapu registration, and lawyers ensure that you are not exposed to real estate fraud by fake companies and make sure that all documents are legal. 
And do not forget the real estate consultants who provide their experience and advice to all those who wish to invest in real estate in Istanbul in terms of the project's suitability for your goals, the quality of construction, the importance of the location and many more. 
Also, if you own a house in Istanbul, you can entrust it to one of the real estate companies in Istanbul, which will undertake to rent it and take care of it and pay all the bills resulting from it, that is, simply manage all the real estate for a certain amount of money. 
Thus, we see that real estate companies in Istanbul save a lot of time and effort in the journey of searching for a house in Istanbul and Istanbul property investment .



At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
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- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
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