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Turkey real estate || Distinctive apartments in European Istanbul - PRO-231

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Turkey real estate varies, and there are many opportunities and residential projects in it, but each project has what distinguishes it from the other, and because we at Ramzy Real Estate search and scrutinize to present you the most distinguished among Turkey's real estate, we offer you our residential project No. 231 ...: 

About the site and the region:

Our project is located in the European part of the city , specifically in the Esenyurt . This area, which today has become an integrated real estate oasis and a foothold for everyone who wants to own a property in Turkey, whether for housing or investment. 
The area is distinguished by its integrated infrastructure and its location between the two most important roads in Istanbul, namely the E5 and TEM, which makes it very attractive. 

About the project: 

The project consists of 8 residential blocks with a height of up to 9 floors, and 304 as a total number of apartments, which come in a variety of styles ranging from a 1 bedroom and a living room up to 4 bedrooms , with spacious areas of up to 285 square meters to feel comfortable and give you the opportunity to experience an ideal life with the family in Istanbul. 

A promising investment future!!

For our project to be an ideal choice for those interested in real estate in Turkey, there are many reasons! 
The most prominent and most important of which is its investment location near the future metro station in the promising Esenyurt , as well as its proximity to the future Istanbul Canal, which as soon as work begins on it, the prices of apartments will rise dramatically. 
In addition to the guarantee it provides on resale of apartments, which reach 35%. 
And a 6% rental guarantee for the shops ... A wonderful investment opportunity looms on the horizon, seize it now.

Project Location:

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Istanbul Airport 30 minutes

City Center (Fatih). 25 minutes

the future metro station. 5 minutes

Esenyurt University 5 Minutes

Ak batı mall 5 Minutes

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