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Studying in universities in Turkey and how to get accepted

Studying in universities in Turkey and how to get accepted

Turkey has become a name not to be underestimated in all sectors, as it was able to properly employ its capabilities and human resources, and this has contributed to achieving important achievements at all levels, especially in the field of education, where Turkish universities were able to occupy an advanced rank in the ranking of international universities and Foreign students started flocking to it from all over the world, but what are its advantages and what is the admission system for universities in Turkey? This is what we will learn next. 

What are the factors that encourage studying in Turkey? 

1- Universities in Turkey include distinguished names of lecturers and professors, in addition to their great interest in educational curricula and work to develop them permanently. These universities also have the necessary ingredients to graduate students who are able to integrate directly into the labor market as a result of attention to the practical aspect, especially in practical colleges. Like human medicine. 
2- The strategic location that Turkey occupies between the two most important continents in the world, which are Europe and Asia, has greatly contributed to making it a main destination for students, because it is close to all countries, in addition to the fact that travel to and from it is easy and does not involve any problems. 
3- Turkey is characterized by the diversity of its population, cultural and ethnic fabric, and this is what brings comfort to all students and helps to integrate quickly with the surroundings and a sense of belonging. 
4- The great importance that the Turkish government attaches to the education sector in Turkey, as it is constantly working to find and improve gaps, in addition to seeking the assistance of experts in all fields and ensuring that the best is provided within universities and schools

What are the admission methods for universities in Turkey? 

The method of admission varies according to the type of university, whether it is private or governmental 
* governmental universities: When you want to apply for admission to public universities, the student must pass an entrance exam, and this exam needs good preparation, because most if not all public universities require high rates for the secondary certificate until the student is accepted, especially in medical colleges, as it should not be less than The student's average is less than 90 percent. As for engineering colleges, the required averages are usually around 65 percent. Of course, admission to the university depends on the rate, as priority is given to those with high rates. 

* Private universities: The matter differs greatly when choosing to study within private universities, as the student does not have to undergo an admission exam and does not need to apply for a differentiation, but rather chooses his specialization directly. Of course, private universities provide valuable and comprehensive information like public universities. 

What are the documents needed to enroll in universities in Turkey? 

In public universities, a request is made for: 
- A valid passport. 
-Secondary certificate . 
-Mark detection. 
-Turkish or English language certificate, if available. 
-University entrance exam result. 

In private universities, you must bring: 
- A valid passport. 
-Secondary certificate . 
-Mark detection. 
-Turkish or English language certificate, if available. 

And if you choose public universities, you must register through the comparison, where a specific date is announced for submitting papers, filling out the necessary forms, and then specifying the desired desires according to the order of preference. 
When choosing private universities, the application is also done through differentiation, but you will not register more than one desire, but you will register your basic desire, and then the approval of the university will be awaited, after which the security deposit required to complete the procedures is paid, which is equivalent to 1000 US dollars. After the necessary documents are completed. 

What about job opportunities after completing studies? 

There are many students who prefer to complete education to obtain postgraduate studies and doctorate, and of course, the more you work, the more opportunities you will get. 
In general, all students who graduate from Turkish universities have good opportunities and a good salary that secures the life he dreams of. In the end, every diligent has a share.


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