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What does the real estate market in Istanbul contain ?

What does the real estate market in Istanbul contain ?

Istanbul is famous for being one of the most important cities for buying real estate in Turkey, where Istanbul property investment is one of the most successful and money-generating investments. 
The real estate market in Istanbul is characterized by its great diversity, as it contains many options that suit anyone looking for a property for sale in Istanbul
Below we will highlight the different forms of property in Istanbul to get an idea if you want to buy property in Istanbul

Residential complexes in Istanbul: 

The city of Istanbul has witnessed a great development recently and was able to carve a name for itself among the most important economic cities in the world, and this is what attracted the attention of investors to it from everywhere and encouraged them to establish various projects and build residential complexes in Istanbul characterized by modernity and development, and these enjoy Residential complexes have many advantages, as they are equipped with the latest systems and are located in well-known and famous areas, as well as service and recreational facilities for the residents of the complex, in addition to the spread of surveillance cameras everywhere in the complex, the blessings of security and reassurance. 

Smart apartments in Istanbul:

The spread of smart apartments in Turkey began at the end of the last century and is currently in great demand due to the many advantages that it enjoys. The property in Istanbul is controlled by an integrated electronic system that performs all tasks through the click of a button, and by this we mean everything that may come to your mind from Opening and closing doors, turning on lights, opening windows, blinds, and many more. This system is linked with an application found in the mobile phone of the property owner. 

Villas in Istanbul:

If you want to live in Istanbul luxury homes, you will not find better than villas, which are spread in many areas of Istanbul, where you can find villas for sale on the European side of Istanbul or within the Asian side, and they are characterized by their spacious areas and elegant design, and of course, usually is attached to a basin Swimming pool and green garden. 

Studio apartments in Istanbul: 

Moving away a little from Istanbul's luxury real estate, the real estate market in Istanbul contains suitable options for those looking for the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul. Among these options, we mention the studio apartments, which are characterized by their cheap prices compared to other forms of real estate. These apartments in Istanbul are characterized by their limited space, which It does not exceed 70 square meters and has a comfortable and open design so that everything is at your fingertips. This option is preferred by students and workers who do not want to rent a property or buy apartments in installments in Turkey. 

Duplexes and triplex apartments: 

These apartments are suitable for large families wishing to buy property in Istanbul, as it is characterized by its large area, where the duplex apartments consist of two floors, and each floor is a complete apartment equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, etc., and this adds more privacy for family members. It has three floors and this type of apartment can be used for different purposes. You can use one of the floors as a place to work or as a sports club, as it is up to your desires and imagination. 
And Istanbul property prices, which are of this type, are lower than the prices of villas and other luxury properties in Istanbul, so they are very preferred by large families. 

Hotel apartments in Istanbul:

As it is known, Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey, and a large number of tourists flock to it annually as a result of the richness and diversity of tourist places in Istanbul, and such tourists want well-presented apartments located in central areas, and this is what hotel apartments offer them Which are usually located near the tourist areas and are designed in a modern style and equipped with everything that tourists need.


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