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Get to know the factors affecting Istanbul property prices

Get to know the factors affecting Istanbul property prices

Many people want buying property in Istanbul, and this is due to the many advantages that real estate enjoys in Istanbul, as Istanbul property investment is one of the most successful types of investments, and the real estate market in Istanbul includes many options where it is possible to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul in addition to To Istanbul luxury real estate to suit all tastes and societal groups, and if you are one of those looking for a property for sale in Istanbul Turkey, you must know the factors affecting Istanbul property prices , and this is what we will discuss next.. 

The location of the property in Istanbul: 

One of the most important factors that affect the prices of Istanbul real estate is the location of this property within the city, as it is known that there are many areas and neighborhoods in Istanbul, and each area has its own identity and enjoys different features from others, but they all reflect the distinctive spirit of Istanbul, and But there are certainly some areas known for high real estate prices, such as Başakşehir and Sariyer, and others, where luxury Istanbul houses are spread, such as villas in Istanbul, luxury palaces and smart apartments, and there are areas where you can find the cheapest apartments in Istanbul, such as Silvery, Kartal and Esenyurt

View of the property in Istanbul: 

When looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you should pay attention to the view of the apartment in Istanbul, which greatly affects the price of the property in Istanbul. The more distinctive and beautiful the view will contribute to the increase in the price of the property. Certainly, apartments with sea views in Istanbul will have higher prices than apartments with a view On the gardens, for example, which will enjoy a higher price than the apartments, in view of the crowded streets in turn. 

When buying property in Istanbul, you should pay attention to how close it is to the main lines of transportation in the city, as the closer the property in Istanbul is to land, sea and air transportation, the price of the property will rise, due to the ease of movement between neighborhoods and easy access to anywhere you want and This is very important for those who study in universities or want to go to work in a place far from their home. On the contrary, real estate far from transportation lines has a low price, but you should pay attention to the type of real estate, for example, commercial real estate is necessary to be close to transportation lines. 

Service and recreational facilities in the area: 

It is not enough to pay attention to the internal property specifications only, but it is necessary to take an idea of ​​the surrounding areas of service facilities such as schools, universities and health centers, which will greatly affect Istanbul property prices and the success of Istanbul property investment, as it is necessary to provide these services Close to the apartment in Istanbul, in addition to recreational facilities such as restaurants, cafes, green gardens and shopping malls

Internal property specifications: 

After talking about the external specifications of real estate in Istanbul, it is necessary to move on to the internal specifications of the apartment, which should be paid attention to when buying property in Istanbul, as real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to the area of ​​the apartment and the number of rooms in it, in addition to the number of bathrooms and balconies, and do not forget The type of decoration used in addition to the quality of the building materials used, the type of paint, the quality of the interior finishes, and the presence of accessories such as an elevator, car garage and other services, as this will contribute to raising the price of the property. 

The type of property itself: 

When looking for apartments for sale in Turkey in general and apartments in Istanbul in particular, you will encounter many forms of real estate, as the Turkish real estate market is characterized by its great wealth, and of course not all of these properties have the same price, as smart apartments or villas for sale in Istanbul can be found, and these are considered real estate Istanbul is luxurious and therefore its price is high , and studio apartments and apartments of old age can be found , and these are among the cheap apartments in Istanbul .



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