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Buying Real Estate Online in Turkey

Buying Real Estate Online in Turkey

All you need to know about buying real estate online in Turkey

We recently received many questions and inquiries about the details and steps of buying real estate online in light of the spread of the new Corona virus around the world, especially since the various preventive measures to limit this epidemic have led to the closure of flights and airlines between different countries, and people have resorted to abiding by the health reservation rules, which is considered the method. The best for stopping its rapid spread in various parts of the earth.

In light of this, the real estate sector in Turkey has taken many steps to avoid the negative effects of the virus and ensure its continuity in achieving excellent sales as we are used to.

Ramzy Real Estate, in turn, informs you of all the details and steps of buying real estate online through the following article, and highlights the most important positive aspects of this topic ... a pleasant reading

What are the steps for buying real estate online in Turkey?

In the foreground, our consultants will contact you and provide all the important information about the real estate purchase law in Turkey and the way to obtain Turkish citizenship if you are interested in that, in addition to answering all your questions and inquiries, then we will send the appropriate offers according to your goal of real estate investment

The virtual real estate tour, see Istanbul real estate as in reality:

Ramzi Real Estate invites you to its virtual tour to see Istanbul real estate, to see the property as if you are wandering in it, we provide you with recorded clips of our real estate offers that give you a real experience to preview your new home in the most accurate details.

In addition to providing you with 2D and 3D plans for the apartments, which show a detailed explanation of the division of the property and its coordination, and help you to understand the internal division of the property very clearly.

After reviewing our real estate offers and recommendations from our real estate consultants, you will be able to define your goal and choose the right property, to be directed through coordination with our specialized team to the Turkish consulate in your country to create a legal agency for Ramzy Real Estate in Istanbul, which is considered a guarantor to start the procedures for legal ownership. And immediate.

Money transfer:

When buying real estate online, you must transfer an amount of money to the construction company account for the project that you have chosen, and the amount may include either the first payment or the total amount of the property price, depending on the payment method you chose

The transfer is made directly to the construction company's account, and bank receipts are obtained that clearly and clearly show the payment details. You can view the methods of money transfer to and from Turkey by clicking here

Transfer of ownership:

Under the legal agency that you have assigned to Ramzy Real Estate, the title deed (tapu) of your property will be received without your coming to Turkey, and it will be sent to you, accompanied with all papers and official documents, via secured mail wherever you are evaluating.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying a property online.

And if you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment, our consultants will prepare all the necessary documents and follow the procedures step by step until your new passport is issued and you can receive it from the Turkish consulate in your country within a maximum period of 90 days.

Buying real estate online in Turkey, is it safe?

Buying real estate in this way is 100% safe, and Ramzy Real Estate has dealt in this way with many clients and investors before, and it is a safe experience and a smart solution that skips the surrounding crises and circumstances, especially as we are dealing with elite government projects and reliable projects in Istanbul.

Real estate investing via the Internet, an ideal opportunity to make profits!

Despite the disastrous impact in the various investment sectors around the world, the real estate sector in Turkey was the least affected, due to its strength and durability, so the effect was just the decrease in demand for real estate due to the cancellation of the response lines between the countries of the world in order to limit the epidemic and not spread it.

Also, the most characteristic of real estate investment in a promising country such as Turkey is that it is a long-term investment that is not affected by the surrounding crises, as well as its recent transformation into a safe haven for many foreign investors due to:

- The economic crisis and the noticeable collapse in the global markets of the stock exchange, which led to investors looking for an alternative to keep their money safely away from the great risk in the money markets this period, and as Franklin Roosevelt, the former president of the United States of America, says, ❞ The property cannot be lost or stolen or carried Far from it, it is almost one of the safest investments in the world

-The correlation of real estate prices in Turkey with the Turkish currency, not from other foreign currencies, which protects it from the fluctuation of global and regional currencies within the countries where the Corona virus is highly prevalent.

-Real estate investment is a long-term investment that is not affected by the surrounding circumstances.

- The perfect renaissance in the real estate market in recent years, and its realization of remunerative profits for investors.

-Diversity of investment opportunities and the wide spread of real estate.

- Providing real estate projects within Turkey and in Istanbul in particular to ensure excellent investment returns despite the current crisis.

- And other reasons that make real estate investment in Turkey an alternative to their old investments.

Ramzi Real Estate invites you to seize the opportunity and benefit from reductions of 30% of the property's value when owning and purchasing real estate via the Internet. Take the opportunity now and be the beneficiary.

At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
- Legal advice .
- Property Management.
- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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Buying Real Estate Online in Turkey

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