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Real estate prices in Turkey

Real estate prices in Turkey

The attention of foreign investors of various nationalities has become in constant search for investment destinations that are able to achieve the goals they aspire to, and it has recently been observed that the real estate market in Turkey has met the greatest approval by the largest group of these foreign investors as the proportion of buying a property in Turkey By a foreign investor that is witnessing a positive increase year after year, this attraction towards real estate in Turkey is due to the combination of a number of reasons that a real estate environment cannot be prosperous in its absence. 
Real estate prices in Turkey are factors that contribute to attracting foreign investors to Turkey's real estate 

Low real estate prices in Turkey: 

Statistics that the Turkish government periodically performs show that there is an increase in the demand for buying a property in Turkey, especially by foreign investors, because real estate in Turkey is the ideal way to achieve the goals of the investment that they are working to create. 
The most important features of the real estate market in Turkey, according to what the investors say, is the low prices of real estate in Turkey compared to others, especially with real estate in Europe and the American continent, even though Turkey's real estate is no less important or quality than those real estate as the investment value for it is considered higher and This is because the expectations indicate a promising investment future in front of the real estate market in Turkey, as the decrease in its prices is accompanied by a gradual growth in it in return, meaning that every property in Turkey now is a guaranteed way to achieve profits and investment and financial returns as you can get a property with higher specifications and Better quality at a significantly lower price compared to the property that you may get in the European market, and the high advantages associated with real estate in Turkey constitute an additional attraction factor for choosing it without others, as the strategic geographic location enjoyed by the country contributes to supporting its commercial role and strongly meaning that there are many Of the real estate that has commercial importance in return, which you can obtain for investment, in addition to the expected investment future in front of real estate in Turkey, foretells that it will witness a quantum leap And that it will soon be in the middle of the world map. 

The diversity offered by real estate prices in Turkey: 

And although real estate prices in Turkey are low in and of themselves and are considered a golden business deal, the matter does not end here as it provides an additional advantage that is considered an important factor that contributes to attracting additional numbers of foreign investors to it, which is the great diversity in Turkey's real estate and this extends. Diversity to include multiple aspects, the most important of which is the variation in real estate prices in Turkey, so that it is able to meet various needs and desires, as there are very cheap and medium-priced properties, right up to expensive properties such as villas, luxury palaces and smart houses, that is, anyone can, through careful search, find A suitable option for the capital that he owns, especially those with limited income who find in Turkey real estate a golden opportunity because it has the quality and features that fulfill their desires and at the same time it can offer offers that make them able to join this market. 

Important factors that determine real estate prices in Turkey: 

In the event that you really want to buy a property in Turkey but you do not have enough information about this market, it is necessary that you first work to define your goals because many of the desires or goals for which real estate is purchased in Turkey for which are the biggest influencing factor in the amount that you will pay. And there are a set of factors that the price of real estate in Turkey depends on :

* The location of the property in Turkey: 

It can be said that this factor is undisputedly the most important factor that determines real estate prices in Turkey, as the geographical location of the property means a decrease or increase in the price of the property compared to others. The meaning of this is that the properties that are located in strategic locations or vital areas such as the city center or near Mega projects will have much higher prices compared to real estate located in less vital areas or far from the city center, such as the suburbs and the periphery. 

* Services that accompany the property in Turkey: 

The matter does not depend on the location of the property only, but rather the presence of service or entertainment centers and other services near it contributes to its high price significantly, as the presence of hospitals, schools, universities, markets, or important urban or service projects near it, and the ownership of the area in which the property is located has a network Secured transportation that facilitates transportation to and from the property means an increase in the price compared to the less served areas and the infrastructure in them. 

* Quality and condition of the property: 

The age of the property or the date of its construction also plays a role, as old properties, especially residential ones, can be obtained at low prices due to the low demand for them, while modern properties located in huge towers or high-end residential complexes are expensive compared to others.



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