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Three Questions you must ask yourself before buying a property in Turkey

Three Questions you must ask yourself before buying a property in Turkey

Three questions to ask yourself before buying a property in Turkey


- Is it close to my place of work?

-How far are public utilities?

- Is it suitable for my budget?


Real estate in Turkey:

If you are going to become a property owner for the first time, you must choose your first home very carefully, and if you do not have experience in this, you should seek the help of a real estate consultant with sufficient experience and competence to understand your request.

In the beginning, you have to know that the issue is mainly related to the site. There is a famous saying that has been circulating in real estate circles that the three rules for investing in real estate are “location, location, location,” which is a very correct saying

The property close to public facilities, transportation, health and educational facilities is more valuable than the extremist property, and it is easy to sell and quick to rent when desired.

You should also ask yourself the following three questions before purchasing that property!


1- Is it close to my job?

Yes, this question is very important, as being close to your place of work increases your standard of living and makes it easier, and there is no doubt that it is fun to go to your work on foot instead of using public transportation, especially in modern urban cities such as Istanbul.

Make sure that the property you intend to buy is close to transportation routes. For example:

If the subway is the closest means to your business or workplace, look for properties that are adjacent to the metro or located directly near it.

And remember that this is for your benefit. It is known that the most important step in saving time to enjoy a better social life is reducing the time you spend inside and outside work.


2- How far are public utilities?

The closer the property is to the service centers and social services, it becomes more valuable and the more likely it is to succeed in the investment process, so buying real estate located in central areas is very correct, which is what investors do not disagree on on the investment level.

But if you intend to buy it to settle in it, this is somewhat different! As choosing the right home varies from person to person

If you prefer calmness and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should choose the static areas that are located on the outskirts of the city, such as Esenyurt or Bahcesehir district in Istanbul.

But if you prefer to enjoy various cultural and social activities such as theaters, cinemas, concerts and other shopping centers and crowded squares, you can go to the central areas.


3- Is its price suitable for my budget?

Well, I have decided to choose the property that is close to my workplace and suitable for my social life, but! price? How about the price?

You cannot venture into buying a property. You cannot meet its monthly installments on time, so you should calculate your budget correctly and make sure that your income matches the monthly installments due to own that property.

And remember that your correct calculation and determination of your budget will lead to a successful investment free from problems and financial crises.


Find the correct answers to these three questions and you will find yourself one step away from the dream house.


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